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Watch Chris Wheeler get sodomized by a champagne bottle
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Poor Chris Wheeler.

Alls he wants to do is conduct interviews with players/coaches/GM on “how it feels” to clinch first place in the NL East for the fifth straight time and then guys like director of travel Frank Coppenbarger have to mess it all up by unloading a champagne bottle down his pants. And, of course, by “mess it all up” I mean “make it the funniest celebration moment of the night.”

It’s a tad NSFW, so I think by law I’m required to make you click past the jump to see it…

(Video ripped by @Waverider15)

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43 Responses to “Watch Chris Wheeler get sodomized by a champagne bottle”

  1. Mike P says:

    Hah! That’s hilarious!

    • Wheel's "O" Face says:

      I’ve made the bigtime at last. My own Fightin’s Pic, now to just wait for the phone calls to pour in and I’ll be doing the Adult Video Awards next year in Vegas.

  2. Frank Coppenbarger says:


  3. Ryan says:

    That’s a yeast infection waiting to happen.

  4. Notna says:

    apparently he didn’t have no bubbles defense out there

  5. chilly says:

    it couldnt happen to a worst human being. continued success frank.

  6. PhilLEE fan says:

    Looks like the muffin is going to be a bit yeasty!

  7. T-Mac's Annoying Voice says:

    How ’bout that !!!!!!!!

  8. Dill Wickle says:

    This is actually the best post in quite some time. Thanks for the laugh, yo.

  9. GMart says:

    Why does Donut Joey Blanton look all skinny in that last moment of the video? Is it just a bad camera angle?

  10. Shane says:

    the best was hearing him say “whoaaa come on guy” like that was going to stop it. no means yes, wheels, no means yes.

  11. Hopper says:

    That was just like Boggs & the Sistas in “The Shawshank Redemption”.

  12. Chris Wheeler says:

    I feel all …. goofy.

  13. EricL says:

    T-Mac’s “BWAHAHAA” laugh makes me want to gouge rusty spoons through my eardrums.

  14. Greg Legg says:

    That video is considered acceptable pornography in Germany.

  15. Wheels' Champagne Farts says:

    Colleen’s Asshole was right–this shit burns

  16. bigmyc says:

    That is such a special picture…it really says a lot.

    Nice going on this one, fella.

  17. biggermyc says:

    I’m willing to wager big money that Wheels slipped Coppenberger a Ben or two to do that…seemed fairly scripted down to Coppenberger’s, “am I doing this right, Wheels” look.

    There maybe no limit as to what Wheeler will load up into his pants.

  18. Jimmy James says:

    Just the way Wheels likes it – “middle in”.

  19. Sarge says:

    Well, for me, Frank needs to put that bottle way down INTO his pants. Kind of like jerking OFF the ball.

  20. rhymeface says:

    The look on Frank’s face. Determined to get it third knuckle deep.

  21. JohnMatrix says:

    Wheels looks like pete rose in that pic

  22. phillyphran says:

    Looks like Joe is jerkin it there at the end to that scene.

  23. Kyle says:

    Frank misheard Wheels when he was talking about the”eight-hole”.

  24. will.H says:

    wheels didn’t smile, so there’s no way it penetrated his ass

  25. John Fausto says:

    I saw a hysterical Wheeler impersonation on this link below. check it out, I am still laughing about his toupee.

    • Richard Bag says:

      That was weaker than a Justin Beiber ceremonial first pitch.

      I’ll give him props for the inspiration, though.

  26. Ron Noel says:

    Marky loves doing that

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