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Oh, transparent ego boosts…
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Thanks to his G.G. Allin-esque antics and an injured Stephen Strasburg, Nyjer Morgan is the face of the Nationals. Why the fuck do you care about Nationals news? You don’t, but it has Phillies implications.

In August, the league suspended Morgan for throwing a ball into the center field stands at Citizens Bank Ballpark and striking a fan. This week, MLB rescinded the entire suspending, ruling it was an accident.

Today, Morgan invited the fan to the park as his guest, according to a Nationals spokesman. The fan received a free ticket behind the Nationals dugout, and Morgan met with him before the game and signed a ball for him.The fan got to walk through the Nationals clubhouse before the game, meeting Manager Jim Riggleman and a few other players.

Nyjer then proceeded to punch the fan in the cock and then scream “X-Pac!” over his motionless body*

*Howdy S. Thompson’s artistic interpretation

Also, controversial tits:

59 Responses to “Oh, transparent ego boosts…”

  1. Jon says:

    Howdy! Nice post. Happy clinch day!

  2. WholeCamels says:

    G.G. Allin? I have yet to see him shit on the field and throw it at fans.

  3. HummerX says:

    oh how i love the EWTP

  4. Bozo says:

    I’d titty fuck BBBBHP before Katy Perry. Phillies fan with awesome tits > Dodgers fan with awesome tits.

  5. Tripped by Diaz, hugged by Sweeney says:

    @jon: amen today is clinch day lets go phillies

  6. I went to K-Mart and saw that guy says:


  7. 85 says:

    This week, MLB rescinded the entire suspending, ruling that they hadn’t considered the possibility that Nyjer Morgan would be such a cockwallet and get suspended for something else, and now there’s only a week left so fuck it.

    And goddamn, those titties are so nice I can almost forgive the California Girls song. Scratch that. I’d hum it while motorboating them.

  8. Bozo says:

    1-0 Braves on a throwing error. Heyward thrown out at plate.

  9. Bozo says:

    Wait…. how do you get thrown out at home on a throwing error by the 3rd basemen when you’re on 1st base? Either a horrific throw or Heyward’s a moron.

  10. Bozo says:

    Bleh, Nats don’t score on a 1st and 3rd 2 outs after 2 errors by the Braves. Looks like Derek Lowe is probably done for the day though, over 100 pitches through 5.

  11. Bozo says:

    Thanks, Nats.

  12. Greenman! says:


  13. Griswold says:

    Oh HDYSR, how I wish you posted more often

  14. MoyerIsMyHero says:

    So no clinch today. Lame. Hopefully we win tonight and win tomorrow before the Braves finish, because there’s nothing lamer than clinching through the other team’s loss.

    Frankly, I think the celebrations for every little step of the playoffs are a little much anyway – but it is even worse when you didn’t win it at the time, you know?

  15. Bozo says:

    Anyone have a clip of the Phanatic walking around naked from yesterday?

  16. Big Bertha says:


  17. Bozo says:

    BBBBHP looking fantastic in that tight tank top

  18. Greenman! says:

    is she the one in the blue ‘P’ tank top Bozo?

  19. The Original J. Dubs says:

    OH SNAP!

  20. The Original J. Dubs says:

    I hope Utley winked at David Wright on his way around third.

  21. Jupiter's Rings says:

    rhyno go boom.

  22. I went to K-Mart and saw that guy says:

    I love how blonde, brunette, black, and brown all start with the letter B.

  23. Bozo says:

    I think it’s actually a grey tank top but yeah.

    Ryan just wanted to make her titties bounce, what a perv.

  24. The Original J. Dubs says:

    Kyle Kendrick, super slugger.

  25. Bobby D says:

    Maybe Kendrick should have called timeout before he left first.

  26. Pedro says:

    You know what pisses me off, talking chop. I make one comment that isn’t pro braves and get kicked off.

  27. The Original J. Dubs says:

    Holy shit. What a bunch of fucking rookies. LOLmets.

  28. Jdashdog says:

    Who’s BBBBHP? I want to be in the loop

  29. MrBryan says:

    Need a gif of the booger eater asap.

  30. JAL88 says:

    Lmao lil girl eating a booger was fuckin funny

  31. Jdashdog says:

    Somebody please get video of that little girl picking her nose and eating it

  32. Jupiter's Rings says:

    Big Boobed Blonde/Brunette/Black/Brown Behind Home Plate, I believe.

  33. CLo says:

    Dude, I will pay money for the booger eater video. She beats crooked arm pistaccio girl.

  34. I went to K-Mart and saw that guy says:

    J.Dubs is the only one who appreciates Kendrick’s effort in this game thread. Too bad it was his hitting not his pitching.

  35. JAL88 says:

    Valdez is just showing off now

  36. The Original J. Dubs says:

    No, I’m well aware how well he’s pitching. Amazing, thus far. I was merely waiting until he was pulled to point it out.

    Also, damn it Howard.

  37. The Original J. Dubs says:

    The second after I submit that comment…


  38. Pedro says:


  39. Wheels says:

    Crooked number there by the Mets. It’d be nice if someone could Pop One and get the Phillies back on the board and maybe get the mets to bring in a goofy lefty

  40. JAL88 says:

    Damn it, thought D had a homer

  41. Winning Streak Crashes and Burns says:

    Crap! That sucked…but was bound to happen. I was wondering if Exxon doesn step in front of Chase if chase might have turned a DP there? Totally different result if Ryan makes the play on that ball…hit hard, but shouldn’t have gone off his glove like that.

    Oh well, there’s always tomorrow…hopefully Chase is dealing and the Braves drop their game.

  42. ScottGraham says:

    “Totally different result if Ryan makes the play on that ball…hit hard, but shouldn’t have gone off his glove like that.”

    Stop. That’s Braves fan logic.

    They lost tonight because they couldn’t get the bats going against a mediocre rookie, which was has been a problem for them all season. Luckily there won’t be any mediocre rookies pitching in the playoffs.

  43. Mrs. HDYSR? says:

    Too much for Sesame Street…..

  44. Champagne says:

    I’m just chillin.

  45. Bozo says:

    BBBBHP is Big Breasted Brunette Behind Homeplate.

    A game like this was bound to happen sooner or later. Durbin hadn’t worked in a live game in probably a week. I’m more mad at T-Mac, John Clark, and Mike Missanelli and their retarded comments. T-Mac with his rambling of “If they win tonight the worst they can do is a Wild Card” and JC/MM being their usual douchebags. Chris Wheeler said it pretty well, this is one of the games you shouldn’t over analyze. Go get em tomorrow.

  46. John Matrix says:

    Any screen shots of BBBBHP?

  47. muscles says:

    bite it you scum

  48. Greenman! says:

    omg guys we lost a game! what do we do?! seriously though good outing by KK, and am I the only one worried by our offense? I dunno I feel like like I got spoiled last year with the million runs they scored every game. It’s weird how we have a better pitching staff but somehow the batters seem worse. Thats baseball I guess.

  49. BravesNLchampions2010 says:

    Okay … now how does this go? Bear with me it’s been awhile… Uhm…hahah, yeah that’s it!
    hahaha,you fucking losers…Your team is shit and they will never catch the Braves hahaha… No that doesn’t really apply, they’ve already caught them. Well then your fans are bogus and don’t support the team?. No that’s our team’s fans. Shit wtf it was so much easier to do this in July. uhm well your team lost and our’s won so there. you suck, we rule, how do like that? Hahaha…now stop trolling our blog it’s not right. If you don’t I’ll get those Yankees guys to troll you again, they are the bestest and hottest team in all basebal with the bestest record. hahah

  50. BravesNLchampions2010 says:

    Damn it WTF? Well okay it seems the Yankee guys aren’t interested in trolling right now some shit about 2004 all over again, I don’t know they were blubbering to much for me to make any sense of it. So anyway just knock it off alright? We won you lost… hahaha…just how it should be. Now leave us alone all your crude comments with the bad words are causing our parental blocks to delete the threads. Quit being such doodyheads.

  51. confused says:

    who is bbbhp?

  52. Bobby D says:

    @ 49, nice GG Allin reference. Drink, fight, fuck.

  53. Watrick says:

    Live Fast, Scum fuck.

  54. Milksteak says:

    Can a Nyjer get a game thread?

  55. GregMikeS says:

    Who is BBBBHP?

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