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Domonic Brown gets a postgame pie to the face in Reading
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Following the R-Phils 4-3 win in the series opener vs. the Fisher Cats on Monday night, future superstar Domonic Brown was giving a postgame interview with Tommy Viola when WHAM-O!, Sergio Escalona smashed a pie in his face. Now, Brown was definitely the offensive star of the game, going 2-for-4 with a couple RBI and a run scored, but the runs he drove in were the first two of the game in the third inning. Does that really constitute a pie to the face? I say the pie to the face postgame interview antics should solely be reserved for either late game heroics or a gem of a game thrown by a starting pitcher.

Because if you’re gonna pie Dom Brown every time he gets a couple random RBI during a non-crucial part of the game, chances are he’s gonna get sick of pie by the end of the April. Wise up, Escalona.

Watch the entire postgame interview, after the jump.


65 Responses to “Domonic Brown gets a postgame pie to the face in Reading”

  1. GTO says:


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  2. GTO says:

    I agree, a little premature; but listening to Dom he says it is the 2nd! time he’s got a pie from Sergio. Must be a running joke.

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  3. KILLADELFIA says:

    Dom Brown > Jason Heyward

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  4. He’ll be traded in July for a starting pitcher.

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  5. PolancosHeadIsHuge says:

    @Bridge to Lidge: I hope not, but when the Mariners are failing and Cliff Lee is available again…is it worth giving up star potential for great shot to win it all? I don’t really know.

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  6. Echo says:

    Don’t tell Meech that Brown > Heyward. He made his decision there no matter how many love posts he puts up here. :)

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  7. @Polanco I also hope not, especially if they do not re-sign Jayson Werth, but it looks like we need pitching more than an outfielder.

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  8. The Beard says:

    I know it might sound crazy, but trade Werth mid-season for pitching.

    The only reason that I see it as crazy is that most of the bidders would be contenders for playoffs and the World Series. Just wouldn’t want to see him beat us in October.

    But baseball is business isn’t it?

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  9. muscles says:

    cliff lee?

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  10. TonyIsDynamic says:

    Do they really have to say ‘Green Mountain Coffee’ every time? It is like…a clause in their coffee contract? Can’t they just say COFFEE?

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  11. Adam Eaton says:

    Am I the only person who thinks Kendrick’s beard/pimp strap looks extremely pre pubescent?

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  12. Gaze_NJ says:

    Assuming Kendrick gets 30 starts this year, I’m predicting a 132-30 record.

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  13. will.H says:

    pretty cool we have a gnat problem at a nats game, yuck hyyyuck

    oh and ruiz needs a new song, hombre

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  14. will.H says:

    Eaton you would think that, fake ass goatie

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  15. VanHellion says:

    jesus h christ kendrick sucks shit. ruben should trade him for pocket lint and a bag of doritos.

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  16. crazy4swayze says:

    is tomas perez on the r phils this year?

    “kendrick doesn’t have a whole lot of swing and miss stuff”….thanks wheels, you fucking dicksneeze.

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  17. TonyIsDynamic says:

    What we are watching is not a baseball game. It’s a game of “Which Pitcher Sucks More”.

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  18. KILLADELFIA says:

    Nelson time.

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  19. TonyIsDynamic says:

    Nelson time? More like Pedro call.

    Sign him already, Amaro.

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  20. KILLADELFIA says:

    I meant like now.

    And, Idk if Pedro is the answer, but we will be seeing him get his ring tomorrow.

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  21. TonyIsDynamic says:

    He better have a breakaway outfit, revealing a Phillies uniform.

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  22. D. Whitmore says:


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  23. MoyerIsMyHero says:

    Nationals announcer: “They’re booing in Philadelphia, which means everything is back to normal in baseball.”

    STFU, ass – they were mostly booing fan for interfereing or the umpires for not calling the guy out at third, depending on what they saw.

    But Kendrick does some derision for that start.

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  24. KILLADELFIA says:

    Nelson is better at pitching and hitting than Krazy K.

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  25. crazy4swayze says:

    i wouldn’t call that a start. it was a really shitty relief appearance.

    1.2 IP, 6 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 3 BB, 1 K, 0 teddy grahams, 1 bus ticket to lehigh featuring all-you-can-suck dicks.

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  26. MoyerIsMyHero says:

    Polanco can NOT be stopped!

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  27. Bud says:

    Franzke suggests you start doing your taxes

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  28. KILLADELFIA says:


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  29. MoyerIsMyHero says:

    Thank goodness Nelson came in for that last out, lest Kyle get the win if this lead sticks.

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  30. D. Whitmore says:

    some people are just very good at hitting baseballs. chase is one of them

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  31. Brandon says:


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  32. KILLADELFIA says:

    This offense looks unstoppable, even though we’ve only played the Nats and Stros.

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  33. TonyIsDynamic says:

    MoyerIsMyHero – You need 4 innings for a win.

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  34. TonyIsDynamic says:


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  35. KILLADELFIA says:

    Polly will lead the league in hitting. Mark it down.

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  36. MoyerIsMyHero says:

    Ah, yes, good point, Tony. My bad.

    What I meant to say was, good thing Nelson came in for that last out so he could get a hit and spark a rally.

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  37. maria says:

    I thought you needed 5 innings for a win?

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  38. all things bacon says:

    Phils win! Phils win!
    It took the Nats a whole inning and two-thirds to chase Kendrick. The Phils chased Stammen after a mere inning and a third. And got an extra run to boot. There’s a couple of bullpens really hoping this thing doesn’t go extras.

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  39. crazy4swayze says:

    i don’t think anyone needs to worry about kyle kendrick getting a win.

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  40. TonyIsDynamic says:

    *Sad, touching music while talking about Harry Kalas*
    *Music abruptly stops*

    “As Ivan Rodriguez steals second…”

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  41. Pat says:

    Sarge’s comments make me want to take THE COBWEBS off my gun and kill myself

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  42. DAVID WRIGHT says:

    I think it’s quite funny that someone actually had the balls to spray paint a big NY on Schmidt’s jersey on the statute in front of the ballpark.

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  43. maria says:

    Pat, I think you HAVE to love Sarge in order to visit this website.

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  44. VanHellion says:

    david wright had sweaty vitamin water fueled mansex with the situation.
    gross dude.

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  45. Wes Chamberlain says:

    I was completely expecting this article to be about Dom celebrating a Reading Phillies victory by giving face to some white woman.

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  46. crazy4swayze says:

    game over. tell herndon to break out the jizz mop.

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  47. The First John says:

    Kyle Kendrick didn’t “struggle” tonight Chris Wheeler, he “sucked dick”.

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  48. Polancos head is not really that big says:

    You know what sucks dick? I have tickets for Saturdays game and instead of seeing Doc Halladay pitch I will be treated to another outing like tonights.

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  49. Pat says:

    I mean, I think when it comes to the announcers I am exact opposite of most people here. I definitely do love Franske and LA, but I can’t stand sarge and actually don’t mind T-Mac. Call me crazy, but I like my announcers to make relevant and insightful comments and place intonations on the correct words.

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  50. Pat says:

    Unless its Gus Johnson or Bill Raftery, they are saints.

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  51. TheOtherJim says:


    Now how could that be? Mike Schmidt isn’t Latino? Or gay?

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  52. If Kyle Kendrick continues to start for this team, they might want to list the probables as Kendrick/Figueroa vs. TBD.

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  53. ‘m not sure what the most nauseating part of Kendrick’s performance was tonight. Was it opening the game with a hit batter? The two-out, bases loaded double he allowed to Adam Kennedy? Was it that he allowed 6 runs, 6 hits, 3 walks, and a hit batter, while only retiring FIVE batters? Or was it that he couldn’t locate anything, pitched scared, and looked like a guy who had lost any bit of confidence that he had gained throughout the month of March? As Manuel went to get his sorry ass off the field I thought to myself, “He just pitched himself out of a job tonight.”

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  54. CarlosBeltransexual says:

    The nauseating part is that our GM wrote off Ironpig Myers as soon as 2009 ended and apparently thinks that Pedro is good enough to start two World Series games, but not good enough to replace Kendrick. Amaro should be hanged from a 90ft. gallows as a warning to Ed Snider, Joe Banner, and Jeff Lurie.

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  55. The First John says:

    Carlos are u kidding me? he should be hung for giving Kyle Kendrick a chance to pitch? in a fuckin april game against the NATIONALS

    give the guy a fuckin break, he got us Roy Halladay and theres like 155 games left, calm the fuck down u retard

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  56. CarlosBeltransexual says:

    How many starts should Kendrick get this year?

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  57. bigmyc says:

    @theotherJim, (pointing and winking, not in a seductive way, at you)

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  58. crazy4swayze says:

    fun fact: last sunday the phils doubled the run total of the stros, the flyers doubled the goal total of the rangers and then i flipped to amc and top gun was on. this evening the phils doubled the run total of the nats, the flyers doubled the goal total of the devils and then i flipped to amc and top gun was on.

    the point is, that fucking rules. the second point is, it’s too close for missiles…i’m switching to guns.

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  59. Griswold says:

    escalona is terrible. every time the phils put him in last year, i knew the lead would be lost. in other news, kendrick is horrible and i want pedro back

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  60. Jupiter's Rings says:

    Say what you will about spring training, but I can’t stop thinking about how Kendrick habitually eats shit when he gets to the big league mound. And why didn’t they move him to the bottom of the rotation and make Grampy the 4th? Didn’t he earn a better spot than Chinbeard McGee?

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  61. Griswold says:

    luckily Father Time pitches well against the marlins

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  62. Amandah says:

    That’s actually a shitload of Escalona man-goo.

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  63. Cola Classic says:

    @ Tony – Chase Utley is the hand?

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  64. BD says:

    figueroa looks too much like posada i have 09 postseason PTSD

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