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The Origin Of Harry’s, “Chase Utley, You Are The Man!” Call
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I’m sure most of you remember this, but it’s always nice to reminisce…

Back on August 9th of 2006, the Philadelphia Phillies were in Turner Field for the rubber match in a 3-game set vs. the Braves. The Phils entered the top of the seventh inning down 3-1 with their 7-8-9 hitters due up (who were, by the way: Mike Lieberthal, Abe Nunez, and pinch-hitter Chris Roberson) against Atlanta reliever Tyler Yates. Miraculously, Lieberthal drew a walk, Nunez hit a single to left field, and Roberson bunted them over to make it 2nd & 3rd with 1 down. After back-to-back walks to Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino — which forced a run in — Bobby Cox played the percentages and brought a fresh lefty named Macay McBride into the game to face Chase Utley.

So Chase works a 2-2 count on McBride before crushing a pitch into the gap in left-center clearing the bases and giving the Phillies a comfortable 5-3 lead. On the next pitch to Ryan Howard, he hits a dribbler up the first base line and Chase — who was off with the pitch — never stopped running and scored from 2nd base on a ball hit about 60 ft. Surely Harry The K never saw anything like it, so he came out with his now-legendary “Chase Utley, you ARE the MAN!” line. Watch:

After the jump, check out video of DNL the following day when Michael Barkann shows Chase the clip of Harry’s call. It’s pretty damn cool.

(Thanks to The Fightins reader Maria, who did us all the solid of uploading them the other day)


73 Responses to “The Origin Of Harry’s, “Chase Utley, You Are The Man!” Call”

  1. Awesome. Rest Easy HK

  2. Swift says:

    Thanks for the vids Meech, I’ve been in need of some good Phillies stuff as of late.

    Awesome moment.

  3. KGB says:

    Chase really is the man! Harry, we never knew ya.

  4. becca says:

    I miss Harry :( awesome videos

  5. Phillie Phantacis Grundle says:

    I just jizzed my pants

  6. Gonzo says:

    I showed this to my pet shark, and he said it was JAWESOME.

  7. Amanda Orr says:

    OMG! THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!! I’ve been looking for this clip online since basically the day it happened and it’s no where to be found.. until now. This is why The Fightins’ is the best.

    I remember that play like it was yesterday. HARRY, you’re the man!

    PS. Go to WMMR’s Preston and Steve ringtone page, and if you search Utley, Phillies, or Kalas, you can get this in ringtone form. It’s what I have for my phone!

  8. JB says:

    I love that play. Classic.

  9. Tug Haines says:


  10. dicknballs says:

    Chase truly is the man, plus it was really nice to hear Harry again ;) Thanks Meech!

  11. says:

    Anytime, dicknballs.

  12. dlhunter says:

    “Anytime, dicknballs.”

    A phrase heard often round the dlhunter family Thanksgiving table.

  13. Gonzo says:



  14. Mike P says:

    Hard to believe, Harry!

  15. CarlosBeltransexual says:

    Gonzo, it looks like it’s just gonna be a few months.

  16. muscles says:

    needs 8-12 seeks rehab… might miss opening day

  17. CarlosBeltransexual says:

    Oh, and also, he’s a giant twat, so he could stretch that 8-12 weeks into 36-52 weeks.

  18. World Fargin Roy Halladay Beard Champion '010 says:

    I was looking for that video too, so thanks a billion meech!

    Couldn’t seem to find that one anywhere.

  19. will.H says:

    oh harry always makes my day

  20. Rufus says:


  21. World Fargin Roy Halladay Beard Champion '010 says:

    Oh great, here comes the reigniting of the Pat Burrell boners!



  22. Mookey says:

    Great videos.
    Outstanding post, thanx Meech!

  23. GTO says:

    nice. Needed me some baseball in the dead of winter. Ohh I can feel the warm weather in season seats already.

  24. Lynniemac says:

    I miss Harry so much. :*-)

  25. Ricky Otero says:

    On the topic of Chase Utley You are the Man. Here is an audio tribute to Harry that I made. The clip is used in the song.

  26. Ricky Otero says:

    Also if anyone knows of a better site to host audio files. Please let me know!

  27. maria says:

    Lynnie, that’s a good one (that’s a tear right?).

    It’s amazing how different the team was in 2006 and how we actually believed we could make the playoffs with Abraham Nunez, Mike Lieberthal, Rick White, and Chris Roberson. You also know that it was an epic inning because Abraham Nunez had two hits in that inning! I believe that’s more than he had that entire season.

  28. Lynniemac says:

    Maria, yes, it is a tear and you rock for uploading these, by the way.

    It does seem silly now that we thought the Phillies had a chance with those guys, but at the time, that was the closest they had come in a long while. Sad that a team with the likes of No-Hit Nunez was an improvement over the late 90s and early 00s. Rick White, though, will always have a special place in my heart for cracking me at Photo Day that year by making the rounds and posing like he was on the catwalk. I’m such a sucker for humor.

  29. Ricky Otero says:

    In 2006 we only finished 1.5 games out of the Wildcard and the Cardinals did make the playoffs with a record that was worse than ours. So having hope or belief that we could or would make the playoffs was not misplaced.

  30. Lynniemac says:

    “Cracking me”? How about “cracking me up”? Seriously, you moron, learn to proofread.

  31. maria says:

    I get what you’re saying but they finished that season 85-77. It’s not terrible (considering again who they had on the team) but they also finished 12 out of the division. Really what’s fascinating is how they went from a mediocre team in 2006 to WS winners in two years.

  32. maria says:

    Oh and Lynnie, my only memory of Rick White was his calls from the bullpen whenever someone hit a homerun. I have video of that when Ryan Howard hit his 53rd homerun against the Astros.

  33. Lynniemac says:

    Oh Maria, I forgot about that! Too funny!

  34. JaysonVooyrhees says:

    Oh man, thanks for finding/loading this, meech!! I looked for it on the archives a while back and unfortunately it was on the ATLANTA feed. D: This totally made my day :’)

  35. JaysonVooyrhees says:

    *Meech & Maria

  36. Shocksterman says:

    Wow… I wasn’t planning on looking at Phillies stuff right now but that just got me really choked up. Great, GREAT videos.

    Also, +1 Ricky Otero.. Even though you made me even more choked up with the Song, it sure is great to hear Harry.

    Chase Utley IS the man.. and Harry is sorely missed.

  37. mr_cee says:

    Harry was so much more than just an announcer……..he was truly an icon. I’m certain Chase will always remember that call fondly and will probably name his firstborn son Ur Theman Utley.

  38. Watrick says:

    I was just reading this in that Harry Kalas book that they were selling at Wawa a while back. Got it for Christmas, and it’s a great read on the shitter.

  39. Pat Burrell says:

    You rang beard champion?

  40. Hermanater says:

    Chase Utley you are the man…Harry-you were the king! Miss you HK.

  41. Mark J. Solley says:

    I got chills! Cant wait till Pitchers and Catchers report!

  42. Jdashdog says:

    It just aint the same without that voice…

  43. loctastic says:

    Ahh memories. Of course this reminds me that we still have T-Mac doing the TV play-by-play.. Augh terrible.

  44. Johnny Hats says:

    Great post guys!

    RIP HK.

    Chase Utley = the James Dean of baseball.

  45. Gaze_NJ says:

    Look at that weather! Summer afternoon baseball is the best!

  46. beelove says:

    man, what a clip. thanks for uploading & posting it.

    it all kinda drives home how out of sorts the TV team was without him last year. franzke & LA are excellent on the radio, but tom mccarthy as the play-by-play is just awful. he never shuts up (how awesome were the silent pauses between plays when it was just harry & wheels in the booth?), and his dramatic calls are terribly awkward – look back at the raul ibañez walkoff homerun and the NL east clincher.

    sarge and wheels are fine at what they do, but t-mac’s gotta go.

  47. Phylan says:

    Awesome to relive, thanks meech

  48. Joe Pa says:


    RIP HK

  49. Kevin says:

    Just hearing that voice ggives me chills, no matter what happened on the field.

  50. bryana says:

    miss that voice.

  51. Jennjersnap says:

    Thanks so much for putting these up here. And Ricky, awesome song. (Even if it did get me teary eyed.)
    If it weren’t for this site I don’t know how I’d make it through the off season. No one in real life understands my obsession with baseball and The Phillies. They tolerate it, but they don’t “get it”.
    RIP HK.

  52. Billig says:

    Haven’t seen those in a while. Games just aren’t the same without Harry.

  53. Joe D says:

    Great post and great videos. I remember that game fondly. Has there ever been a better fit for this city than Utley?

    Miss Harry a ton.

  54. phils43 says:

    never get tired of hearing that voice. clips like this make me even more excited for april :)

  55. KGB says:

    I keep coming back to watch this clip. The thing that stands out to me is Utley’s reaction after he scores the run. All business. If one of the Mutts pulled off that play (as if!), he’d have spent 2-3 minutes on the top of the dugout steps, shucking and jiving and doing all kinds of handshake routines.

  56. roto says:

    A little late to the comments, but did Harry make the “Chase Utley, you are the man!” call more than once? I thought I remember Harry making a similar call when uts makes a diving game ending catch. If I remember correctly it was a close game and if the ball squirted through it would have most likely been the game.

  57. maria says:

    Roto, he said it in 2008. It was a home game against the Reds and Chase did make a diving catch to end the game. I believe it was Votto who hit it; earlier in the game, Chase had made an almost exact catch on a Votto line drive.

  58. roto says:

    Thanks maria! It was really bugging me, and for a second I thought I might have imagined the whole thing.

  59. Jdashdog says:

    Any that was the day Chase become Unlce Cholly’s favorite player too

  60. Watrick says:

    I was under the impression (thought wishing it was influences), that HK did this call a few times, not just once or twice. He saved it for special occasions, like these, but being the player that Chase Utley is, he got to pull it out quite frequently.

  61. Joe D says:

    Good memory Maria…I like it. I was at that Reds game.

  62. World Fargin Roy Halladay Beard Champion '010 says:

    “Any that was the day Chase become Unlce Cholly’s favorite player too”

    Really? I was under the assumption that Lidge is Cholly’s favorite player lol

  63. Frags says:

    I tear up everytime I hear HK’s voice…thanks for posting this! and yes, Chase is da man!

  64. maria says:

    Joe D, the thing I really remember about that series, is when Brad Lidge came in the game (first game of the series) I was so confident he would close the game. I absolutely would love that feeling back. It’s good to though that Harry saw a perfect Brad Lidge.

    I’m probably one of two (Charlie being the other) that still has some faith in Brad Lidge and still want him to be the closer. I don’t know, I find it very hard to hate him or no want him in the 9th inning.

  65. World Fargin Roy Halladay Un-Bearded Champion '010 says:

    Trust me, I still don’t hate Lidge…and still have faith in him getting his act back together. We all probably suspected that he was playing hurt during the ’09 Season, but nobody seemed to know exactly what was wrong. Hopefully he can get his health back, and return from where he left off in ’08, or somewhere fairly close to that level.

  66. maria says:

    I’d like to hope there’s a happy medium between perfect Brad Lidge and extremely awful. Here’s hoping.

  67. ryan says:

    what happened to the video??

  68. maria says:

    I believe Viddler took them down. I uploaded them on Vimeo.

  69. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Thank you Maria. What a found memory and a moment in time that as with so many shared with Mr Kalas will never be forgotten.

  70. Watrick says:

    Dammit. I wish these videos would work…

  71. Greg says:

    Me too, Watrick.

  72. maria says:

    Watrick and Greg, check the link in comment #69.

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