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Welcome to the Baseball Capitol of the World, You Moran
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From those brilliant minds in St. Louis who brought you legendary signs like this…

…comes this:


I’m pretty sure the new Busch Stadium isn’t a building where members of Congress convene.



21 Responses to “Welcome to the Baseball Capitol of the World, You Moran”

  1. JoeG says:

    Could the broadcasters suck pujols balls any harder?

  2. Gaze says:

    Not a surprise coming from a guy with a 3 digit jersey on…

  3. Jay says:

    haha, HILLBILLIE WITH MULLETS. St. Louis is the capitol of Tonka trucks and shittyweiser. Please come watch Phillies game and we will show ya good OLE TIME.

  4. Phils Phan says:

    Man. Imagine breeding a Cardinals fan with a NASCAR fan.

  5. Swift aka PhiPhan5648 says:

    Aren’t they one and the same?

  6. Lynniemac says:

    I can almost hear old number 101 there thinking, “what are they talking about? It passed the spell check? Or maybe in his mind it would be “it past the spell check.”

  7. Lynniemac says:

    I, however, do not pass the “proofread before you hit submit and notice that you’ve failed to close your quotes” check. Duh.

  8. will.H says:

    st. louis and their love afair with themselves is irritating. no one thinks so highly of themselves more than cardinals fans. who the hell labels themself the baseball capital/capitol of the world? next time the game comes to philly, im going to make an expensive, awkward sign too.
    “welcome to philly, fuck you all”

  9. Lew Blum says:

    You have to admit though, despite the error in spelling, that is a nicely done sign.

  10. MaxL says:

    @Will.H except No one thinks higher of themselves except maybe Cubs fans, Yankees fans, Red Sox fans, Dodgers fans…

  11. I like the three-digit jersey. I can only imagine the non-player name this dipshit has on the back.

  12. Jay Ballz says:

    Good stuff.

    That guy is a “genious”!

  13. SteveJeltz'sGerryCurl says:

    St. Louis fans be gettin’ on my nerves, too. “We don’t boo. That makes us better fans.” What a bunch of crap! Grow a set!

  14. ozziehof says:

    The three-digit number on his jersey is the number of years it’s been since the Cubs won a World Series (101).

  15. Irish Yeti says:


    An article about 4-5 years ago labeled them as the best baseball town in the country. That’s what they’re going off of.

  16. Tug Haines says:

    @ozziehof ahhhh, haha. does he change it every year?

  17. Mike says:

    Phillies World Series championships: 2
    Cardinals World Series championships: 10

    End of discussion.

  18. Swift aka PhiPhan5648 says:

    @Mike: Actually, this discussion ended 11 days ago. Way to jump in on it late with a brilliant gem like that one.

  19. Gaze says:

    Yankees World Series Championships: 26

    Wouldn’t that make NY the baseball “capitol” of the world instead?

  20. Phillies are Fags says:

    So I think it needs to be said, especially to Will H: Hey, you, fucking moron! Where are the Phillies? I missed them in tonight’s World Series game. OH yeah, that’s right, youre all at home crying like little assholes. GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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