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Armen Gilliam spotted at the Phils game two days before his death
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I can spot that haircut from a mile away. RIP Hammer.

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33 Responses to “Armen Gilliam spotted at the Phils game two days before his death”

  1. Morandini's Triple Play says:

    Too bad he didn’t get to a doctor sooner. He was looking a little green.

  2. Dutch Daulton's Tan says:

    hahahahahahhaahah best post of 2011

  3. Scotch Man says:

    Should of taken better care of himself

  4. rex1 says:


  5. toneloc says:

    2 soon?

  6. DanB says:

    fuck you gumby

  7. PHLinPDX says:

    WTF, i thought i was gumby!
    this means war.

  8. Andrew says:

    Yes, def. too soon.

  9. MrsPhanatic says:

    I had an affair with Arnold Schwarzanagger and this is our love child

  10. Angry White Man says:

    Part of me is laughing, and the other is appalled. Just another day at the Fightins.

  11. FirstTimer says:

    I’m Gumby Dammit.

  12. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Please if there is any sense of decency left in this hellbound world don’t let it invade our Fightins.
    RIP Armand.
    And if you need anything Pokey call me.

  13. The Burrell Shuffle says:

    do not get this
    at all
    maybe im too young

    • kim batiste says:

      See, it’s funny because a 47 year old man died suddenly. Normally, that would be sad, but he wasn’t a good scorer and he had a bad haircut, so fuck him, right?

    • The Burrell Shuffle says:

      that helps and i can see that being funny

  14. will.H says:

    would the guy who died at the Rangers game be flattop

  15. Alicia Lane says:

    Big series with the Bravos. Where’s the game thread so we can start posting important nonsense while wasting time at work waiting for 5PM to roll around? Come on Fightins! You’re better than this. I’ll give you another hour but if no game thread, I’m threatening to do work this afternoon and boycott the site. Get ‘er done.

    • Greenman! says:

      didn’t you punch a cop or something?

    • Morandini's Triple Play says:

      Nice try, Alicia. I just checked your email and you haven’t done squat today.

    • Alicia Lane says:

      Still no game thread?! Too bad. Guess I’ll just e-mail some of my recent bikini shots to Rich Eisen, T-Mac, and Wheels while I’m watching the game naked. (Yes, they’re real and they’re spectacular! T-Mac’s of course.)

  16. JohnMatrix says:

    when did pricipal skinner die?

  17. Placido Polanco says:

    I just got diagnosed with a bulging disk – headed to DL. You heard it here first.

  18. FirstTimer says:

    i think i heard “El próximo domingo será el Día del Padre”

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