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Ryan Howard riding around Whole Foods Market on a Rascal
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This is perhaps the greatest photograph ever taken with a cell phone:

(Special thank you to @Hadji484 for taking the pic and Dan Gross for RTing it)

62 Responses to “Ryan Howard riding around Whole Foods Market on a Rascal”

  1. FanSince09 says:

    Should ride that thing out of town after singlehandidly costing us the NLDS!

  2. bigmyc says:

    I agree. Better luck next year on that last at bat of the season, Piece.

    Third time’s a charm. ;)

    • bigmyc says:

      Yeah, just imagine that I typed that last one thinking that the comment counter said, “0.” Which I did.

  3. Old man says:

    He should be taking batting practice instead of food shopping!

  4. Too Cool for this Site says:

    Geez, was that person hiding in wait for his photoscopic prey to roll by? That looks like a surprise attack snap shot.

  5. Love ya ryan… get better soon

  6. Franny Murt says:


  7. ARphillyfan says:

    I wonder if the steering naturally pulls to the right…

  8. MarkM625 says:

    Looks like John Mayberry Sr. to me.

  9. kb says:

    really? he shops at whole foods? obv must be a loser

  10. T-Mac's Titties says:

    First time I’ve seen someone on a scooter who didn’t have rolls of fat hanging off the edge. This must be the Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting- Ryno lives in Blue Bell near Wings Field.


    Which Wholefoods?

  12. Old Head says:

    Whole Foods smells like hippies.

  13. PhilsSuckMooseBallss says:

    I wonder if he can find the magazine aisle, so he can find something on how to hit in the playoffs!!


  14. PhilsSuckMooseBallss says:

    Isnt this about the time TonyIsGay tell me how my name is Shelly Barton, where I live on 123 Main st and what my SS# is…….and the best is all you dumb phucks believe it……….white trash!!


    • unused playoff tickets says:

      Wait, wha . . . I live at 123 Main St. Am I you? Is this me?

    • PhilsSuckMooseBallss says:

      u seem confused….must be from another playoff loss!!! BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    • unused playoff tickets says:

      Any confusion is probably a result of the syphilis I got from your mom last year at Chuck E. Cheese at your 5th birthday party. Not so good times in the ball pit after all.

  15. Duke says:

    Im fairly certain that our Paralympics team is now destined to choke too!

  16. John Bowker says:

    I too was shopping, but for ways to enhance my performance on and off the field.

  17. murt says:

    do i smell a new endorsement deal?

  18. TheOtherJim says:

    At least now he won’t have trouble reaching anything low and away…

  19. Amandah says:

    A black guy in Whole Foods? There goes the neighborhood.



  20. Bigfoot says:

    Uh, I am missing something? No way that photo is for real. Probably just some jackass wearing a Ryan Howard suit.

  21. FirstTimer says:

    he could have beat the trow to first if he was on this.

  22. RAjr. says:

    Can I trade injured players???

  23. Ron Noel says:

    Ryan McNabb

  24. Joe Pa says:


  25. Charlie Sheen says:

    If you shop in a Rascal while the postseason is still very much taking place you LOSE! Whoops buh bye……we love ya Howard

  26. I wonder if they’ll let him ride that out to the mound to toss out the ceremonial first pitch for opening day 2012.

  27. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    It was so hard not to laugh out loud at these comments as I was reading them in the computer lab at school.

  28. Tartan69 says:

    Why wouldn’t you get a picture of him from the front which includes his face? It isn’t like he’s going to chase after you and whup you for it…

  29. PhilsSuckMooseBallss says:

    u see the back of a black guy in a wheelchair and everyone believes its Howard……… about morons….then again we are talking about white trash philly phans……….BBBBBBBWWWWWWWWAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  30. Lisa Hannigan says:

    Did you guys ever watch ‘Four Lions’ yet?

  31. RAJ says:

    How can he afford to buy whole foods? Didn’t he notice the massive pay cut he’s taking for the next 5 years?

  32. epiphany1 says:

    It is the one in plymouth meeting. He is always there shopping.

  33. ManIntheWoods says:

    Must be hard to get groceries in that thing. I hope he’s not shopping for mini-burgers. It’d be a shame if he re-injured himself reaching for sliders….

    Get well soon big man.

  34. Jose Reyes says:

    I’m pleased to be put in to a position to win with my new team, te Philadelphia Phillies.

  35. GM-Carson says:

    He was crusing for some humble pie.

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