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Larry Andersen may have taken a nap in the broadcast booth
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In the 8th inning off of yesterday’s game, while deadlocked in a 2-2 tie with the Florida Marlins, Phillies radio colorman Larry Andersen apparently dozed off for a second in the radio booth. With nobody on base and Gaby Sanchez at the plate, play-by-play guy Scott Franzke starts cackling like he does when LA does something worthy of a cackle. But this time, LA didn’t have a witty comeback, only a garbled “Wha?” that people tend to do when somebody wakes them up.

So then Franzke, who obviously didn’t want to drop a dime on his boy LA, said while laughing, “If I was another broadcaster in this town I might have had a comment for that.” Which was clearly in reference to the time earlier this season when Sixers play-by-play man Marc Zumoff called out Eric Snow for falling asleep on air.

Audio embedded after the jump, chump. Go ahead, it’s worthy of a listen.

(Shout out to @Phillytrainride for the heads-up, 610 WIP for talking about it this morning, @Phylan for ripping the audio, and me for putting it all together.)


42 Responses to “Larry Andersen may have taken a nap in the broadcast booth”

  1. Adam Eaton says:

    No audio file on my internets…

  2. says:

    Get better internets.

  3. soundofphilly says:

    My birthday is May 18, someone send me a Larry Andersen shirsey. Size large, plz. Thanks.

  4. Bud says:

    Sunday afternoon games are the best for nappin.

  5. philliesfever says:

    LA can do no wrong in my eyes. My ears, although, are another story…

  6. T mac says:

    Larry has to stop coming to work hungover

  7. echz says:

    A sleeping LA is still better than an awake Wheels any day.

  8. LA and Franzke are amazing together. They have chemistry, just as Harry and Whitey had. So much better than T-Mac, and Wheels.

  9. Mr. Bryan says:

    I heard this but I couldn’t figure out what he was laughing at.

  10. Shep Trumbo says:

    LA aint SLEPPIN cuz rell player never SLEPPS LA JUS RESTIN

  11. Chutley says:

    “Wha?” “Ahww nothin.” LOL

  12. MarkM625 says:

    Thanks. I always listen to the radio feed and had no clue on the reference.

  13. I rather listen to Larry Andersen asleep than those two insufferable jackasses Wheels and Giant Baby Head. They are maddening.

  14. SAID says:

    Scott… you should have let him sleep. I CAN’T STAND HIM!

  15. fdoyle11 says:

    haha i remember hearing this live. Classic.

  16. Watrick says:

    I, too, was left wondering what they were talking about during the game yesterday. I was leaving a parking lot, and I actually cursed the slow pokes that were crossing in front of me when I heard that, because I thought I had missed something. Thankfully, though, The Fightins Dot Com is back to archive the funny side of Phillies baseball.

  17. Greg V. says:

    Franzke and LA have a certain chemistry on the air that makes this rather amusing.

  18. Jay says:

    I just like the word “cackle”

  19. Wayne Gomes says:

    The Fightins is officially back ladies and gentlemen and Lance

  20. maria says:

    What a classic post. I’m waiting for the day that these two make it on TV.

  21. FanSince09 says:

    Long time legendary voice of the phillies Chris Wheeler would never sleep on the job! Should dock LAs pay for the time he was asleep!

  22. Eric Snow says:

    LA was just trying to stay awoke

  23. Nino Espinosa says:

    I love it when a plan comes together!
    Anyway, I feel bad for LA…the guy is completely awesome and just took a snooze, and Franzke obviously thinks alot of the guy to not rat him out, and in fact laugh it off…
    While there is not yet a comparison, LA and Franzke are slowly becoming our new Whitey and Harry.
    Also, if the VP of the USA can do it, why not LA?

  24. KruksLeftNut says:

    I prefer my LA very non-ambienized:
    courtesy of:!/BleedingGreen

    F*ck Scott Barry. I don’t care if his wife is sitting within earshot.

  25. Lauren says:

    LA & Franzke > Wheels & T-Mac

  26. Kyle Scott says:

    Awww shit, that didn’t even occur to me. Rewriting this now, thanks!

  27. Mr. Bryan says:

    ^^ haha ^^

  28. Watrick says:

    @Chris- Found an image for the Game Preview Photoshops, that doesn’t even need to be photoshoped of Shaun Marcum:

  29. MarkM625 says:

    Scott and LA would have to behave more on TV so I am fine watching the game with a 7 second delay on audio.

    It’s like Letterman at 12:30 vs Dave at 11:30. It just wasn’t the same. Yes, I’m old. 80′s/early 90′s Letterman and Stern made me the dick that I am.

  30. HB says:

    The best part about living outside of the Philly TV zone is getting and being able to select the radio audio feed. No more Wheels.

  31. Walklett says:

    LA was just doing his best impression of an air traffic controller.

  32. Everybody Loves Chooch says:

    Mystery solved! I heard this at the time and was incredibly confused and felt like I was missing out on an inside joke.

  33. Brandon says:

    Wheels would never do that because he rocks around the cock

  34. BakedMcBride says:

    He was dreaming of Bagwell.

  35. Jay Grace says:


  36. props to meech for putting this together

  37. Meatball sub says:

    Omg omg omfg Nooooo wayy!!!! I just popped a boner- fightins are back!!!! Omg SMH

  38. You’re an asshole, you credited yourself for putting it all together? I can’t believe you did that and i can’t believe how late my septa train was either!

  39. Whoomp There It Is! says:

    And this is why this site is Nails

  40. It was probably those comfy chairs that LA so finely crafted.

    No kidding though. Franzke & LA made a reference on tonight’s broadcast about chairs being too comfortable putting you to sleep.

    I effing love the season-long inside jokes of radio broadcasts. The rigidness of T.V. simply does not allow for that (which is one of the many reasons Franzke & LA should never move from their righteous place on the A.M. waves).

  41. James Fayleez says:

    #25 FTW

  42. watch says:

    Hey! Fine post! But this site is always loading very slowly.

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