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Watch the play in which Ryan Madson was supposedly injured
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As you have probably heard, Phillies closer Ryan Madson was placed on the 15-day DL this morning with what is being described as a right hand contusion. The time missed isn’t what’s worrisome here (the DL stay is retroactive to June 18th, so he’s available to rejoin the team on July 4th), it’s the severity of the injury.

Last week, Charlie Manuel folded under questioning and told reporters that Madson had a “feeling” or “tingling” in his hand. And while I’m certainly no doctor, numbness of the throwing hand doesn’t sound like a promising injury for a pitcher. I guess the good news is that the injury actually occurred during a game on May 20th vs. the Rangers when David Murphy hit a bouncer that came up and whacked Madson on the outside of the right wrist. So it was at least tolerable.

Although since then, Madson has pitched in 13 games/13 innings, and gave up 6 earned runs, a .352 OBP against, with 11 K’s and 4 walks. Probably his worst stretch of the season.

Head after the jump for the .gif of the play the hit Madson’s hand…

(Thanks to Bill Baer of Crashburn Alley for the .gif work)


11 Responses to “Watch the play in which Ryan Madson was supposedly injured”

    • James Fayleez says:

      I cannot believe someone took the time to write a rebuttal to John Gonzales. That’s the ultimate waste of time, words, energy, etc…

    • Colleen Wolfe's Newly Bleached Asshole says:

      Gonzo just wanted to stir the pot while he was waiting outside in his car while I was getting my weekly asshole bleaching.

      Don’t hate.

    • Hipple says:

      Is gonzo engaged to Colleen Wolfe & her AH? I thought I heard that

    • Greenman! says:

      I believe they are engaged

    • VICTORYno8 says:

      Funny that he starts off with a “we’re still humble, why the hate” approach and finishes with “pass the champagne.”

      What an asshat.

    • Stevie Janowski says:

      gonzo out kicked his coverage on that 1. She has a bleached asshole??? SMH

  1. stinkbug says:

    i’m going to be hugely pissed if this game gets rained out

  2. Lib says:

    @Jar: smh… That really was a weak comeback. Awful.

  3. dudewhoknows says:

    Madson had a cortisone shot in the hand to help with pain/swelling but fluid started to leak into the hand which caused the “tingling” in the nerves. He should be fine!

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