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Chase, Jimmy, and Roy Get Personal at the Utley Charity Event
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This video was just posted by’s Dan Gross, taped at the 3rd annual Utley’s All-Star Animals Casino night on Thursday. It stars Dan, and three Phillies starters; Chase Utley and wife Jen, Jimmy Rollins and wife Johari, and Roy Halladay, who was left without a date as punishment for his earthshakingly horrible last start. Jimmy’s charming, and Roy is God-like, but the best part is by far the last 40 seconds, with a clearly drunk Chase Utley trying to compliment Jen, and ending up complimenting his ass. Close second: Jimmy Rollins: “You know…I’m tryna get lucky tonight!” 

(Thanks, Philly Gossip!)


53 Responses to “Chase, Jimmy, and Roy Get Personal at the Utley Charity Event”

  1. Amandah says:

    I’d never fuck Dan Gross… (maybe in his ass with a fungo though).



  2. Section118 says:

    that was a terrible move by chase. jen, you can do much better. please call

  3. ThinkRed says:

    That’s 24 karat gold. Dan Gross’ dorkiness brings it to another level too. “Severaly Diamond Encrusted”? Sure, Dan.

  4. Cole Handsome says:

    Come on, Chase. Compliment her eyes. Do you know nothing?

  5. Cola Classic says:


  6. Tinkerbell Mandy says:

    Chase makes me laugh, he was so drunk! although the highlight of the video was Jayson Werth’s glorious beard, its amazing!

  7. JD Sherman says:

    Utley’s wife looks a little like Angelina Jolie. Nice.

  8. Muscles says:

    madson kicked a wall after his last blown save and broke his toe… on DL

  9. GTO says:

    “I’m trying to get lucky tonight.”


    It’s true, The Phillies really do slay some wonk tits.

  10. John K says:

    okay..after laughing over it three times, my conclusion is that he was confused about what the question was

  11. Jdashdog says:

    Why didn’t they invite Mike Vick?

  12. J-D says:

    His ass is nice.
    /no homo

  13. shipsass says:

    @muscles – is that wall-kicking true, or just your guess?

  14. Muscles says:

    truth… according to me.

    Phillies did say it happened AFTER the game, not during.

  15. maria says:

    Chase does have a nice ass.

  16. bigmyc says:

    After Jen Utley put the heat on Chase, instead of that awkward second stumble, he shoulda just went with, “World. Champions…..”

  17. D. Whitmore says:

    madson is a moron. the right big toe is the one that drags while pitching. my prediction is that he is 15day dl’d twice in a row

  18. bigmyc says:

    Yeah, it’s a real shame about Madson.

    Sources say that he was trying to kick the Gatorade cooler but his location was off and he hit the wall instead.

  19. Muscles says:

    Zolecki just tweeted that Madson kicked a chair and thus broke his toe.

  20. DAVID WRIGHT says:

    This has to be about the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. First of all, where the hell did the fine city of Philthadelphia find this reporter???? This guy is a complete goof. I guess that’s why he’s a “columnist” and not a TV reporter. He needs to remain a desk jockey.

    It’s nice to see that Chase and Jimmy care about animals…in fact, it looks like Utley & Rollins both rescued dogs by marrying one. Those women are beastly. Mrs. Utley looks like Octomom.

    Hey Philthies fans….I’m going to put a Mets hat on each of your stupid statutes tonight. Citizens Bank Park is going to look like Queens, NY. I’m on a bus with 46 other New Yorkers. We invade in about 45 minutes.

  21. will.H says:

    46 vs. 45,000

    have fun, fake fan

  22. Matt says:

    Gayvid Wright, nice of you to show up.

  23. will.H says:

    hey maybe the mets should start running buses to their own stadium and shit.. considering its always empty. Why?

  24. maria says:

    Also, Dan Gross can ask Roy Halladay anything, and that’s his question?

  25. DAVID WRIGHT says:

    Well, personally, I’d rather come to Philthadelphia to watch a baseball game. In fact, I try to make it down here every couple of months. You see, I have 4 smoke alarms in my house, and each requires a single 9 volt battery. I figure I can catch at least 4 batteries at a Phillies game.

  26. DAVID WRIGHT says:

    Mike Schmidt will be wearing orange and blue tonight….promise. His statue will be wrapped in a Mets flag this evening.

  27. D. Whitmore says:

    It’s the most hectic, nerve-racking city. Imagine having to take the 7 Train to the ballpark looking like you’re riding through Beirut next to some kid with purple hair, next to some queer with AIDS, right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time, right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids. It’s depressing… The biggest thing I don’t like about New York are the foreigners. You can walk an entire block in Times Square and not hear anybody speaking English. Asians and Koreans and Vietnamese and Indians and Russians and Spanish people and everything up there. How the hell did they get in this country?

  28. DAVID WRIGHT says:

    Oh snap! Just got off the Jersey Turnpike! Just a few more miles to Philthadelphia!

  29. DAVID WRIGHT says:

    D. Whitmore;

    Is your real name John Rocker? Just curious….

  30. KP says:

    That bus trip must be a lot of fun. Seeing as how you are spending your time on the bus on another team’s message board.

  31. J-D says:

    Is it hard to type with 46 cocks in your mouth?

  32. gp says:

    chase really does love his ass… my gf met him and some friends in vegas a few years back and he was having a competition with all of the girls as to who had the best ass. he decided that he and her tied for best ass…

  33. PHLPVD says:

    that’s alright, Mike Schmidt loves playing dress-up. I suggest you sit down with him and have a tea party so you can spare yourself watching that mighty half-game lead slip away. if Queens looks like CBP is going to look tonight it speaks volumes about how many Mets fans must have jumped ship after last season. glad to see everyone came over to the light side.

    and I always thought David Wright seemed like a really nice guy. turns out he’s a total douche on the internet.

  34. Watrick says:

    I’m assuming this David Wright guy boos John Rocker for what he heard he said. Maybe it’s not just an assumption, after that one comment…

  35. DAVID WRIGHT says:

    Bus is pulling into the lot at the ballpark now. Where the hell is everyone? Nobody here….looks like a damn ghost town down here, except for some retard who must think it’s football season. He’s got an Eagles camper set up in the parking lot. Do you schmucks still chant E-A-G-L-E-S at Phillies games? That’s the funniest shit ever.

    Two chicks wearing Flyers jerseys…an Eagles camper….dude selling stale pretzels on the corner and about 16 cops standing around. I guess they need the extra security so you f’ing retards don’t kill each other like you did last season.

    Where’s that Mike Schmidt statue?

  36. GregMikeS says:

    David Wright takes the bus?

  37. GregMikeS says:

    Also, +1 to bigmyc at #20!

  38. Suz says:


    I think it’s the short bus.

  39. PHLPVD says:

    Attendance at last Mets home game: 29,724 (70.8% full)
    Attendance at last Phillies home game: 45,405 (104% full)


  40. Matt says:

    Yeah, our fans “kill each other,” and your fans fall of fucking escalators at the old stadium. Then again, if I were a Muts fan, suicide wouldn’t sound that bad…

  41. dan48 says:

    are you coming to the playoff games this year too david?
    I know they dont play those at shea


  42. The First John says:

    thats a funny “ass” video hahah

  43. Sophie says:

    lol @ whoever said Chase did have a nice ass followed by a no homo. Jen Utley looks like Megan Fox/Angie Jolie all in one. Which is weird because I think Megan had surgeries to look specifically like Angie. Mrs. Rollins is pretty, but could be prettier. LOL @ Jimmy’s pause and stare. Coming from a girl, Chase DOES have a nice ass. Love what i thought was an annoyed look he shot his wife, when she told him he wasn’t saying anything-maybe that’s just me being jealous.

  44. Sophie says:

    Thinking about it WTF is up with the reporter even briging that up(Mrs. Utleys ass comment) Yea Chase was obviously drunk, but perhaps thats why he couldnt find a response. The guy may have well said: Hey Chase, i’m a loser reporter and I heard you have a nice ass, can you turn around for me. Suspect!

  45. Sal Fasano's Beard says:

    As much as I love Chase… I think he might be a dick.

  46. Sophie says:


  47. Nikita Sixx says:

    Jimmy and Chase have nice looking wives, they make great couples.

    I hope they don’t go through some Tiger Woods type mid-life crisis and end up screwing half the western world.

  48. brian says:

    hahahaha chase is wasted…funniest part is when Jen says “nothing doesn’t really compliment anything” chase just looks so confused and whispers “nothing?” lol he has no idea that their asking him to compliment something about Jen

  49. joe says:

    I think the important part is when Halladay says his kids arms are catching up to his. Sign them up now & stick them in the rotation!

  50. Ed says:

    Attn: David Wright

    Let’s face it when you think about it the Met’s are QUEENS!

  51. Ed says:

    Hey, I really appreciate beauty and Chase Utley has a Great ASS!

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