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Video of Cliff Lee’s first career home run
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After the jump, a Chooch’s reaction .gif via of Gifulmination

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27 Responses to “Video of Cliff Lee’s first career home run”

  1. ChickPhilA says:

    Chooch is so happy.

  2. Lynniemac says:

    This home run was my one and only moment of baseball premonition. If it’s my last, I’m okay with that. CLIFF. LEE.

  3. The Killer Zs says:

    I didn’t think it was possible I could love Clifton or Chooch more than I already do. Then this happened.

  4. Franny Murt says:

    Can we have a Chooch dance party please?

  5. My lip-reading and Spanish are a little rusty but I’m pretty sure he’s saying something about crushing a revolution.

  6. Jair Jurrjens says:

    Nooooooooooo! Nooooooooo! wow

  7. Meat says:

    “I so happy!” That fist pump is begging for ice cream.

  8. Danyiel says:

    Hahaha, that’s great. We had it on mute because my Mom (71 years old, hardcore Phils fan) was getting pissed off because the FOX guys were slobbering all over Jair Jurrgens’ cock during that interview, so I didn’t hear his reaction when it happened in real-time. Both of us went nuts when we watched that ball land in the stands. Cliff Lee, I love you!

  9. Johnny Don says:

    somebody throw some damn ice cream in chooch’s hand

  10. Tiffany says:

    WTG Cliff. I love Chooch’s reaction too.

  11. Shamels Raul (formerly S.R. Wertiz) says:

    Chooch cares too much about his pitchers. He needs to get a little more selfish.

  12. FanSince09 says:

    Should of kept him last year instead of getting Holiday!

    • Shamels Raul (formerly S.R. Wertiz) says:

      Agreed FanSince09. Should have kept J.A. Happ all along though.

  13. Griswold says:

    Someone please edit the Chooch .gif to have him holding ice cream. Thanks

  14. Oh my God, that was pretty. I love Cliff. Like…more than I would ever love any other guy. It’s really bad. I hope my boyfriend doesn’t see this.

  15. Talking Chop says:

    Hah Tim Hudson can pretty much hit a home run whenever he wants! He just spends most of his time working on his pitches like real Cy Young Winners do!

  16. rhymeface says:

    Fuck that loss. It was worth it for that. Epic shit, I tell thee.

  17. Schrammykins says:

    This home run caused millions of females to lose their pants.

  18. maria says:

    ZOMG, my favorite part of that video is his “I do this all the time” home run trot. My second favorite part is that Jair Jurrjens helped call it.

  19. Slappy White says:

    reward cooch with the ice creamz, plz. thx.

  20. Betsy Young says:

    Using my superior lip-reading skills I’m pretty sure Chooch said “Bonzai!” haha

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