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(Pic via Philly’s own, Bryan A. Graham)



  1. Trick says:

    fuck sports illustrated

  2. SchmidtUltra says:

    Possibly the tallest he’s ever looked.

  3. bigmyc says:

    This is very nice. I’d say it’s long overdue but….he is Chooch, after all. It’s not like SI can feature every valuable, non super star cog.

    Good for Carlo.

  4. BroadnPattison08 says:

    Why the hell is the photo taken in St. Louis??

  5. Mike P says:

    Chooch is on his 3rd SI cover? In the same week that Jeter hits his 3000th? Give that man an ice cream cone!

  6. Darrin Fletcher says:

    Aww Yeah!

  7. Joe D says:


  8. “I yam de ICE RECEEBER!” – Carlos Ruiz

  9. D. Whitmore says:


  10. CannedHeat says:

    One of the most underrated dudes on the team. Glad to see he’s getting recognized.

  11. al says:

    So Zolecki reported that Chooch was there early on Sunday to get pictures for the SI cover, but the image appears to be shot at Busch Stadium? I call fraud..

    • Chris M says:

      Most likely the shots Zolecki was talking about will appear in the inside of the magazine on the first page of the article.

    • al says:

      @Chris – he stated ‘regional cover’, which i believe is the outside of a magazine, no?

    • Adamr14 says:

      Yes, but it’s not like the whole story won’t be in every issue regardless of what cover they get

  12. mpomy says:

    What, exactly, is a “regional cover”?

  13. D. Whitmore says:

    What, exactly, is a hamburger?

  14. yes sir says:

    @15 yes, dear god yes

  15. phillieschick says:

    Awesome but no pic in a HOME uniform. Bullshit!

  16. Andrew says:

    Please no SI jinx, please no SI jinx, please no SI jinx!!

  17. Danyiel says:

    This pic was taken on our last road trip to St. Louis. Someone took pictures of the Phillies against that crazy red sky they had going on out there one night:

  18. bill says:

    I could catch these guys. They throw wiffle balls – NO MATTER WHO IS CATCHING (See 12 years of Roy Halladay without him and the last 3 years of Cliff Lee without him). This love fest with a 230 hitter is sickening to me. All of the fraud fans are in love with this guy. He is average at best!

    • Greg Legg says:

      Haters gonna hate.

    • dUb-iLL says:

      Choochies Gonna Chooch.

    • Bob Boone says:

      So how did you feel about my career asshat? See you in Cooperstown, You’ll have the ticket I’ll have the bust.
      Chooch is perfect for this team

    • ESPNLauren says:

      Don’t be jealous that Choochy is more adorable than you and hot Phillies fan girls love him. The reason that girl in RF wouldn’t give you her number? She was distracted when Choochy hit a walk off RBI

    • bill says:

      Just being honest. We love guys like Chooch in this town for some weird reason but a guy like Hamels (who is 1 million times more valuable than a dime a dozen catcher) gets booed because of one bad start. Chooch is an average catcher at best. Put Yadier Molina, Brian McCann, Alex Avila, even AJ Pyrzinski on this team instead of Chooch and the Phillies are a better team. He isn’t even in the top 20 for catchers in any offensive stat this year. I am a Philly fan (4 for 4 guy) but I hate the new wave (last 5 year type fans) who just don’t get it. Raul Ibanez gets killed in this town and he has better offensive statistics then Chooch. And stop with the calls a good game crap. These guys throw wiffle balls (every type of pitch) so the catcher makes a minor difference. Halladay has had 8 starts with Schneider since joining the Phillies. He is 6-1 (1 ND) with a 1.35 ERA. He really misses Chooch’s game calling ability. Morons!

    • AJ Pyrzinski says:

      I wouldn’t play for any team that would have a douchwad like you for a fan Bill.

    • Mike P says:

      He’s a very good defensive catcher, and he calls a great game. Doc, Lee, Oswalt, Lidge, etc., have pitched to dozens of catchers, and I don’t think they’re so complimentary of Chooch’s game-calling skills for the hell of it.

    • I know the first place I look for offensive output is the Cacher position.

  19. soundofphilly says:

    fuck Jeter

  20. themadman0307 says:

    fuck bill

  21. Impeach Chris Wheeler says:

    It’s also SI’s annual ice cream issue.

  22. James Fayleez says:


    that is all.

  23. FanSince09 says:

    “I don yike cach cool hammels, he ba peecher an haf de gyay voyce shoo af keept yay happ” – Chooch

  24. bill says:

    ESPNLauren – I guarantee you didn’t watch a game before 2005. You are the type of fan that I hate.

    • bill says:

      And ESPNLauren I thought you were a man – I was asking for your number to see if you wanted to play on my 7 on 7 football squad… Guess not. There is always a spot for ya butch!

    • ESPNLauren says:

      Oh I do love when the lesbian jokes come out…now it’s a party.

  25. ESPNLauren says:

    In 2005 I was 12 and already watching Phillies games, so don’t make any assumptions. This is the wrong place to bitch about Chooch because we <3 our Panamanian, and his Spanglish and his unassuming demeanor. He was the best clutch hitter in the line up during last year's playoffs during all of our offensive struggles. And he's just plain cute!

    • bill says:

      Yeah he was the most clutch .192 2 RBI hitter I have ever seen last year in the playoffs… Get your facts straight and then come talk to me…. He has had 1 year over .260 in his career. He is average at best. Let’s start loving irreplaceable guys like Hamels, Howard, Halladay, Utley, even Victorino. We can respect Chooch as a dime a dozen(er) but please stop over reacting to him. If any other player batted .192 with 2 RBI’s in the playoffs last year we would have been killing him as a fanbase, but for some strange reason this guys is called clutch with those numbers. Sickening!

    • bill says:

      Lauren, you probably are a little hottie and I respect that – I apologize for being a dick but I just hate the love fest with this guy. Our fanbase kills the wrong guys and loves the average players. It’s weird.

    • Greenman! says:

      Bill kicks babies.

    • ESPNLauren says:

      Ok let’s do stats, Choochy led the league in OBP for a good amount of time last year. When we won the World Series? he hit .261 which was ABOVE HIS AVERAGE with 3 doubles. We love him because he comes up big in memorable moments!

    • JB says:

      “If any other player batted .192 with 2 RBI’s in the playoffs last year we would have been killing him as a fanbase”

      Everyone seemed OK with Chase Utley hitting .182 with 1 RBI in the NLCS.

  26. WFC 2008 says:

    Not to forget if it weren’t for Hamels great postseason Chooch could have easily been given a postseason MVP award.

  27. PhloridaPhilsPhan says:

    So how do I get one of these gorgeous Panamanian cover shots down here? Who wants to send me one?

  28. denative03 says:

    Um…my sports lllustrated has Derek Jeter on the cover? I think Newark, DE is a little closer to Philly than to New York. wtf?

  29. MikefromDE says:

    My cover also has Jeter. I live closer to CBP than most of the Phillies. Apparently, Sports Illustrated believes the Philly region ends at the PA state line. Have already emailed SI asking that the correct cover be sent to my home.

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