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NEWSPAPER FIGHT! Inky’s John Gonzalez vs. DN’s David Murphy
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There’s a war going on outside no man is safe from…

John Gonzalez (resident funny man for the Inquirer) and David Murphy (Phillies beat writer for the Daily News) seem to have some issues about how the Philadelphia fans should behave in the stands, and now the beef has spilled into the streets.

Let’s take a look at how it escalated, shall we?

In this morning’s column, John Gonzalez (a/k/a @gonzophilly; the twitter handles will come into play shortly) gave his opinion on when/where Philly fans should release their boos and took exception to that of David Murphy’s.

Here’s Gonz:

That’s part of the problem. Many media types I know hold the fans in contempt. It’s sad when, say, a cheese-heavy local baseball blogger thinks he knows it all but fails to see himself for what he is: a glorified stenographer with a bloated ego and a sweet gig. It’s the misguided elitism that rankles. Reporters don’t consume sports the same way fans do, and few of them have made much of an effort to understand your perspective.

The “cheese-heavy local baseball blogger” was obviously a shot at Murph, whose DN blog and twitter handle are both named High Cheese (@HighCheese). It was a diss in passing, but a diss nonetheless, and a few hours later, Murphy took to twitter to respond.

(Due to the graphic nature of the exchange, I’ll have to ask you to ‘click more’ where no children are present)

The “dude” Murphy was referring to, of course, is Gonzo. And the link was to the aforementioned column featuring the dig. For those not in the know, the radio show thing is in reference to the Gonzo & Vai show that was on 97.5 The Fanatic before being canceled a few months ago.

Shortly after that, Murph must have felt bad for what he did (kidding) and released this “apology” via twitter:

I’d like to apologize for my earlier Tweet. It was immature of me to mock a guy who has made it clear that he does not expect, nor even desire, to be taken seriously. Rather than accept him for who he is — an irrelevant voice whose column shares space with the daily sports cartoon — I made the mistake of taking the easy way out and focusing on his various professional inadequacies. I should have just said this: We are in the business of fairness, and it doesn’t get more unfair than publicly accusing a writer of having contempt for his readership. Unlike the Lorax, I do not believe a fan base to be a homogenous group of people whose thinking and behavior can be neatly generalized for the express purpose of writing a simpleton column. I believe the majority of fans are rational individuals with a beautifully irrational love for their teams, people who have the ability to process critical thoughts on their own, people who do not need to be told how to feel by a columnist who has a latent inferiority complex and an eighth-grader’s grasp of the English language. The only people for whom I hold contempt are hack wannabe writers who invent stories for the express purpose of taking a pandering viewpoint. Please accept this apology

Unsurprisingly, Gonzo didn’t accept (a series of six tweets)


And then finally, Murphy put an end to this nonsense (for now) by reiterating what he previously said:

It’s just a fantastic back and forth filled with personal and professional insults, and it’s obvious the bad blood isn’t some WWE-type plot line to drum up some publicity for the Inqy and Daily News (or is it?!). I’m just glad that bloggers aren’t the only immature ones who take to twitter to hurl cheap shots.

Now the only thing left to do is call Damon Feldman and get a celebrity boxing match scheduled. It’s a battle of La Salle grads, perhaps we can get Doug Overton vs. Randy Woods for the undercard.

And feel free to choose sides in the comments. IT’S WAR!

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110 Responses to “NEWSPAPER FIGHT! Inky’s John Gonzalez vs. DN’s David Murphy”

  1. That guy's juice says:

    Gonzo looks like a penis without a hat one. Advantage Murphy

  2. Don’t you leeches have anything better to do with your useless life? You’re a hack and this is an overrated blog!

  3. Krarbrah says:

    I want those one liners with the pictures. WE WANT CHRIOS! WE WANT CHRIOS! “They were heavy favorites.” YE BABBY YE. Oh yeah, wuttup Meech? Welcome back.

  4. Sean says:

    Team Murph. Duh, winning.

  5. maria says:

    If only because I agree with his stance on booing. Everything else is just bullshit. I’m more interested in who the female sportscaster is.

  6. Dennis says:

    Dont you have anything better to do than comment on a blog post by a writer you think is a hack, on a blog you think is overrated? What a joke

  7. Al says:

    Gonzo is the biggest loser so please setup this fight, Damon.

  8. maxL says:

    Team guy who doesn’t resort to insinuating that his opponent has a small penis.

  9. Sean says:

    @Maria, agreed. Betting it was Amy Fadool.

  10. will.H says:

    id like to know about this sports reporter and wrinkly dicks

  11. Jake says:

    Meech is backk:D

  12. Phaceplant says:

    Who’s this Bring Ryan back!

  13. Eric says:

    So, the ‘main stream media’ complains that bloggers are irresponsible basement dwelling losers. They think they just publish things without looking into them and without any consequence.

    Then we get these two assholes in the ‘main stream media’ using social networking to act like me and bigmyc on the fightins. This has to be the lamest god damn bullshit that’s hit the internet in a while.

  14. Aw man, The Fightins is back up? Why didn’t anyone tell me?!?

  15. Jesus Christ, I need to see this fight NOW and the goddamn game freezes at 76%. Unfuckingbelievable.

  16. Magowan says:

    This is a spectacle. Even the fringe beat writers are trying to get in on it.

  17. Flash McFly says:

    Gonzo is a self-righteous prick. I thought that he was the worst writer in the Philly sports media for a long time before all of this shit came out.

    90% of his articles that I’ve read are contentious for the sake of being contentious and he constantly talks down to his readers. He admittedly hates hockey and thinks that Flyers fans are a small minority on the Philadelphia sports community which irks me beyond belief. I’m not the biggest fan of Murphy but I absolutely take his side in this argument. I couldn’t understand when Hamels was booed after his performance in his first start (still can’t).

    I love to boo opponents, hated ex-players, bad performances by our own players, etc. but only when they’re deserved. And for some reason over the years people have started to question how dedicated of a Philadelphia sports fan you are if you question booing whatsoever.

    aaaaanyway, kudos to meech for posting the screenshot of Murph hitting on Amy Fadool last year…boo ya tone

  18. Flash McFly says:

    OH SHIT fucking crazy update alert**

    ….gonzo is married to colleen wolfe (woman to the left of fadool in that picture)

    goddamn, just another reason to hate that mofo–pure jealousy

  19. Zach A says:

    @Sean original Fightins post about Murph spittin’ game to Fadool/hot friend also employed by CSN

    Not interested in who’s right/wrong at this point. Gonzo takes it in terms of responses/comebacks. I’d like to commend Murphy for taking the ‘professional’ route and apologizing and all that but a ridiculously condescending tweetagraph riddled with words that could easily be shortened by three or more syllables is just the dude flexing in another fashion. [not so] friendly fist fight settles it.

    Da tension mounts, on wit da body count

  20. Dr. Cool says:

    Gonzo is a tool.

  21. Wayne Gomes says:

    I could care less about this whole thing but I would have to side with Gonzo because I agree with him. Philly has become very odd with this whole “don’t boo” players thing. I know the team is much better than when I was around but it pisses me off when I hear “fans” say not to boo. It’s Philly, you don’t do your job, we boo you. I blame these fucking college kids who have ruined our fanbase.

    Nice to see you back Meech

  22. Greg says:

    Murph > Gonzo. Nice to see ya back, Meech.

  23. Lynniemac says:

    I actually agree with Gonzo on the booing thing, but holy crap, the “shriveled dick” comment seems to be over the line. Nice catfight. Glad to see the MSM keeping it professional.

  24. TheKayell says:

    Team Murph, all the way.

  25. Cliff Lee's Tractor says:

    “I believe the majority of fans are rational individuals with a beautifully irrational love for their teams, people who have the ability to process critical thoughts on their own, people who do not need to be told how to feel by a columnist who has a latent inferiority complex and an eighth-grader’s grasp of the English language.”

    Team Murphy all the way.

  26. KruksLeftNut says:

    Who’s this Lorax guy, anyways; can he boo a little louder for me while I go take pee?

  27. Lance says:

    these guys are both cocksucking fagets of the ‘new generation’ like meech. Young business professionl punks with ipads jelled hair and golf shirts. Give me the good old days of cigar smoking scotch drinking maniacs with great blazers and jeans. Sho yo love go sixers will.h has AIDS FAGET

  28. Lance says:

    Adam eaton is gue esch and gets gangraped by ten knee grows on vacation wa wa wa wee wa

  29. Cody Ross says:

    I miss Shep n Gil.

  30. Lance says:

    pussy pussy pussy marijuana pussy pussy pussy thad young is da man lou for 2 house of hawes. Phillies should move tonight’s game to a daytime start so people can watch the sixers and flyers. Die hard philly fan that i am would sell my tix to watch my other squads in the PLAYOFFS

  31. Lance says:

    sho your love sixers fans. Tonight at halftime we’re going to gang rape wil.h and cody ross’s mothers

  32. Lance says:

    Adam eaton likes anal beads with john gozolaz and d murphy has the hiv fagets

  33. Lance says:

    i’d like a show of hands how many phillies fans we die hard every night ten years ago. That’s right myself and two percent did. You were all watching the sixers complaining about how boring baseball is. People who talk shit on basketball are ether racist like meech, or boring schmuks with no personalities. I’m more die hard phillies than anyone on this site and i will watching the sixers and flyers

  34. MOAB says:

    murphy is kind of a douche, but you can’t knock him for trying to get some fadool.

  35. Lance says:

    amy faddol makes my cock sneeze

  36. TonyIsDynamic says:

    “amy faddol makes my cock sneeze”

    God bless your cock.

  37. Lance says:

    sixers on national tv. Phils get pity espn game. Sixers will kill them in the ratings. Meech munches on man meat

  38. Lance says:

    cocaine allows me to bang amy fadool, missy stone, and meech’s mom in a 4 way for hours. Than we celebrate with champainge and watching the sixers beat the heat.

  39. Kevin says:

    Team Lance

  40. Danyiel says:

    The only thing more awesome than a twitter fight between Murph and Gonzo is that photoshop pic in this post. The Fightins, FTW!!!!

  41. Scott Kyle says:

    Real nice. Crossing Darien already broke this story you pathetic bunch of city trash.

  42. Kyle Scott says:

    Hey, I’d appreciate it if you could Email your stories ahead of their publishing time. It’s getting really hard to seem original.

  43. derp says:

    Gonzalez can in no way be taken seriously as a writer (from what Ive read.) HIs column is usually just him cumsily showhorning slightly-dated pop culture references and then mugging for his readership as if to say, “aint I a stinker?!” I dont even know what a David Murphy is but I guess I want him to “win” by default.

  44. Regarding the original columns, I give the points to Gonzo. Murphy is dangerously close to regurgitating the same “boo bird” nonsense that we’ve been hearing criticism about for years. I’ll always side with someone who realizes no one is above the boo because there are different types of boos.

  45. I have no problem with this. (I think Gonzalez is a pretty good guy.) Too bad nobody under 70 reads a newspaper anymore.

  46. MitchCumstein says:

    @DroppedStrikeThree, I am in full agreement. No one in this town is above the boo because it is what reminds the over paid players that we can and will get in your head if you dog it, etc. Also, Print media is dead.

  47. Xyz says:

    I’m not picking sides until the keen intellects of Gil Thorpe and Shep Trumbo weigh in on this.

  48. JesusHalladayChristOnAPopcicleStick says:

    Foul on the Sixers

  49. Mr. Bryan says:

    No Gonzo chat today, hmmmm.

  50. Phan in TN says:

    Gonzo is a jackass and both should call their respective mothers and apologize for not being more like Sheil Kapadia.

  51. ZWR says:

    This is so much like Pac v. Biggie that it’s actually giving me chills.

  52. Nikita says:

    I can’t pick sides until Laura Bunnyboiler has weighed in.

  53. DominationBrown says:

    “Uhh ya dont say that”

  54. Cranekicker says:

    Damn yo High Cheese got kicked out of a cab by Dei Lynam?

  55. James Fayleez says:

    If they are fighting to see who is the bigger douchebag, I fear it’s a draw.

  56. Cole Handsome says:

    I’m not a fan of Murphy’s Ernest-Hemingway-of-sportswriters schtick-coma, but I’m on his side with regards to this “feud.” Now, let’s hear more about his “shriveled dick.”

  57. Maera says:

    Twitter fights are the slap fights of the internet.

    They both lose.

  58. Sloth says:

    One question, if we are having a “who is a bigger douche fight” where is Eskin? He gets an automatic win against almost anyone in that category.

  59. Domingo says:

    I’m on the “both seem like douches” side. Someone should turn this into a photoshop contest.

  60. Burger says:

    #TeamGonzo. He’s entertaining and doesn’t take himself too seriously, unlike the other guy

  61. Cole says:

    I’m taking Dan Gross’ (@PhillyGossip) side. He broke this story first, I think, and then got pulled into it.

  62. Cole says:

    And I agree with Domingo – PhotoShop contest is needed.

  63. will.H says:

    its fun to see how many weiners have such high profile jobs. where the fuck was I when they were giving out snazzy jobs to all the assholes in town?

  64. Drunk Dollar Dog Night College Bro says:

    @Wayne Gomes I’ll be there tonight, you’re welcome.

  65. loctastic says:

    I saw David Murphy in person once. He WAS wearing the leather jacket, collar up.

    I’m glad to have contributed to this conversation.

  66. loctastic says:

    Oh, and the graphic rocks. Especially love that is still effing loading.

  67. Sloth says:

    #Team Eskin #Winning

  68. soundofphilly says:

    when did the Fightins come back?

  69. Mike Dizney says:

    I want in on a Photoshop contest.

  70. veryfakebr says:

    SLIDSHOW: the top 10 smallers penises sizes of popular sprotswriters

  71. Jay Grace says:


  72. Chom says:

    Fadool has a funny nickname in the comcast studios. It’s the name of the machine that you get money from.

  73. BigMiles says:

    I’m on Team Murph- I think his argument is being misinterpreted. He wasn’t saying don’t boo (although you can tell he thinks its ridiculous at times). He is just saying that fans need to understand that making a lot of money and being a prominent figure in the community doesn’t mean that you should be treated like you aren’t a person. Whether that is in public, at a game, whenever. People can boo all they please but the “they make a lot of money so I can do whatever I want” crowd should at least try to recognize why Sarah Madson made the comments she made and not crucify her for them. That was pretty much the point IMO.

    Also, Gonzo is a jackass and I haven’t taken anything he has said seriously for about two years now.

  74. Ron Noel says:

    Murphy looks like david wright with DS

  75. b-burg says:

    Because of the rain
    I have to watch the fat man
    Where is Halladay

  76. David Murphy says:


  77. Sarah Madson says:

    I would suck the sneeze out of Lance’s dick.

  78. Minty Fresh says:

    OMG. Just noticed the “just loading” on that graphic. Brilliant.

    Welcome back Fightins.

  79. Indiana Sarge says:


  80. Lisa Hillary says:

    Fadool ain’t nothing compared to me eh.

  81. Wow. The Fightins is back. It’s about time.

    Anyone who thinks Murphy is wrong here obviously has no background knowledge of this situation. Murphy’s article spoke for itself.

    Gonzo is a hack. What he writes is pure garbage. It’s neither informing not entertaining. As such, it’s a waste fo time.

  82. *of

    *neither informing nor entertaining

    Man, need to proof myself here.

  83. Kyle Scott over at Crossing Broad already broke this story last night, this is old news YOU HACKS & FRAUDS! Go suck a third rail and don’t provoke me! that. is .all.

  84. Carl Weathers says:

    What the hell is Crossing Broad? Sounds like a cross-dressing shop in Center City. Those poofters don’t have a stew goin’.

  85. TheOtherJim says:

    Where’s That Guy when you need him…

  86. lauren says:

    this was posted last night too, can u idiots not read??? SAID!!

  87. Watrick says:


  88. Watrick says:

    Ok, here’s my first animated photoshop. Maybe it can be used when Oswalt starts (even though that picture of him behind Dubee is awesome.)
    Oswalt-unhittable pitch

  89. team to beat says:

    Murph. Gonzo only has a job because his idiotic columns draw readers. He’s no more special than what Skip Bayless is to ESPN.

  90. This is truly very entertaining.

  91. philliesfever says:

    Wait. Gonzo went to La Salle? I’m going to start saying I went to Rutgers (’cause I did, for one semester).

  92. Carl Weathers says:

    I’ve been waiting for that, 99. The Fightins is almost back–just a few more characters to go.

  93. MarkM625 says:

    Murphy should have just been mature and have never initiated this. Gonzo with some good smack. Unprofessional? Sure. Entertaining? Hell yeah!

  94. Rich says:

    I like that Gonzo considers failing one night with a chick is worse than being fired for having an awful radio show.

  95. Sloth says:

    LA for president!

  96. FanSince09 says:

    They both lose for writing for a dying medium.

  97. Here Come Da Judge says:

    we must find out who left murphy with his dick in his hand

  98. Tug Haines says:

    Philly dot Kombat

  99. I think they are both twats.

  100. Gonzo’s radio show blew, but I wonder who murphy got blew balls from

  101. NQADutch says:

    Team Gonzo.

  102. Amandah says:

    Colleen Wolfe is getting an anal bleaching for her wedding day. Looks like Gonzo gets to snack on a shiny bright shit pipe!



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