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Cole Hamels shows off his naked ass again
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While Cliff Lee was being interviewed by the media today after his mediocre performance against the Brewers, a freshly showered Cole Hamels went to his locker, stripped off his towel, and got changed into his boxer briefs. Lucky for you, pervert, somebody from Calkins Media was filming the whole thing and a blogger with too much time on his hands just happened to be searching the internet for naked male locker room ass.

The culmination of all those events can be seen in the top left corner here:

After the jump, check out an EXXXTREME close up as well as the original video.

I promise not to think any less of you.

And the video…

PREVIOUSLY: Cole Hamels shows off his naked ass to NBC10 news viewers | The Fightins

54 Responses to “Cole Hamels shows off his naked ass again”

  1. TonyIsDynamic says:

    Cole Hamhocks

  2. VotePolanco says:

    The Phillies should replace Bongo cam with Ray Charles keyboard cam.

  3. Jocksniffer says:


  4. MarkM625 says:

    We need to see the FRONT to verify his sex. Enough ass shots!

  5. futomaki says:

    He didn’t even play. Dude showered just to show off his ass.

  6. @shawnjames says:

    i fapped

  7. I’ve seen Cole Hamels’ hiney more times than I’ve ever wanted to.

  8. Urbina says:

    Nothing beats seeing Jamie “Four Kneecaps” Moyer’s old shriveled ball sack…..

  9. B-Zo says:

    C(ornh)ole (S)Hamel(es)s

  10. Clare says:

    Call me when you get a Cliff ass shot.


  11. Carl Weathers says:

    John Kruk is jealous.

  12. Kyle Kendrick's "out" pitch says:

    How do we know it’s Tyler Walker and not Cole?

  13. David Murphy says:

    I heard Amy Fadool sneaks camera pics in the phils locker room… Aaaaeeeyyy!!

  14. Jorge Suarez says:


  15. Maria says:

    Need a chooch ass shot

  16. Cole Hamels says:

    How bout a coors light?

  17. Smalls says:

    Cole Hamels is The Machine.

  18. FanSince09 says:

    A closer shot reveals a gerbil fighting to escape.

  19. @FanSince09 Richard Gere’d

  20. scott says:

    Larry David had a gerbil up his ass

  21. Amandah says:

    I guess he got his YingYang Cum Bullseye tramp-stamp removed?



  22. I honestly didn’t even feel all that gay clicking on “Read More…”

  23. SAID! says:

    @john kruks nut me neither

  24. Lynniemac says:

    FanSince09: Was it a gerbil, or a backpack dog?

  25. Watrick says:

    Video removed? I’m upset, very upset, that I don’t get another chance to look at Hamel’s cheeks…

  26. GM-Carson says:

    Where are these kind of “accidental” screen shots inside women’s professional volleyball locker rooms?

  27. BroadnPattison08 says:

    Nice Ham, Hamels.

  28. mandersauce says:

    #cantliveiflivingiswithoutcliff is my new favorite hashtag. Thanks Clare.

  29. James Fayleez says:

    “Cole Hamhocks” had me crying.

  30. Maera says:

    Cole Hamels’ ass > JC Romero’s ass

  31. Vincent Hanna says:

    He’s got a GREAT ASS!!

  32. Joe D says:

    I swear they do it on purpose.

  33. JohnMatrix says:

    Is it me or does he have a thong tan line?

  34. Joe D says:

    @JohnMatrix….haha, yeah he does.

  35. boom philly says:

    is that kk sitting in the chair in the back right?

  36. Meat Gazin' says:

    That is a very special ass, though.

  37. jdash says:

    No homo, but that’s one hell of an ass. Who am I kidding? YES homo.

  38. Rachel says:

    Yeah, Cliff Lee ass shot needed, STAT. Let’s go, DJ Meech.


  39. Franny Murt says:

    Video removed – booooooo.

  40. rhymeface says:

    It’s a fair point – why was he getting down to his nuds.

    I suspect he wasn’t having a shower but maybe that would indicate he pitches commando.

  41. NQADutch says:

    He obviously can’t even afford a bathrobe.
    Great Ass!

  42. Cole Handsome says:

    Rule of thumb–tape your cheeks together for errant locker room video

  43. Muscles says:


  44. DP says:

    There should be a NSFW tag on this. Also, I think everyone on this thread is being survailed by the porno cops. I ‘m dusting my hard drive and browsing history just in case.

  45. Shamels Raul (formerly Wertiz) says:

    I feel like Cole’s hotness points have dropped for me…you know…now that half of the mystery is gone. Hope there’s never a shot of his penis (cue the “if there is one” jokes) cause that will really kill it for me. Nice ass though.

  46. INeedABeer says:

    2 thoughts:

    is he wearing one shoe/sock?

    The guy in red in the upper left hand corner seems to be making as thorough an analysis of the scene as the rest of us

  47. Shamels Raul (formerly Wertiz) says:

    @46- I hope its not a flip flop AND a sock. That would make him a shoebie. Totally gay.

  48. Sarge says:

    I heard Jaime Moyer has big balls

  49. Shamels Raul (formerly Wertiz) says:

    Really cause I heard they were saggy and shriveled, Sarge. But I guess you would probably know this better than I!

  50. Al says:

    Looks like the guy in the red long sleeve phils shirt (top left) is leaning around to sneak a peek at coal hammels rump, yes?

  51. will.H says:

    now touch your toes

  52. Michele says:

    I think Cole has a better butt then J.C. romero

  53. Pitcher Lovin' Lady says:

    1. I am still waiting for a picture of Doc’s ass.
    2. I would also like a picture of Lee’s ass.
    3. When asked what the best part of being married to Chase Utley was, Jennifer Utley replied “He’s got a nice ass.” (Philadelphia Magazine April 2010; p. 135) Gave me a great laugh, that did! So…
    3a. How about a picture of Chase’s ass, too?
    4. Is it wrong that the picture of Cole’s ass has been the highlight of my day?

    I didn’t think so either! ;-)

  54. Joel Lampry says:

    Who knew that gorgeous ass was inside that baggy uniform. Damn, Cole! Not just a pretty FACE. (Not to mention a great ballplayer. Can even hit a home run!) HOT HOT HOT!!

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