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Blue Jays fans litter the Rogers Centre outfield with trash
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The Fightins reader Allen Stevens was in the outfield seats in Toronto this afternoon to watch Roy Halladay’s triumphant return to the Rogers Centre. Besides watching a nice win, Allen got to witness some heckling of Phillies bullpen players (particularly Danys Baez), a fan running onto the field, and trash getting tossed into the outfield. I’m actually on vacation right now, but I thought the pictures he sent along were good enough to learn how to tether my iPhone (I think that’s what it’s called) in order to post these. So head after the jump for the pics…

The shithead that ran onto the field:

The pictures of the trash in the outfield:



And finally a pic of the bullpen reacting to getting harassed, and the harassers getting ejected:



25 Responses to “Blue Jays fans litter the Rogers Centre outfield with trash”

  1. MarkM625 says:

    Thanks to the source for these pics.

    Real classy effort by the fans.


    dont tase me bro

  3. Louie says:

    So this will probably be blamed on the Phillies fans that were there

  4. Bret says:

    As a Torontonian, I’d like to apologize for those morons. We don’t get big crowds often, but it seems like when we do, that’s when the idiots come out, and not the people that are really there to enjoy a baseball game.

    Also, keep up the good work! And be nice to Roy.

  5. philllyfanatic says:

    Glad I could make a contribution to the site here! Can’t wait to see Clff dominate tomorrow.

  6. Schrammykins says:

    And Philly fans are bad.

  7. Fingering says:

    Baez & Herndon deserved it

  8. Big suprise that this happened in Philadelphia, this sort of thing is going on there all the time with them and their classless fans….wait…what? This was Toronto…nothing to see here people, move along.

  9. Colleen Wolfe's Newly Bleached Asshole says:

    Toronto fans are assholes! Dirty unbleached assholes!

  10. drs. faggot says:

    lol and i thought i was a cum guzzling faggot

    gonzo sucks cock

  11. Jayson Werth says:

    Figures. This is why I play in Washington where this will never happen because the 30 people in the park are all loyal, respectable fans.

  12. Johnny Don says:


  13. FanSince09 says:

    I cant believe Phillies fans would go so low as impersonating Blue Jays fans to heckle their own team!

  14. Beef says:

    Canadians are the leech on society’s ass. Rather, Colleen Wolfe’s newly bleached asshole.

  15. Cliff says:

    Quit crying. Every time bad behavior is brought up you cry about your reputation more than anyone else mentions it. I am fairly certain you guys bring it up more than anyone else.

    Anyone who follows AL baseball, or has been to a game in Toronto is well aware of the horrible and misbehaved fans there.

    • Dubee Dubee Du says:

      Cliff do you suppose it’s because your trolling a Phillies blog that you found Phillies fans complaining of their unfair reputation? Perhaps you would find the same thing posted on a Dodgers blog, or a Cannuks blog.

  16. Ian says:

    As a Blue Jays fan, I’d just like to say that this doesn’t happen very often. The trash started being thrown onto the field after Jon Rauch and John Farrell got tossed.

    Initially, I thought it was because Rauch was arguing that Utley was out at the plate, but it was actually because Rauch and company didn’t agree with the strike zone being called that game.

    I think if that situation happened at any other ballpark where there were 44,000 fans in attendance, stuff would be thrown on the field as well. Leave it up to a couple of bad apples to spoil the whole bunch.

    This is why we don’t have nice things!

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