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Just your typical 1-6-4 double play
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No matter how much baseball you watch, and believe you/me I watch a lot of baseball, you still typically see around 1 or 2 plays a week where you’re like, “Yo – I ain’t neva SEEN no shit like that befo’!” And that’s what makes baseball such a beautiful game to follow.

UNLESS that spectacular play goes against the team you root for. Then it’s some lucky bullshit.

Take last night for example: The Brewers pull Shawn Marcum out of the game to start the bottom of the 7th (which was odd in and of itself because he batted already in the top half), so the Phillies decide to get their offense going against the Milwaukee ‘pen. After Carlos Ruiz grounded out to short, Wilson Valdez reached on an error by 3B Casey McGehee and Gload followed with a pinch-hit single inside the third base bag. After a Victorino fielder’s choice scored Wilson Valdez to tie the game at 2, Placido Polanco (who was 2-for-3 at that point) stepped to the plate to try and give the Phillies the lead…

Placido fouled off the first pitch and on the second his a LAZER! shot right back to the box which, on any other day, would’ve bounced into center field giving the Phillies the lead and a 1-out, 1st & 3rd situation for Jimmy Rollins.

Instead… the ball caromed off of Sergio Mitre, went straight up and floated in the air long enough for Yuniesky Betancourt to dive under it and make the catch without the ball ever touching the ground. Betancourt stood up, flipped the ball to Rickie Weeks at 2nd for the easy double play, inning/rally/threat over.

Here’s a shot taken right after the ball popped in the air off Mitre. Click on it to be whisked away to the magical world of MLB Advanced Media where the play is captured on film and then uploaded using secret “video player” technology that only MLB is privy to.

Go ahead and blame Kyle Kendrick for the loss if it makes you feel any better. But if you ask me, that was some lucky bullshit.

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16 Responses to “Just your typical 1-6-4 double play”

  1. Ron Hipple says:

    KK gottta gooo

  2. Domingo says:

    Don’t tell ME that I can blame KK for the loss Meech. I blame who I want, when I want. Next thing you’ll be telling me who I can boo.

  3. FWIW, I saw Sarah Madsen cheering in the stands during this play.

  4. jerklin says:

    If that were Kendrick it would have left the park on the bounce. Just sayin’

  5. will.H says:

    last night had it all. good AB’s, the worst AB’s in history, and a lot of line drive outs.. particularly this badluck bullshit

  6. Clifton Phifer's Badassness says:

    Yeah…i hate people saying DON’T BLAME KK, IF THE OFFENSE WOULD’VE SCORED RUNS…blah blah blah.

    Ok, yeah, that’s some lucky bullshit, but EVERYONE ELSE IN THE BULLPEN PULLED THEIR WEIGHT LAST NIGHT. And Kendrick comes out and takes a huge shit on everything and the loss is there.

    I hate that motherfucker so much.

  7. Clifton Phifer's Badassness says:

    And yes, i typed that in the persona of Cliff.

  8. Kyle Kendrick = Ryan Franklin says:

    Why couldnt Kyle Kendrick have been on that plane with Cory lidle

  9. I’d cut KK some slack if he only screwed up on one or two plays. But a couple of walks a bean ball and a WP are more than just a bad outing. They’re indicative of missing talent.

  10. How is Kendrick still pitching in the bigs and my owner is still looking for work? He couldn’t have done any worse! He should have been Eaton’d out of the Phillies organization after the game.

  11. Kyle Scott says:

    I blame Polanco for not hitting it to the right by 3 inches.

  12. Lacking that gif action. Fuck Tug Haines and his journey of self-discovery.

  13. SAID! says:

    What prick changed Kyle Kendrick’s Wikipedia back to normal?

  14. Phaceplant says:

    Why couldn’t we have let the robot pitch in extras last night? He could of been our 5th ace… We would call him Johnny 5.

  15. D. Whitmore says:

    Full moon games are just goofy

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