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Ryan Madson got totally krossed out on picture day
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Jeez, it must get boring on the disabled list. With nothing better to do with his time, Phillies DL’d closer Ryan Madson took a stroll around the outfield on Holman Photo Day wearing his jersey backwards. An obvious nod to hip hop pioneers Daddy Mac and Mac Daddy.

Photo taken by Miles Kennedy/

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9 Responses to “Ryan Madson got totally krossed out on picture day”

  1. Cole Handsome says:

    i buttoned up the back for him

  2. FirstTimer says:

    that’s wiggity wiggity wack.

  3. Jeff Carter says:

    LA is down the shore drinking cold beer

  4. Carly says:

    Pretty clever…then you always know who it is you took a picture of!

  5. Danyiel says:

    Wait, I’m confused…you mean to tell me that the Marlins have fans?

  6. marcus says:

    marlins dont have fans. its just that when they and the rockies started everyone bought they gear the first year.

  7. Foreskin Mills! says:

    Kendrick can get the finger. The middle.

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