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Bud Black disrespects Ryan Howard, learns valuable lesson
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Why is Ryan Howard staring into the San Diego Padres dugout like they just intentionally walked a guy with 2 RBI on the season to face him with the game on the line? Because they had just intentionally walked a guy with 2 RBI on the season to face him with the game on the line.

Genius manager Bud Black chose to bring in something named Cory Luebke to face Ryan Howard with runners at the corners and 2 out instead of using Chad Qualls against Jimmy Rollins with a runner on 3rd.

Not like you didn’t know already, but if you’d like to find out what happened, click through.


The big fella SMASHED a two-run double to the base of the wall in left field and the Phillies won, 4-2.

Oh, and shout out to Danys Baez and Kyle Kendrick for throwing 1-2-3 innings in the 8th and 10th innings, respectively, and keeping the Phillies in the game. Happy Easter, too.

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33 Responses to “Bud Black disrespects Ryan Howard, learns valuable lesson”

  1. Ryan Howard says:

    Just get me to the plate, boys.

  2. AJM says:

    To be fair:

    Jimmy Rollins was hitting .500 lifetime off of Chad Qualls… and Qualls has sucked this year.

    And it should also be pointed out that your $23 million dollar first baseman had struck out 27 times during the series up to that point.

    Also Ludwick should have caught the ball.

    Having said all that, I probably would have wrote the exact same thing you did. Enjoy watching Halladay throw his no-hitter today (Sorry. No perfect game. The Padres are good at walking.)

  3. dannymits says:

    i know what i’ll be doing at the dinner table today.

  4. The Howling Fantods says:

    I don’t think the 2 RBIs are an indication of anything other than the fact nobody is on base in front of J-Roll this year. Plus he already has 12 runs of his own, so it’s not his fault nobody is giving him RBI opportunities.

    That being said, I hate intentional walks and was elated when Big Piece made them pay.

  5. mbrowntown says:

    @The Howling Fantods

    No one is on base in front of J-Roll? Vic and Polly are hitting .295 and .367 with 14 and 12 runs, respectively. Vic’s OBP isn’t great for a leadoff guy, but you can’t say the 2 of them aren’t on base in front of him. How else would THE BEAST have 19 RBIs hitting only one spot behind him? He hasn’t hit 17 HRs…

  6. says:

    Besides the fact that Ryan Ludwick is a *horrible* defensive left fielder, that ball Howard was tailing so quickly that it’s hard for even a good OFer to accurately judge that shit. And it would have been a HR at CBP.

    And I know all about RBI not being a good indicator of a hitter, but I was trying to make a point and didn’t wanna get too wordy.

  7. Kyle Kendrick says:

    Hey guys, don’t forget I did a great job last night. Maybe you could reconsider me for a starter position?

  8. Bud Black says:

    would you guys please stop making fun of me???? I made a mistake, OK?!?!?!?!? Everybody makes mistakes!!!!!!!!


  9. Danger Guerrero says:

    When reached for comment after the game, Bud Black responded to critics by stating, “Sorry, guys. I was like 90% I was a country singer. I mean, “Bud Black?” Come on. So yeah, this baseball thing really caught me off guard tonight.”

  10. Jim says:

    Hey Kyle I think there is a starting position open on the Hiroshima Tokyo Carp. We could trade you for a plate of sushi and a box of Hentai. Seems more than fair to me.

  11. bigmyc says:

    You be fair for posterity’s sake, when Howard made that comment about getting him to the plate, he meant the post game spread in the locker room. See, he was pretty hungry and he was hoping that either Jimmy, Chase or Polanco would end that game so he could go hit the grub.

    Well, it worked out for him anyhow….and that post game dinner had absolutely no chance.

    Just so you know.

  12. bigmyc says:

    By the way, Meecher, if Rollins was only a left handed batter, there would have been no walk issued intentionally. He did fuck up, but we don’t know if Howard has ever faced Luebke and what his record vs. him might be. Hindsight is always gonna be 20/20. Anyone can be a keyboard GM when the game is over and in the books.

    As far as the RBI thing as it relates to a hitter’s acumen; I feel that if a hitter can drive in runs, then he’s a good hitter. If he doesn’t, he’s probably either a poor hitter or he bats in front and behind other poor hitters. Bottom line, an RBI is an RBI is an RBI and baseball is a game where the RBI is king.

    I mean, who could argue? Allow me to amend that; what sort of rationally thinking person could argue?

  13. scottiek23 says:

    bigmyc… statistics were known at the time of the at-bat. They favored luebke. Qualls however… sucks, that was also well known at the time. Rollins vs. Qualls, probably still in Qualls favor just because Rollins isn’t producing at this point in the season.

  14. 85 says:

    It doesn’t matter what the fucking statistics say: under no circumstances should Jimmy Rollins ever be walked to face Ryan Howard with the game on the line.

  15. says:

    THANK you, 85. That’s all I was trying to say.

  16. Its Still Early says:

    Let’s not get too excited. Its only April.

  17. says:

    And whatever statistic says walking Jimmy to get to Ryan was a good move surely didn’t have that menacing Ryan Howard stare looking back at it.

  18. 85 says:

    Put it this way: When you attempt defend what Bud Black did last night, you make Joe Morgan appear that much more reasonable. I’m 99% positive that kind of curse attaches to your current and future children.

  19. Shamels Raul (formerly Wertiz) says:

    Glad I accidentally fell asleep before the end of the game. Failedness. I was trashing Howard all game too.

  20. @shawnjames says:

    kendrick has been pitching well as of late

  21. philtrum says:

    i think it’s funny how on they had a ‘no-hitter alert’ for the johnson-jiminez matchup. meanwhile roy halladay will be pitching against the san diego padres this afternoon…

  22. bigmyc says:

    85, you obviously fall into the “Next day GM”category if you are so convinced of that move being a poor one.

    It’s only so obvious once it’s in the books. Now, you may have been beside yourself and your Joe Morgan faced dart board when Black decided upon that course, but what would you have done if Howard took a third strike on the outside corner as he famously did in the Phillies’ last game of 2010?

    Oh, and Meech, he did that with the “game on the line.”

    As for me, it has little to do with Howard’s “clutchosity.” He may or may not be so…no, I’d have pitched to Roll…cause the guy just ain’t hitting.

  23. says:

    I don’t really get what you’re arguing, bigmyc. Know what else he did with the “game on the line”? Hit that double off Huston Street in game 4 of the NLDS in ’09.

    I’m winning this meaningless argument 2-1!

  24. Jeffrey Ross says:

    Yeah, and he also is the guy who, during that first Braves game, absolutely ruined their comeback bid when, with the bases crammed with Fightins, he proceeded to check swing into a double play.

    2-2. All tied up. Just like that.

    I’m just saying that Howard isn’t the most fearsome guy to pitch to in a “game on the line situation.”
    He is a power hitter and thus, a swing and miss guy. He’s not Paul Molitor.

    I gotta lotta mo in this here meaningless argument.

  25. Ooops, I'm bigmyc says:

    *please see above comment*

  26. Defenestrate Wheels says:

    I was screaming at the TV as well. JRoll most likely would have popped up. Howard may have struck out. Some how neither did and we remain awesome. Glad Howard made em pay.

  27. bigmyc says:

    15-6 and those hurlers are just getting started.

    “I’m just gettin’ warmed up!” – Lt. Col. Frank Slade

  28. Phylan says:

    Jimmy Rollins was hitting .500 lifetime off of Chad Qualls

    I just wanted to note that this was in a staggering 7 plate appearances.


  29. jdash says:

    Small sample size, but Phylan is batting 1.000 at making you bitches look stoopid

  30. bigmyc says:

    And who else would understand most about “small sample sizes” than dashdoggie himself.

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