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Much better quality video of fans running onto the field at Petco
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Previously on The Fightins… Not-so-great video of fans running onto the field at Petco Park

Here’s an updated version featuring someone who actually knows how to work a video camera:

As it turns out, these weren’t Phillies fans at all, rather two dirty San Diego hippies who were probably hopped up on the ganja and thought they had lawn seats to an Allman Brothers show.

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16 Responses to “Much better quality video of fans running onto the field at Petco”

  1. Griswold says:

    Cheech and Chong

  2. will.H says:

    hey look, security who can actually run down a skinny little prick. Sure beats the goofy blue jackets who run around CBP.

  3. raschatz says:

    And people say Philly cops/security are harsh…

  4. nunyabz says:

    They should have tased them…

  5. Ray Kroc says:

    I should have changed the name of the Padres to the Sane Diego Hamburglars when I was the owner of the team

  6. Bozo says:

    Forgot to look it up when it originally happened but I remember saying to myself “I hope it wasn’t Phillies fans”

  7. My Friend got Tazed. says:

    The kid who went got tazed at the Phillies game last year is my best friend. He really wanted to do it. It was awesome. He’s a legend at our high school. Well, at least to my friends and I.

  8. Nikita says:

    Allman Brothers…bwahahaha

    Honest to God, those two look like they were deposited on the field by a malfunction in Dutch’s Time-Traveling dune buggy. The one kid in the plaid shirt even looks like he has a porn ‘stache.

  9. @shawnjames says:

    they should of rapped those kids

  10. SAID! says:

    Nice skinny jeans thats what I always wear to baseball games

  11. I’m surprised the national media didn’t try to blame this on two guys from Fishtown.

  12. toobis says:

    thats weird, hipsters don’t normally run…

  13. rhymeface says:

    Love how Meech says “hopped up on ganja” like cop from a James Ellroy novel.

  14. Shamels Raul (formerly Wertiz) says:

    Makes me hate hipsters even more than I already do.

  15. b-burg says:

    fucking hipsters…

  16. BroadnPattison08 says:

    fucking hispters. How those balls feel in those jeans?

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