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True Story: A Phillies fan gets jailed in Florida
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(The following story was sent in by a reader of The Fightins named Mike Francis. Mike was in Miami this week with some buddies to catch a Phils game and wound up in jail. Below he’ll tell you how it all went down.)

My name is Mike Francis. 16 hours ago I was just getting out of Miami-Dade jail. I didn’t start my evening in jail, I started it with some friends on a road trip to see the Phils finish off a sweep of the Marlins.

Everything was going great. We tailgated, cooked and played lot games as a Philly fan does. We took our first row tickets in the fish tank and headed inside the stadium with the signs we stayed up all night making. I’m from Philly but I live in Flordia now, so I go to every game in Florida (Fish or Rays) that I can. Point being, I’ve been to some empty games. Roy Halladay’s perfect game, the first time the best pitcher in baseball pitches in Florida, barely 24k on a Saturday. But this most recent series had terrible attendance. Wednesday they claimed 18,158 tickets sold, but if you watched the game, you know they were lucky if 3,000 showed up. But we were there! Well, myself specifically.

The crowd that was there was easily 90% Phillies Phans, as always, which meant I had some backup, as always. I’m not extremely rude… OK, rude maybe. But I’m not profane at all. But growing up with the Vet made me love heckling opposing players (and sometimes Phillies players too.) So I just say funny things like “You’re not good!” instead of “You suck!” to keep the Marlins cry babies as calm as I can (Marlins fans are notorious ball park texters.) But let me tell you iPhone users something great technology has added to baseball. Player bios on wiki available on demand, in the palm of your hand, in the middle of Emelio Jose Bonafacio Del Rosario’s current strike out sesh. Great for previous player info. So I can yell “That’s why the Nats didn’t want you!” or “Go back to Santo Domingo!” *note that Bonafacio’s wiki page features a picture of him striking out. LOL.

But tonight was the most acknowledgment I’ve ever received from a player. After yelling “Where’s Cody Ross when you need him?” Bonafacio turned and blew me a kiss. He then, literally ran to the dugout and called security because I was quote, “Making the game harder for him to play.” So like I said, a minute later, this security guard is walking my way, making direct eye contact with me.

(Security guard and myself)
SG: Hey are you the one yelling at Emelio?
Me: Maybe, was I doing something wrong?
SG: (talks into mic then) Let me see your tickets. (tickets check out) We had a report from a player that a Phillies fan was causing some problems for him.
Me: Was it Bonafacio?
SG: It doesn’t matter who it was, what matters is that he said you’re making the game harder for him to play.

We talked momentarily about the fact that I was totally complying with the rules of the ballpark as far as profanity and whatnot. He then told me, “If you yell one more time you’re going outta here. Even if it’s for Ryan Howard.” Frankly, this pissed me off as Ryan Howard was up next and I’m gonna cheer my team. Long story short, I cheer for Howard politely “Let’s go Howard!” Boom! Gripped up. I argued my point that if a Marlins fan doesn’t get ejected for cheering for the Marlins, then why am I being tossed for cheering for Ry? Didn’t matter. I was escorted out by security, and then the police. “We told you to shut your dumb fuckin’ mouth asshole.” said one of the security guards. But this is just where the story get good. I argued with security about this for 5 minutes in the hallway, and after I explained my point, they actually started throwing out Marlins fans in 127 for cheering for the home team! I do still get ejected for no real reason other than the Marlins can’t be a winning team in any month of any season and the fans hate hearing it from WFChamps.

Anyhow, we left and angrily decided to call the ball park to complain. Hey, if they can only get 4500 people or whatever was really there that night then they may not want to kick anyone out EVER. (Even if they bring a flare gun like back in the day at the Vet’s Eagles 9ers game.) So I call 305-623-6100 and ask for someone in charge at Sun Life. We talk, they apologize and agree to give me a refund. So I go for my refund inside the building at gate E and as I’m talking to this guy the police grab me and tell my friends that they have to leave because we were ejected and I’m going to jail for trespassing after a warning. Literally less than 5 minutes after security escorted me out the side gate. I’m discussing my refund with the people there and this prick Dade cop is arresting me. So I’m trying to keep this a short story remember? He writes me up a charge and calls to beg a real cop (he’s a desk job pussy that watches cctv for the stadium) to come get me.

He loads me up and takes me to Dade County pre trial detention center for trespassing and disorderly conduct. If you think there’s no fans in the ball park, try the prison. I go into a jail cell with literally 50 gangster ass dudes and I’m still wearing my Eagles Reeboks and Halladay jersey. Nobody cared. In fact, nobody there even liked the Marlins. Houston, Braves, Toronto, Texas, Seattle, the Brewers, lots of Rays, Yankees bros everywhere and a guy that said he hasn’t watched baseball since the Expos. Not a single Marlins fan. Were all twenty seven of you fish fans at the game that night? Either way, the inmates in my over crowded holding cell and the prison guards loved the story about Bonafacio and the way the evening transpired. The guards also didn’t like the Marlins. But does anyone anymore?

So I turn over my Eagles shoes and my Phillies belt and hat and spend a couple morning hours bullshitting with people while I wait for a judge. I’m the only one there for anything not charged with cocaine possession or stabbing anyone as we all get called up to see the judge. This is honestly the best part. Judge looks at me, “Alright a Philly fan! You’re a real fan, you traveled a ways to get here.” She looks down to my charges “And you got arrested at the game last night? Wow! Well here’s the deal Mr. Francis… I Love Baseball, and while I don’t love the Phils, I Love the Red Sox! And anyone that hates the Yankees as much as a Sox fan does is OK with me. CHARGES DISMISSED. Have a great weekend Mr. Francis, you’re free to go.”

I’m gonna buy her a Red Sox something for being so cool. But what a shocker. I could have crapped my pants with excitement when she said it. And I was off. But I made sure to get a copy of my mug shot before I left. I attached it below for your viewing pleasure. I’m Mike Francis and this has been the strangest but truest Phillies game story I ever could have imagined living out. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Honestly I’m not creative enough to make this kind of stuff up.

-Mike Francis

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195 Responses to “True Story: A Phillies fan gets jailed in Florida”

  1. Crane Kick says:

    Joey Lawrence is a Phillies fan? WOAH!

  2. GTO says:

    Bonafasio!!! lolz good read

  3. Chief_Zimmer says:

    You’re a douche. It’s people like you that give Phillie fans a bad rep. Can’t people go other places and act like human beings. Bragging about being an asshole is pretty lame. I’m glad you got arrested.


    “So I turn over my Eagles shoes . . . ” — figures.

  4. Lance says:

    white trash

  5. youngjames says:

    That was some great morning patco reading. Thanks Mike!

  6. says:

    I completely disagree, Chief Zim. He wasn’t doing anything except ragging on the opposition. It’s not his fault the cot damn stadium is empty and the players can actually hear him and get offended.

    imo, it’s more of the Marlins being lame than anything else.

  7. Jon says:

    Great read! See, what you didn’t realize is that 14,000+ fans had already been ejected that night for cheering, so the security guys were understandably upset for being so busy.

  8. phatty says:

    Must have been some really big signs.

  9. Matt says:

    I think the most important question is, why did Bonerfacio blow him a kiss?

  10. Rhymeface says:

    Good read.

  11. sdk says:

    Zim you are an asshole sir.

    Nice story Mike

  12. Mike francis's hoop earrings says:

    great story

  13. Weems says:

    Well done, Mike Francis.

  14. will.H says:

    chief zimmer, looks like you just saw the mugshot with a guy wearing earrings and made your assessment. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that old cliche? Tell us how to act like human beings (errr keeping score and sipping a sierra mist errrrrrr)

  15. Matt P. says:

    fightinstailgate guest of honor?

  16. Lance's Dong says:

    Leave me alone Lance!

  17. Captain Awesome says:

    Got off lucky there, man. Have the Sun Life people mail you your refund and explain that their security stopped you from getting it.

  18. phillyboy says:

    great story!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Joe D says:

    Eagles Reeboks. That shit should earn you a life sentence.

  20. Zeke says:

    Do you smellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll what the Mike Francis is cooking?!

  21. Cole Handsome says:

    Letters from the Miami-Dade Lockup.

  22. Rob says:

    OK. Real perspective. I was in row 3, same section, maybe 10 seats down, so you could say I pretty much saw everything.

    I didn’t hear any cursing, just the “you stink” and “you should’ve stayed in Arizona” type stuff” as mentioned. And Bonifacio was playing along too–there’s no way he was being distracted. In addition to the blown kiss, Bonifacio clearly did a “crotch-grab” gesture basically saying “bite me” after Mike made one of his comments. Probably about how terrible he looked when he struck out or after chasing the ball he should have caught that went over his head.

    Now I didn’t hear all of the conversation with the security guard, but if a player was complaining, that’s bullshit. No slurs, no cursing, just good natured (and yes at points obnoxious) taunting. Talk about rabbit ears. My guess actually, if a player did say something, is that it was Scott Cousins who couldn’t take it in Right.

    As I mentioned, Mike was a bit obnoxious, and I think between he and one or two other Phils fans, they chased two of those notorious Fish texters to another section. And I think he left out at least one visit and warning by the security guard. But I’m pretty sure that all of this was an over-reaction by stadium security.

    Also, I was taking my 4yo to the bathroom at exactly the same time he was being ejected by those 3 Miami-Dade cops. The “You can’t kick me out” argument failed for the 1 millionth time in a row as they did precisely that. Also, I saw not one other person being ejected for cheering or yelling or screaming or being a fan or anything, even the other loud ones like the big tattoo guy in my row that stayed til the end. And certainly no Marlins fans. So that part as far as I know has no validity. I was right there. I’d have noticed.

    I know nothing about the arrest afterward, but it’s not hard to believe that there aren’t any Marlins fans in county jail. On a lighter note, a Red Sox fan (he had a jersey on) said to a Yankees fan (she had a hat on), “Yankees, huh?” And she snapped back with zero delay, “That’s right, motherfucker!” So my two kids learned a new word on Wednesday.


  23. ScottRuffcorn says:

    Great Story! I think all those security people were looking for an excuse to not watch the game. My argument is that while Mr. Francis did nothing wrong, it’s our other fans that give security a short fuse, you know when they hear about kids getting tased, guys puking on little girls, etc., maybe they got all pumped up and shit. Buncha Barney Fifes if you ask me……

  24. Gaze_NJ says:

    Sounds a bit embellished, and I tend to buy off on Rob’s perspective a little more… that said, getting thrown out without using any profane language or antagonizing other fans is pretty ridiculous.

  25. Chris says:

    Wonder if that’s the same jail Tyson Gillies ended up at?

  26. Camille says: “It’s not his fault the cot damn stadium is empty and the players can actually hear him and get offended.” that is funny.

  27. Charv says:

    Makes me want to go on a Phillies road trip.

  28. Roose says:

    That’s a pretty sick story. Asshole security is everywhere though. I got shit at the Bank by security at a concert and they made us walk all the way around to the other end of the upper level to get to our seats which were right above us. My parents can’t do the whole walking for long distances thing so this was a pain in the ass.

  29. Interesting story, but really. Eagles Reeboks and a Phillies belt? C’mon man!

  30. chen says:

    Looks like a 700 level scumbag. My guess is this is a biased, watered-down version of what REALLY happened.

  31. will.H says:

    chen, what really happened?

  32. Eric says:

    I agree with 32. Everytime I read one of these ridiculous stories, I tend to side with the cops. Wanna know how many times I’ve been ejected from a ball game? It’s still zero. Stop pissing off people in your section. If you wanna annoy every other person around you, stay home and watch the game. You’re the guy in the 400 level trying to scream so that Uggla will hear you out at second base. He still can’t hear you.

  33. Lance Parrish says:

    I can accept the belt even if it is pushing it a little…but eagles sneakers? Really dude.

  34. Mike francis's Eagles Sneakers says:

    stop hating

  35. Wendell Magee Jr. says:

    Has anybody seen my pants?

  36. Ricky Otero says:

    @Eric in Miami the 400 level is blocked off and hypothetically he could hear both you and the cricket riding the tumbleweed from the 400 level.

  37. will.H says:

    Eric i often side with the cops.. in just about every case.. but i’ve been kicked out (not arrested) from a phillies game because the guy next to me was yelling at a mets reliever. Sometimes they get it wrong. I couldn’t plead my case.. no one in the area would stand up to say anything.. the big goofy security guard wanted to pick on someone. Luckily I met Eric Greg in the process just a few months before he passed away. That’s a longer story though.

  38. Rob says:

    32 and 34. In 24, I filled in some details–I was there and have no bias. I don’t know the guy. And 34, you CAN hear fans at second base from the upper deck in this stadium. It’s quiet.

  39. Jdashd says:

    @Watrick!!!!!!!!! I want your tickets.

  40. Eric says:

    When I was talking about yelling from the 400 level, I was referring to CBP. I was comparing this guy to the jackasses in Philly who ruin the game for everyone in the section by trying to yell at the players on the field. They scream shit in a packed stadium so we all have to listen to this jerkoff yelling random things.

  41. Morandini's Triple Play says:

    Cut the guy a break for his Eagles sneakers. He lives in Florida, so he doesn’t have a lot of ways he can represent.

    What I found interesting is how much Mike Francis actually looks like Chief Zimmer:

  42. Mel says:

    This story is why I am proud to be a Philadelphia fan! We are passionate about everyone of our teams and we know what it is like to enjoy sports. I guess the people in Florida are just jealous that you dont have enought fans to even fill a lower level of your stadiums. And as far as I can see, this is was one of our more mild mannered fans! I will always be proud to say I am a Philly fan, no matter where I go.
    Great job Mike. Kuddos to you!

  43. Andrew says:

    What a crazy story. I usually side with the cops, too (even at CBP at times), but they often blow things out of proportion. I think the sad part is that nation-wide, Phils/Philly fans have a bad wrap and are instantly deemed guilty no matter what. NQA, as Vic would say. Is it fair? Absolutely not. But, is it warranted? At times, yes.

  44. Gaze_NJ says:

    Every time I got kicked out of a stadium (years ago), it was total bullshit… until I sobered up. In hindsight, I deserved it every time. Thankfully those days are just distant memories.

  45. Eric says:

    Andrew – this story upsets me (what else is new) because nobody is going to remember the details, but at some point ESPN will pick up the story I’m sure and the entire story will be another shitty Phillies fan gets kicked out of an opposing ballpark for being drunk and rowdy. This Mike kid could have been 100% correct, that’s not my gripe. I just hate that Phillies fans are always getting into trouble. Just sit there and watch the fucking game with your friends and have fun.

    The arrogant tone doesn’t do him much either. He got his money back! Boom!! Yea, you also get to see the team a handful of times a year and you missed one to prove a point to a security guard. Yea, you’re the winner.

  46. dougie says:

    So this is what Fightins commentators look like now. I’m embarrassed for Meech. You used to have something going here…

  47. ScottGraham says:

    The only thing I think Mike did wrong was the “Go back to Santo Domingo” crack. I’ve seen tons of people get tossed for mentioning nationality and ethnicity (A drunk guy in my section once got tossed for jokingly saying “Go back to Puerto Rico, you Mexican!”) so I have a feeling that if this does somehow become a bigger issue, it’ll be “A Phillies fan yelled ethnic slurs at a player!”

  48. ScottGraham says:

    Also, thanks for leaving out the details about how everyone in that cell passed you around like a pack of cigarettes. Actually surprised you can sit long enough to type that up.

  49. will.H says:

    dougie the only thing that’s changed is the quality of commenters. What’s different about the random Phils material/game threads?

  50. says:

    dougie, have you found the new “underground” Phillies blog yet with all the cool people convo going on? Lemme know when you do, I can’t stand these lame-o’s anymore.

    Thanks for the condolences on the site, btw.

  51. Mike Francis says:

    BTW I’m Mike Francis. Fuckin’ Mike francis.

  52. best story ever says:

    see name.

  53. Good says:

    Who’s ready to setup TheFightins road trip to the NL East Stadiums that we can go and chant things at the opposing players? See how many of us can get tossed and/or arrested?

    Seriously, the fact that you got ARRESTED because of this is unreal, but the fact that the judge in Dade County let you go because you hated the Yankees is priceless!

    Great story Mike!

    Zim, go blow yourself

  54. PHLinPDX says:

    I would HATE to go to a game with Eric.

  55. Are yous kidin meee?! says:

    @ eric et al. If you hate that phillies fans are always getting in trouble, fine. But don’t bring that sentiment here where this Francis didn’t do anything to justify his ejection. You sound like a whiny “oh stop piiiicking on us national media” Philadelphia fan-child.

    The security is bullshit. The fan base is bullshit. The organization in general, bullshit. Its not Francis’s fault that all three contributed to his situation. Francis simply acted like any opposing fan would be allowed to act at CPB. After you dry your eyes contemplating the reputation of philly fans, grow a set.

  56. Jon in SoCal says:

    I had the Padres Mascot smoosh my Phillies cap down on my face at Petco Park.

    What should I do to him next time?

  57. Greenman! says:

    I’m the best lame-o here

  58. You have the right to remain silent says:

    I love this story!

  59. Bobby Payne says:

    Who cares / dude looks like a douche / stay in florida

  60. Wes Chamberlain says:

    @Jon in SoCal You should light him on fire

  61. Captain Awesome says:

    @Jon in SoCal: Go ‘Ace Ventura’ on his ass

  62. Good shit, mike francis

  63. Tartan69 says:

    The thing about stadium security guards in general is that they are not good enough to be real cops and they have HUGE power tripping issues. So regardless of what you did to get them to badger you (short of starting a fight), all you have to do is tuck your pride away and say you are sorry and convince them they are in charge. That helps you avoid being tossed.

    That said, if you’re being a real asshole you probably deserve to be tossed. But I’ve been “that guy” at enough Flyers games (and not in the cheap seats) to know what the line is, and to not cross it. I’m sure the line is quite a bit different in South Florida, which I’m sure this guy didn’t keep in mind.

  64. Chainsaw says:

    Don’t call me Francis!

  65. says:


    You’re my favorite commenter of the moment, Franci– err, I mean, Chainsaw.

  66. Tyler Walker got arrested at a Marlins game?

  67. Nick Swisher says:

    They should have kept him in jail….one less white trash clown on the streets.
    Nice earrings though…

  68. Mookey says:

    No Annamarie it appears he is vomiting, and thats a sure sign of a great ride. Thumbs up!

  69. Captain Awesome says:

    Who asked you?

  70. Rob says:

    The name’s Francis Soyer, but everybody calls me Psycho. Any of you guys call me Francis, and I’ll kill you.

  71. That boy looks like he needs a father figure in his life.

    I’d step up to the plate, that’s what I would do.

  72. Joe D says:

    Can someone please tell me why his jersey is open in the mug shot?

  73. says:

    A Summer School *and* a Stripes reference in the same comment thread?

    Easily two of my favorite comedies ever.

  74. Joe D says:

    Also, said jersey looks like it is fresh off the rack of Forman Mills.

  75. Justin says:

    Where’s the pinstripes on the white jersey?

  76. Wes Chamberlain says:

    He’s wearing a prison jumpsuit you dummies

    So Mike, enquiring minds want to know. Did you rape anyone while you were in the clink?

  77. Rob says:

    Hey Joe D. I’m 95% sure it was a Halladay jersey and he had it open the whole game. There might have been a shirt under right at game time but he quickly took it off.

  78. Joe D says:

    @Rob…so yeah it had to be Forman Mills then. And he had it open the whole game? Jesus Christ.

  79. Rob says:

    @joe D.. It was hot and he was active, as you read. Yeah.

  80. Emilio Bonafacio says:

    Keep it down everyone, you’re making it hard for me to prepare for the Cubs tonight

  81. PhillyBirdGuy says:

    This is Mike Francis. It’s a legit number 34 onfield Roy Halladay jersey. The same one I wore to the perfect game (where there were also no Marlins fans.)
    Didn’t get raped or rape anyone, my Eagles kicks are the best, and my jersey was open because I was in a Miami prison. They don’t really care if you’re comfortable when you’re getting processed. But the judge loved the Halladay jersey. I’m sorry to some of you that didn’t like my story. It was my first time being arrested, I didn’t get in trouble, thought I’d share it.
    E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!

  82. PhillyBirdGuy says:

    i.e. Miami prison’s dont have the best AC units. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

  83. Joe D says:

    Would you mind posting a picture of the sneakers?

  84. WerthBeard says:

    Great fuckin story.

  85. Mike Francis – I was totally OK with you until you made it clear that you’re one of those nutsacks who start Eagles chants at Phillies games. I’m not sure how I didn’t put two-and-two together before that last comment.

  86. PhillyBirdGuy says:

    I’m a videographer. I’ve got some video of the whole ordeal and some more pictures. Once I edit everything I’ll make sure I throw in a picture of my Eagles shoes. I’ll make sure I send it to Also I went to the World Series winning game 2 years ago. Only have cell phone video but I have all the cars being flipped and Commerce Bank being smashed. Hoping it’s Phils/Tampa World Series. I won’t get tossed there. But since the NL won the All Star game They can win it in 4 or 5 and I’ll get to go. Look, hate if you want. But I’m a REAL FAN! I wear all Philly Gear all the time, I spent 3 hours making 2 signs for the game, and I cheer for my team because maybe sometimes I care a little (or a lot) more than I should about a game.

  87. Joe D says:

    holy shit.

  88. PhillyBirdGuy says:

    No. I’m not that guy, Slocumb. I’m strictly a yell at the players in front of me guy. I don’t get drunk at the game, I just like to Heckle. But at an Eagles game I’m the nutsack that shows up in shoulder pads and an onfield helmet. I’m not a staple like green man but I show my team pride.
    Hey Birdland, how about a Mike Francis T shirt? Also I though one should say “September is Ryan Howard Awareness Month!”

  89. Tartan69 says:

    I’m not sure that I’d be too proud of spending 3 hours to make 2 signs. Should take 10 minutes per sign tops.

  90. PhillyBirdGuy says:

    These signs are 3 feet by 3 feet. All we had was washable dryed up markers. Trust me bro, Those signs took a little bit.

  91. You have the right to remain silent says:

    Nice Mike…love the signs, the story, especially the judge!

    I’ll pass on the Mike Francis t…but Ryan Howard Awareness Month is very good. +1

  92. says:

    We’re all Mike Francis.

  93. ScottGraham says:

    I’m sure the people next to you and behind you love when you show up in your shoulder pads and helmet. Sure it makes all the money they spent on their seats worth it.

  94. Joe D says:

    Yeah Mike Francis t-shirt is a good idea…materials shouldn’t cost that much since it will just need to be open in the front.

  95. PhillyBirdGuy says:

    Great Job on this Meech! Thanks a lot.

  96. will.H says:

    MF now stands for mike francis.

  97. Mike Francis says:

    Hey guys, I did something douchey at another team’s stadium lolz, make me famous ok?

  98. will.H says:

    Sure beats Matt Clemmons, right?

  99. I went to K-Mart and saw that guy says:

    When I try to heckle out load at CBP, nobody in my vicinity can hear me.

  100. what can brown do for you? says:

    @ #96 Joe D–hahahahahahaha, good one.

  101. JayFraud says:

    In incarceration, a member of TheFightins has a name. His name is Michael Francis.

    His name is Michael Francis. His name is Michael Francis. His name is Michael Francis.

  102. Shamels Raul Wertiz says:


  103. Gabrielle says:

    Wow. Some of you people are real fucking assholes on here.

    Mike, awesome story.

  104. says:

    Seriously, Gabrielle.

  105. Gabrielle says:

    I see the clean-up — good choice. I’ve been on this site for a few years now, and I can take a joke, but Jesus H. Christ, people…

  106. will.H says:

    some people just can’t wade through their own bullshit to see the point i guess. ah well

  107. Shamels Raul Wertiz says:

    Ahh consider the fun killed. Boo.

  108. GTO says:

    The holier than thou attitude of some people riding around on their Lipizzaner stallions is rather irritating

    I didnt sense one dingleberry of self-righteous bragging for getting arrested. All he did was tell a funny story about a sad baseball team, their fan-less fanbase, and ivory tower security; which happened to round off into a happy ending.

    I only dock him points for the Eagles “kicks”; The actual Eagles don’t even wear Eagles “kicks.”

    You are just pissed that you will never have the balls to get into a situation where you would come back with even half as good a story as this. It isn’t great but hey;

    your shit stinks too.

  109. mr no pants says:

    go blow Zim….this guy can yell whatever the fuck he wants….I’d be pissed too……..take your good behavior out to a dodgers game, have some fuckin sushi, and shut the fuck up twat.

  110. ScottGraham says:

    Good behavior at a Dodger game? Doesn’t exist. I had someone threaten to stab me at the NLCS last year, in front of security (they laughed).

  111. Joe D says:

    Yeah GTO yeah!

  112. PhillyBirdGuy says:

    Say what you want. Thanks for standing up for me but it’s all good. As long as I’m free to yell at Emelio Bonafacio, I’m glad that you are also free to express your opinion. Ahhh, what a great country right?

  113. GTO says:

    your rock those kicks Francis, rock em hard

  114. PhillyBirdGuy says:

    I was there with ya Monty G! Classic REAL Phils Phan!


  115. PhillyBirdGuy says:

    sorry. youtube search “phillies rap monty g” and you’ll see what i was trying to link you to.

  116. Dickie Thon says:

    Looks like he is from the Kensington section of Miami.

  117. Eric says:

    “I didnt sense one dingleberry of self-righteous bragging for getting arrested. All he did was tell a funny story about a sad baseball team, their fan-less fanbase, and ivory tower security; which happened to round off into a happy ending.”

    I sensed nothing but self-righteous bullshit. It’s called a difference of opinion. The baseball team is historically better than us, so that point sucks. Their fans have nothing to do with this story. And the story is about an over-zealous security guard. It’s earth-shattering in it’s significance.

  118. PhillyBirdGuy says:

    I’m from Sarasota.

    “SUPER SERIES 2010-11″


    where can I watch Phillies ball in Kentucky? Yes, Kentucky. The western part.

  120. ScottGraham says:

    Sarasota? Are you 80?

  121. Griswold says:

    Delmon Young is the best player to heckle. We tortured his ass for an entire game back in june and you could tell he was pissed

  122. Natalie says:

    This guy got *arrested* and we’re saying he deserved it because he was obnoxious? Dang yo. The terrorists have won, fight the power, etc.

    Thanks for the story, Mike.

  123. will.H says:

    griswold, do you or anyone else remember 06 @ washington when Soriano gave the group of philly fans the finger twice? Hilarious fun. long game.. jimmy triple won the game in the 16th.

  124. Greenman! says:

    on the internet

  125. FanSince09 says:

    Why are women suddenly all up in arms that this guy has been made fun of on in the comments?

  126. FanSince09 says:

    Also, I’ll be missing the game tonight and tomorrow , but I’ll be there in spirit and rockin’ this at shul:

  127. JB says:

    Great story!

  128. Bozo says:

    Tight strikezone…. better go both ways

  129. will.H says:

    bozo, knowing that, youd think victorino could have layed off a 3-1 fastball out of the zone. he’s been good.. but that sure wasn’t

  130. PHLinPDX says:

    whoa whoa whoa

    Eric says: “I sensed nothing but self-righteous bullshit. It’s called a difference of opinion. The baseball team is historically better than us, so that point sucks. Their fans have nothing to do with this story. And the story is about an over-zealous security guard. It’s earth-shattering in it’s significance.”

    YOU sir are the #1 person posting self righteousness on this thread so kindly shut the fuck up.
    Also you can’t compare a 17 year old baseball team “historically” to one that is over 127 years old.

  131. will.H says:

    he’s angry, not self righteous.

  132. Big Bertha says:

    I’d still poke him.

  133. Danny Ozark says:

    I laughed, I cried….A true triumph of the human spirit…..

  134. I went to K-Mart and saw that guy says:

    Marquis did this on purpose so he can play Halo.

  135. Bozo says:

    Delicious inning.

  136. Adam Dunn reminds me of every “bad guy” in the old Looney Tunes shorts.

  137. Danny Ozark says:

    Mets up 3-0 in da third

  138. Rob says:

    The guy was kicked out my Miami police. They later arrested him after he came back for trespassing. Sounds to me like he had another chance where he should have gone and taken a nap in the car. Jesus!

    I will tell you it was a good time watching the whole security guard thing and escort out happen. But it would have been priceless to see the arrest later!

  139. Great double play.

    And lots of love between Rodriguez and Ruiz. You could tell Ivan wasn’t going to blow him up; if anything, he almost conceded to his fate.

  140. Adamr14 says:


  141. PhillyPhanInIthaca says:

    What a good-for-nothing team those Mess are.

  142. OutlawPete says:

    I can’t be 100% sure but I have a feeling this is the same jackass who posts on the message board after a Phillies series in FL. He usually takes signs to block people’s view and yells obnoxious things at Marlins fans. He brags about getting in trouble with security and has been thrown out before. Maybe it’s not the same guy but if it is, he’s not telling you the whole truth about what happened. They probably got tired of his act, as most Philly fans who read his posts are.

  143. Scott Olsen and Nyjer Morgan (not present) on the same team. I hope this continues to next year.

  144. I miss Richie Ashburn says:

    The Eagles kicks are AWESOME! Check ‘em out:

  145. beelove says:

    live action halladay pinching a chew. killer. didn’t get a great look at it, but it looked like copenhagen. can anyone confirm? someone please screencap this so ZWR can turn it into a post.

    also, even as someone with plenty of disdain for tmac, i quite enjoyed seeing him and the chica puppet a moment ago.

    finally, fuck the mets.

  146. I miss Richie Ashburn says:

    I know the Phillies Phan who wrote this story. I can assure you that he’s not the person described in reply # 145. This young man is not a trouble maker. However, he is a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan.

  147. PhillyBirdGuy says:

    I smoke black dick till they splatter my naughty wigger mouth with man-goo.


  148. I feel like the Citizens Seven is one of the crappiest promotions out there. Nary a Phillies ‘P’ anywhere on that green bag of crap.

    And don’t get me started about the bag not including a Bible.

  149. Ines Sainz says:

    For real, Mike Francis goes into a prison looking like that is no different than me going into a profootball locker room. Why wasn’t he harrassed?

  150. Ines Sainz says:

    No but I type it.

  151. If I wasn’t married and a man of God, I’d totally “sexo” “youo”.

    /grabs junk

  152. Ines Sainz says:

    Oh but Mr Sweeney I already knew what you would do.

  153. Ines Sainz says:

    Oh Mr Sweeney what you were thinking you would do is going to take much more than a Rosary.

  154. But not before I partake in an Ice Cream Party!

  155. JAL88 says:


  156. PhillyPhanInIthaca says:

    “Changeah or vasbol, i put good wood.”

  157. Ines Sainz says:

    Mr Sweeney can you get me an interview with this Chooch por favor? He is muy caliente.

  158. From Carlos:

    Sho up ou’siii’ dee player driveway at diez y media. Bring Eeeeeguana. Frita. And la lube.

  159. Wes Chamberlain says:

    Sounds like Ines wants to jerk Chooch off with her mouth

  160. My God, listening to Sarge ask questions is like listening to a Little Leaguer tell you who his favorite player is.

    Um, Wilson, you showed some strength in your throws. Good arm. Is your arm something you work on?

    Sarge, we love you, but you might be clinically retarded.

  161. I went to K-Mart and saw that guy says:

    3 errors all year for Wilson. Did he ever had an arm that strong before?

  162. will.H says:

    the people’s eyebrow. i love it. i so want to bang this guy. i’m gay. i’m a mets fan. anyone gay on here over 38 that wants to go to the zoo with will h?

  163. pbog11 says:

    amazing phillies fan story, great read.

  164. Bozo says:

    Great game.

    Wilson had a really deep voice, so didn’t expect that. Didn’t they say earlier in the season that he won a Gold Glove(or the similar award) in some Dominican league?

    I loved Ricky Botallico’s postgame rant about the Mets, great stuff.

    Game needed more BBBBHP however, hopefully she will be there tomorrow and shows off the goods.

  165. TMoney says:

    Instead of blowing a kiss, bonafacio shoulda did the wiener in mouth in side of cheek motion like that crook wes helms did at CBP last year after a rare fish win over the phils. these marlins players are chumps no wonder they don’t win.

  166. Nyjer Morgan says:

    damn liar. I was there. You stuck a shampoo bottle up your butt.

  167. Gaby Sánchez says:


  168. Nino Espinosa says:

    Good story Mike. You were probably a little over the top, but not enough to get booted. The right outcome came of it all, but its a shame you had to go through all the grief. These players are paid millions of dollars, and if they cant take some ribbing from an opposing fan, they should not be in the game.
    I feel your pain because I was booted from CBP once because my ticket would not scan coming out of McFaddens. The deaf old man working the door thought I was a gate crasher. I am actually a very docile regular season ticket holder, who got really pissed off at that because of their ticket scanner issues. The bouncer heard everything I said to the deaf guy (dont think he was really deaf, just didnt want to hear me), and while he bounced me, he told me the guy working the ticket door was an A hole and walked me around the corner and back into the park.

  169. phils4ever says:

    Mike, you never would have gotten ejected if you weren’t sporting those Mr. Clean earrings.

    Gotta love that judge.

  170. Adam Eaton says:

    Seriously… I want to see a shot of those Eagles Reeboks.

  171. jd says:

    “settle down, francis”

    nah, seriously, good job. you have a great story and represented well. you are one of god’s own

  172. j says:

    this dood looks like pure kenso trash

    im sure he wasnt being an ass and his story happened as he said. sounds like being in jail wasnt a big thing for him…i mean, it would be for normal people or someone with a job and life who wouldnt exactly look good with a rap sheet. but not for mike, for hm, going to jail is just a fun night out with his boys.

    get this white trash mafucker out this bitch now ya heard

  173. robbie says:

    this site is fucking awful.

  174. PhillyBirdGuy says:

    I’m mildly concerned about the level of racism on coming from people in a predominantly african american demographic. you know ryan howard is black right?

  175. Philsfanincali says:

    The one thing that impressed me was how well the story is written. It shows that not all Philly fans are knuckle dragging retards who loot and set cars on fire. I recently went to see the Phils at Petco Park for 2 games. We had a mixed section but mostly Philly fans. We had our South Phillies in the House and Chooch and Chong posters. My kid did the terrific artwork and it took about 3 hours. There was an old Padres fan sitting next to me. He wasn’t heckling the players. No! His insults were directed at me but it was all in good fun. I told him we would follow him home and egg his house. As the game went on and the Phils were beating the Padres’ asses, the loud heckling got quieter and quieter. When it was all over, we shook hands and went our separate ways. Upon leaving, we noticed the accent on the security guard as well as how friendly she was. We asked her where she was from, she told us Philly and we hugged it out. We talked a little about Philly fans and how hard it is being East Coast people living on the West Coast. Her comment about Padres fans made us laugh. “They don’t have a fucking clue!”

  176. Wendell Magee Jr. says:

    “I’m mildly concerned about the level of racism on coming from people in a predominantly african american demographic. you know ryan howard is black right?”

    True story: Dated a girl whose mother had lost her vision around 2000 or so and was a huge Phillies fan. She had no idea that Ryan Howard is, in fact, a large black man.

  177. Goonga says:

    Bonifacio? More like bonerface!

  178. Steve E. says:

    I was at a Mariners game 3 rows back from the visitors dugout last year. A guy in the first row was heckling all of the Twins players and he said something to Delmon Young. I tapped the heckler on the shoulder and warned him :”watch out, that’s Delmon Young and he once threw his bat at an ump’. The heckler IMMEDIATELY yells ‘hey Young, theres and ump, throw a bat’. Great stuff. The Seattle fans don’t go for much heckling though….

  179. Joe Blanton says:

    I’m fat

  180. Bob77 says:

    You always have to take these kind of stories with a grain of salt until you hear both sides. My bet is that this guy was waiving his signs around blocking the view of people in his section and yelling crap pretty incessantly. These guys annoy me at the games. 80-90% of the stuff they say isn’t funny/creative and I didn’t come to the ball park to hear idiots starved for attention try to get it for 9 innings.

    Still, if this guy’s story is legit then the security guard was being overly zealous which isn’t a surprise. He also should have had enough common sense not to go back into the stadium but throwing this guy in prison even just overnight for a bogus ‘trespassing’ misdemeanor is even more ridiculous.

  181. Bob77 says:

    You also want to be taken a bit more seriously Mike – stop dressing a some white-trash fool and clean yourself up a bit. Is it unfair that a guard probably stereotyped your a bit? – Sure but that’s just how the police & law enforcement works.

    Drop the earnings, shave the shit on your chin, and wear some regular sneakers and I bet you would find that people would take you a bit more seriously.

  182. James Fayleez says:

    What Bob77.

    You’re acting like it’s a badge of honor that you got locked up acting like the stereotypical Philly fan retard that the national media portrays us to be.

    Yelling at opposing players is what fans do when their teams sucks. Act like a winner and not a Jersey Shore extra.

  183. James Fayleez says:

    What Bob77 said.

  184. Dave says:

    Classic. There is an art to non-profane heckling that needs to be respected. Back in the Vet days, I had front row seats at the home plate end of the visitors’ dugout. Pedro Guerrero was in the on-deck circle. He had just booted a ball at first and let in a couple Phils runs. I yelled something real tame like, “How’s the wheel, Pete?” He looked over and rubbed his face with his middle finger and went on about his business. We all laughed and enjoyed it. Big Pedro didn’t need security and we didn’t make the game harder for him. Just a bunch of guys having fun at a baseball game.

  185. Pd says:

    I was at a Phils/Marlins game a few years ago and sat near the home team bullpen. I was lightly heckling the FL relievers and was told by security to stop or I’d be thrown out. I would have told them to go F themselves if I hadn’t been with about 12 family members (who live in Miami and are also shitty clueless non-attending Marlins “fans”.) I was sitting a few feet away from my mother, so I was not using profanity or being over the top. But I was told to shut up b/c I was bothering the players. Miami is the worst baseball city in the country. They’re going to spend 10′s of millions of taxpayer dollars on a new stadium and no one will come.

  186. Thanks for this great website. I am trying to read some more posts but I cant get your website to display properly in my Opera Browser. Thanks again.

  187. Chuck says:

    i hope you still got your refund

  188. PhillyBirdGuy says:

    Didn’t get my refund. Got a free night in Dade and a good story though.

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