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Video footage of the Phillie Phanatic getting hit with a foul ball
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(Thanks to my boy Ryan Kelly over at Service Electric 2 Sports for the clean video)


55 Responses to “Video footage of the Phillie Phanatic getting hit with a foul ball”

  1. Barry Jive says:

    NEVER. BREAKS. CHARACTER. Best mascot in sports forever

  2. Rudy says:

    That Mayberry’s hitting everything! Call him up!

    • bigmyc says:

      Yeah, that wasn’t the John Mayberry Jr. that I know. How many Mayberry Jr.s do the Phils have in their system?

  3. jd says:

    we just found james brown’s replacement for the hardest working man in show business.

  4. Mookey says:

    I love how that little bastard is all “fuck yeah”

  5. njpaNick says:

    He’s ALWAYS funny. Unprecedented.

  6. I love the level of concern shown by the guy in red.

  7. yes sir says:

    i think that’ll be the last time he leaves the friendly confines of CBP

  8. yes sir says:

    also i love how those fat chicks are just clapping away. “it’s all part of the show folks!”

  9. Mike P says:

    I stick by my original comment: the people around him should be ashamed for ducking, flailing at the ball, and letting our beloved Phanatic take that one right in the kisser.

  10. Jack Black says:

    dude in the pitt shirt made me lol

  11. t0nrey says:

    g0od. can’t stand the phanatic

  12. Joe D says:

    As usual the asians provide the most laughs.

  13. Is it wrong I wanted the ball to hit that PITT FOOTBALL fan in the face instead?

  14. mc says:

    Phanatic musta seen the Phils game from Tuesday night and knew that sometimes you gotta take one for the team. Dude has to go the hospital from getting hit in the throat and he still reacts like less of a pussy than Polanco did. Hardcore, Phanatic, hardcore.

  15. Keep in mind, the throat on the Phanatic is the face/mouth/nose/forehead for the guy inside the costume. Definitely hardcore.

  16. Manly Cole Hamels says:

    POW Right in the Kissah!

  17. Dubee Dubee Du says:


  18. Hahah! The fact that he never loses character, is just another testament to his title as “Best Mascot Ever.”

  19. mc says:

    From The Morning Call (an Allentown newspaper)

    “Tom Burgoyne, the man behind the 6 foot-6 inch, 300-pound mascot, was suffering from a bump over a slightly blackened eye, and the effects of a minor concussion, but otherwise raring to return to game action.”

    Not to repeat myself, but hardcore, Phanatic, SERIOUSLY hardcore.

    • Jocksniffer says:

      Wait, you mean there’s a man inside the Phanatic?


    • Shamels Raul (formerly S.R. Wertiz) says:

      Who the fuck is Tom Burgoyne? The Philly Phanatic is his own man.

    • Mike P says:

      No, it says “behind the Phanatic.” Clearly, this is the guy who the Phanatic fell on. He must have hit his head on the seat as the Phanatic’s massive girth crushed him.

  20. dude... says:

    Thaty dumb ass Rocky the dinosaur that the Rockies have wouldn’t have gotten hit because he is always behind home plate whenever I see him. How is that legal? He’s right in the pitcher’s line of sight.

  21. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    @ Jocksniffer, read what it actually says my odiforous loving fan of the athletic supporter. Mr Burgoyne was only standing “behind” the Phanatic. He was unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time. No wipe those tears and gimme a big smile, just turn your head you’re freakin’ mufungo.

  22. I’m glad this happened, i hate the Phanatic.

    • Gene Schall says:

      And you also hate proper comma usage.

    • Dubee Dubee Du says:

      You come on a Phillies blog bearing a Cowboys logo and badmouth the Phanatic.
      And they wonder why we hate Dallas fans.
      By the way it’s spelled cretin.

    • TB says:

      He’s officially the “Best mascot ever”. I, guess, haters, gonna, hate.

  23. MarkM625 says:

    This video is clearer than the actual broadcasts. I love having games on Service Electric, but HD please?

  24. Nino Espinosa says:

    Standing O from me next time I see him…nice job Phanatic.

  25. There was a guy in a homemade Phanatic costume sitting behind the 1B dugout at tonight’s IronPigs game. His friend had a “Get Well Soon” sign.

  26. Fire Wheels says:

    Too bad it could not have magically taken out Chris Wheeler…

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