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Jersey Shore cast member inducted into Phillies’ Wall of Fame
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Damn, that’s one orange motherfucker.

18 Responses to “Jersey Shore cast member inducted into Phillies’ Wall of Fame”

  1. Stickaforkin'em says:

    Dutch has that funky orange glow from spending all that time teach the aliens about the game of baseball in the fifth dimension.

  2. Linds says:

    Right on, hdysr

  3. Clearwater Hooters Girl says:

    I’m still trying to get that particular shade of orange off my cooch. At least it matches my uniform a little.

  4. Snookie says:

    Hey Dutch, (mouths, “call me” telephone gesture up to ear)

  5. Hunter S. Thompson says:

    A year ago this post would’ve been funny, or the reference relevant. The picture doesn’t even show him how orange Dutch was tonight, there were better shots, but somebody settled. Oh well.

    Rest in peace, Fightins, ’cause you’ve been dead for a while.

  6. Hunter S. Thompson says:

    *show how orange Dutch was tonight

    God, I’m so bummed I can’t even write. Bluh.

  7. wheels' hairpiece says:

    hey hunter, a year ago you were still dead

  8. Hunter S. Thompson says:

    “hey hunter, a year ago you were still dead”

    Exhibit A.

  9. Jeff says:

    I’m sorry but I cannot stand Dutch. Not only is he annoying to listen to, but the dude is waaaaaaaay to vain (which his comb-over and orange glow shows).

  10. John Kruk's one remaining nut says:

    Why are so many ex-Phillies bloated wind bags?
    Kruk, Schmitd, Daulton, Mitch, Sarge, Jim Bunning, Ricky Bo…………..

  11. TH says:

    He’s got nothin’ on Hulk Hogan.

  12. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    It comes from having been paid for giving their opinion.
    Which explains the lack of bloated windbags on this site.
    With the notable exception being HST.

  13. epiphany1 says:

    I used to have a leather jacket the same color as his face in the early 90′s.

  14. Pete D says:

    Upon further review, dutch is doing one sick front-to-back combover. He’s going to have to figure something out because I’m not sure how much longer that can last…

  15. Choochie says:

    I call better games than Dutch.

  16. bigmyc says:

    Well played DDD, but I do like HST’s verve. His spirit is in the right place even if he misses one or another.

    Post #3, for instance, is right on time.

  17. Jwoww says:

    hey peeps! i’m in the u of jersey studying acting. I freakin love Jwoww, she could be a great tv show host…

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