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Chooch Ruiz gets not one, but TWO pies to the face
Posted by Mike Meech at 6:53 pm ET 29 Comments

Following his dramatic walkoff homer in the 10th inning against the Cardinals last night, Chooch Ruiz had the honor of speaking with Sarge after the game when Shane Victorino and Greg Dobbs took it upon themselves to each give Carlos a pie to the face. He’s so cute during interviews!

I couldn’t help but post it:

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29 Responses to “Chooch Ruiz gets not one, but TWO pies to the face”

  1. The Lone Filafel says:


  2. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Quasi meech?

  3. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Fuck you Filafel I wanted to be 47th

  4. At the end of the interview, Sarge called it a pie full of “shampoo”

  5. Cole Handsome says:

    A man’s face is his temple. If one would do such a thing, please use a shaving gel or carb-free non-fat whipping cream.

  6. TonyIsDynamic says:

    Reminds me SO much of that Funny Or Die video with Rollins and Howard.

    “Tough it out just tough it out! Work through the pain! Work through it!”

  7. Oak Bat says:

    got a link to that funny or die vid?

  8. 85 says:

    I like how right at the end Sarge just calls him “Ruiz.” He’s right there, man!

  9. Watrick says:

    I saw this while in the elevator leaving the game. I was home in record time last night, thanks to that elevator and parking behind the Swedish Museum. What a fun night.

  10. tyler says:

    does ANYBODY have a clue as to what the fuck carlos just said?

  11. Phils Phan says:

    Two Pies One Face.

  12. Epiphany1 says:

    All I understood was three. That’s because he said it more than once.

  13. James Anthony Happ says:

    He said he’s working really hard on his offense. DUH.

  14. The First John says:

    who the fuck is Mike Meech, what the HELL is going on with this site

  15. GMart says:

    Greg Dobbs is still on the team?

  16. fdoyle11 says:

    @The First John

    I said the same thing in the last thread. Is retired?

  17. The First John says:

    @fdoyle11 – i dont even know man, i think im gonna have to check this site like every half hour to make sure i dont miss anything anymore hahah

  18. bacon says:

    @The First John & fdoyle11 – I’ve been waiting for a couple of days for a “So the site got hacked… AGAIN” or “So I lost data and had a TOTAL FUCKING MELTDOWN” post, but so far meech has kept us in the dark. Probably too busy watching a Chooch blast and Kendrick pitch a fucking amazing game to key us in to whats up.

  19. olo567 says:

    Sarge: Homerun, walkoff, looking for a fastball in that situation?
    Chooch: Yeah, definitely I was ready for a fastball. And the first was a little in, I turned around too quick for [it]. And the next one, I tried to get a little bit closer and use my hands, that’s what I tried to do right there.
    Sarge: Well you had a good eye all year, you’ve been walking, taking balls, taking your walks in that 8th position, you’re looking for a ball to just try and drive and get on base.
    Chooch: Yeah, I mean, the last 3 years I was working…[PIED by Shane]
    Sarge: Well we do have kids at the stadium.
    Chooch: I was working so hard at my offense and so far I feel real good at the plate, so…[PIED by Dobbs]
    Sarge: Well it looks like we have a couple of kids playing around here today. Ruiz, just talk a little bit about Cole Hamels and the way he pitched here tonight.
    Chooch: Oh the last two starts he feel very good [and here's where I start to lose track of it] you see it today, he right there with good angle and fastball, too. And he do a great job, so that’s good for us, you know have Cole Hamels back. You know, I hope they can stay healthy, and they can do it the same way they did it today.
    Sarge: Carlos, thank you for coming on the post-game show. Go and take care of some of that shampoo I guess you have on your head. Ok, Tom, Muff, right back to you.
    TMac: Sarge, thank you very much.

  20. BD says:

    do they make shirts that say chooch like the raul ones

  21. MOAB says:

    when did sarge start hating cadillacs? the fuck, man?

  22. Fbomb says:

    I’m pretty sure it was ice cream!!!

    I think Sarge was harder to understand than Carlos…VIVA RUIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  23. Wes Chamerlain says:

    I don’t think Chooch wanted any pie. He had this look on his face like he was thinking, ‘My interview is runied, the white devils must die.’

  24. Mr. Bryan says:

    @ BD, yes has Chooch shirts

  25. Gabrielle says:

    I was hoping this would end up on here…

  26. James Fayleez says:

    And how did it end?



  27. will.H says:

    Chooch got a little wild with the ice cream

  28. Peanut Butter Jelly says:

    treats for chooch. catching on.

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