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Lou Marson’s Self-Congratulatory First Major League Home Run
Posted by at 3:57 pm ET

In an uncharacteristic move, instead of watching the Phillies game yesterday I decided to spend some quality time with the fam, stock up on 2008 NL East Champions tees, and re-watch “The Double Play” about 4,000 times. Because of that, I missed the first career home run of our catcher of the future, Lou Marson. He wound up hitting a 2-run shot — his first ever — to put the game away in the eighth inning. Sir James Beale of the fantastic The Sports Complex, hipped me to the fact that when he reached the dugout, the Phillies chose to give the rook the silent treatment; standard practice for youngsters who hit their first career jack. What made this “freeze-out” different, though, was Marson’s reaction. Instead of being left hanging, he decided to give a bunch of phantom high-fives to no one in particular.

So I went into The Fightin’s lab to cut the video for Mr. Beale and it turned out to be as funny as he described.

Have a look-see:

Lou Marson Congratulates Self, Earns Praise | The Sports Complex


7 Comments on “Lou Marson’s Self-Congratulatory First Major League Home Run”

  1. PhiPhan5648 Says:

    Not gonna lie, that had to be one of the funniest things I’d ever seen…

    …you could see J-Roll sitting there cracking up as he saw Marson high-fiving the air…

    …truly a hilarious moment.

  2. phan_in_babylon Says:

    has anyone posted video or photos of some of the crazier antics from clinchday? i kept hearing about feliz and coste on a police bike, but thanks to fox in new york thinking i cared more about a half-assed cubs game, i couldn’t see any of it.

  3. JasonB Says:

    I’m sure Mildred Kasporolich of South Hampton would have high fived him…

  4. Kevin Says:

    It looks like an autistic person trying to dance.

  5. Clare Says:

    phan_in_babylon, you are not mistaken. Coste and Feliz DID ride around the warning track on the police bikes. They each had a beer or a bottle of champagne in their hands, and I had to wonder if the cops would look the other way on the BUI. Also, Jayson Werth and Ryan Howard (and a cameraman) drove around the field in the groundskeeper’s cart, and almost ran over Mrs. Chutley and Mrs. The Bat.

  6. James Beale Says:

    There are few funnier ‘baseball celebration’ shots out there than Jayson Werth almost driving over pedestrians, in a cart, drinking champagne from the bottle.

  7. phan_in_babylon Says:

    i am internet-stupid. i still can’t find any of these pictures.

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