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Someone’s jealous of Dom Brown…
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Chill out, Zach Stewart. Domonic Brown likes to mash the ball, and he likes to look good doing it. The Jays’ farmhand to give up his latest jack this past Sunday, however, doesn’t appreciate his swag. Zach Stewart of the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (lifelong WTF) looked on as Dom Brown watched his third homer of the year zip down the right field line, and he took it personally. As Domonator rounded third, Stewart “said a lot of unprintable things” to him. The R-Phils ended up losing that game, 16-5. The scene amounted to nothing more than a chance for Bob Elliot to write an article that ends up being a demonstration of past and present Phillies’ organization members’ complete domination of Zach Stewart (who lost his top Blue Jays’ prospect ranking to Kyle Drabek this past December). [Texan is big on respect, Toronto Sun]

5 Responses to “Someone’s jealous of Dom Brown…”

  1. Watrick says:

    I have a student named Dominic Brown. When I found out his last name, he became the favorite in the student position in each class of my students.

  2. GTO says:

    ohhh Stewart…you should be honored to be pwnd by such an up-and-comer.

  3. Walklett says:

    He’s racist, plain and simple.

  4. Jay Ballz says:

    I interviewed Stewart last week. He was a big part of that Scott Rolen trade for Toronto. He seemed decent, but Stewart worshipped Nolan Ryan growing up and we all know Nolan hates the coloreds.

  5. Coop says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t Brown 0-3 with 2 strikeouts the last time he faced Stewart? I know Stewart personally – he’s NOT a racist. I’ll bet when he struck Brown out twice, he did nothing to disrespect Brown and he expects the same in return…. no matter what color you are!
    Brown needs to learn if you’re gonna play smart-ass you gotta be able to take smart-ass.

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