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That’s FREE for 14 and under lunch boxes for the prices of $29.99, $20, $2.25, $9.99, and $6.99. Given that most ‘kids’, don’t sell their stuff on eBay, I am one to suspect this is the work of dusty old cunts from Citizens Bank Park or their slightly less dusty adult children.

I still want my lunchbox, you fucking spider-webbed twats.


22 Responses to “Huh…”

  1. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    I want a phillies win, not that god damned lunch bag.

  2. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    Oh and Fuck scott barry.

  3. Scott barry's children says:

    Fuck Scott Barry

  4. Joe Blanton says:

    You can have the lunchbox, I’ll take whatevers inside

  5. Bozo says:

    So what the fuck are we supposed to do till 10PM?

  6. Mrs. HDYSR? says:

    Well, as I’ve seen in the cell phone world, most babies know how to work an iPhone better than an adult, so maybe it actually is them listing it on ebay. No….just kidding. You’re right. Dusty cunts.

  7. Mat G says:

    That’s what happened last year with the Chooch backpacks!

  8. Mr. Bryan says:

    I can’t get a Chooch bobblehead for under $40, but I can get a crappy Cole lunch bag for $2.

  9. GGMMDT says:

    Speaking of giveaways, The lakewodod blueclaws are giving away a buster bobble head on september 4th.

  10. beelove says:

    no tits? worst retard post ever.

  11. MyPhils says:

    Maybe they saw you and thought more food in a bag was not a good thing for you. Stop crying about a lunchbox bitch and man up like the rest of us, stick with the grocery bag.

  12. will.H says:

    anyone else find the southwest airlines promo at the beginning of the broadcast hilarious

    “grab your bag and go.”

  13. Nikita says:

    Are you sure you want this lunch bag? It looks like a retro diaper bag. Really, that thing should not be carried by any man and most women. It’s a kiddie accessory.

    Take heart, there will be many under 14 giveaways in future that you can get pissed about. But I don’t think this is the hill you want to die on.

  14. Cole Handsome says:

    Let’s amend your statement to include small dogs.

  15. game summary says:

    how about a game summary instead of some post about a lunchbox?

  16. Erin says:

    Really you just need to learn how to sweet talk the old men handing them out at the gates ;-)

  17. I went to K-Mart and saw people with different colors says:

    My younger cousin got Hamles instead.

  18. I want to go to the Special Olympics with Hunter Pence says:


  19. Greenman! says:

    wheres my tits howdy?

  20. bigmyc says:

    It also sucks because all this talk of Michael Bourn and the damage that he did in this historic 4 game sweep at CBP would be totally watered down had the offense had the courtesy to score more than 1.5 runs per those games.

  21. chen says:


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