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Now you boobs can go celebrate all night, but please be careful.

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  1. Tyson says:

    Hahaha I saw that shot and KNEW it would wind up on here right away.

  2. dougie says:

    Fuck you dmac

  3. Tyson says:

    BravesNLChamps2010… WHERE ARE YOU NOW MOTHERFUCKER!?!?!?!

  4. fan in ashburn alley says:

    If you didn’t want me grabbing boobs on camera, you should’ve told me that in the FIRST PLACE

  5. The Original J. Dubs says:

    I came.

  6. The Original J. Dubs says:


  7. stickaforkin'em says:

    Where are all the trolls now? PhilsSuckMooseballs? BravesNLChamps2010? All alone in their bedrooms stroking off to pics of Bobby Cocks?

  8. Joe says:

    FIRST Place!!! We all just grabbed her titty.

  9. Moose says:

    Scary…we have the most wins in the NL and weve played like asscheeks for more than half the season. This team could be so dangerous

  10. BigMiles says:

    Classic win capped off with a classic screengrab/boobgrab. Oh happy day.

  11. J says:

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. tofoomeister says:

    Two runs on 2-out singles following steals of second base.
    /burns copy of Moneyball

  13. maria says:

    Not being in first place was foreign territory. Good times, right now.

  14. Joe Blanton says:

    Mine are bigger.

  15. BBBBHP says:

    Mine are biggest.

  16. Jesus Hitler Christ says:

    suck my balls Bobby Cox… anyway… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early in this month to be overly pumped… but better in first than second.

  17. tofoomeister says:

    dmac – gigantic props for putting this screenshot up so quickly, but if you’re going to use tags like Celebratory Boob Grabs, at least make it count.

    BTW, thefightins is already my #4 link on google when searching for ‘celebratory boob grabs’ (YMMV) – I expect it might make #1 by morning.

  18. Mike P says:

    Well that explains the goofy use of bullpen. Lidge has a “tender elbow.” Cholly is saying that he should be fine, but he’s not going to pitch for a few days. Shit.

  19. stickaforkin'em says:

    Uncle Cholly: “It’s always good to be in first…it’s the only way to live.” Amen!

    Hopefully the shit is going to come together for a nice post-season run.

  20. Phils Phan says:

    3rd here.

  21. George Castanza says:

    was that wrong? I’ve gotta plead ignornce. I been at many other games and done this very thing and nothing was said You know had I been told…

  22. Dismayed Brother says:

    It would be funnier…if it wasn’t my sister.

  23. Dismayed Brother says:


  24. TonyIsDynamic says:

    Wow, don’t let Steinbrenner Jr. know you’re posting here.

  25. the phillies in first place: tit-grabbingly good.

  26. blackinmind says:

    Some Wheels, right Johnny.LOL

  27. JAL88 says:

    hell yeaa some Wheels

  28. WerthBeard says:

    LOLOL where are all of those Braves fans on here now?

  29. crazy4swayze says:

    ricky bo just said lidge will need to pitch through pain. do you think he will be fired, rob dibble style?

  30. George Castanza says:

    Fuck him he doesnt even know I work for them. I ‘ll be under my desk. Power nap

  31. Phils Phan says:

    It’s “Costanza”. Just sayin’.

  32. blackinmind says:

    @JAL88, johnny right?

  33. BigMiles says:

    I can only imagine how depressed the hundreds of Braves fans will be when they show up at the park for the next homestand.

  34. Swift says:

    @BigMiles, hahahahahahah! Best comment of the night.

  35. andy m says:

    this is why you dont use lidge in 4+ run games; hes pitched in 5 of the last 7 days, and only 2 of them were in games of 2-run leads or less

  36. Big Bertha says:

    My boner is still erect. xoxo 8===D—

  37. Captain Awesome says:


  38. Lafferty Daniel says:

    PHUCK YEA!!!!!!!

  39. Scarface from Half Baked, B! says:

    Oh ssssshhhit yo…..ya titty.

  40. Scarface from Half Baked, B! says:

    That powder blue monster on the far right looks like Joe Blanton had a baby with Slimer.

  41. blackinmind says:

    bros tells me that when shane score, a shot in the crowd show a guy grabbing some girls boobs. Anybody have that? can have that? can it be posted on the Fightins?

  42. blackinmind says:

    Never mind, looking for the videos of it. oh well, good enough.

  43. Phillies2010NLChamps says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! I’ll be in Turner Field at the end of the season taunting the 45 Braves fans in the bleachers with my playoff tickets.


  44. Bobby Cox says:

    Oops I pooped, change me!

  45. will.H says:

    ooooooh ooooh-ooooooohhhhhh, ooooooooh-oooh—-oooooh

    now everyone

  46. Chipper says:

    we’re in 2nd place, and i still have herpes

  47. that guy says:

    perfect photo for the perfect night, now we need a song to cap it off

    (by the way i seen that chick outside of a bar i was at last weekend)

  48. CTM says:

    Bah, give Lidge a couple days off, no big deal. Honestly he’s earned it.

  49. Braves2010NLChamps says:

    Hey be nice! :(

  50. Braves2010NLChumps says:

    He-yuk yuk yuk.

  51. Senor Octubre says:

    I bet had it been a world series he would have motor boated the shit out of those tits

  52. JAL88 says:

    @ blackinmind, yes its me……..

  53. Braves2010NLChampions says:

    .5 isn’t a huge lead. You’re all ridiculous.

  54. Braves2010NLChumps says:

    Ah, yeah, hush that fuss. Braves move yo ass to the back of the bus.

  55. Adamr14 says:

    I grabbed so many boobies tonight in celebration…. fuck the mets

  56. Watched the end of the Braves game says:

    I flipped to the Braves game during a commercial in the bottom of the 8th, and they were in the top of the 9th, down 5-0 and the announcer commented on the Phillies game; “well its not over yet, the Phillies are going to close with Lidge, that would even things up.” Stupid guy didnt know Lidge was tender this morning.

  57. Alex says:

    Not that he needs any, but in the guy’s defense, he was just trying to prevent the “Ill” t-shirt from getting any camera time.

    Kid has potential, but needs some coaching. You can bet next time he’ll use two hands!

  58. Watrick says:

    Um, does everyone realize that this was when Shane scored on Polanco’s single, not when the team won?

  59. Morandini's Triple Play says:

    Dear Braves,

    Thank you for keeping first place warm for us all summer while our injuries healed. That was swell, and you were very kind.

    Now get the fuck out.


  60. Joe Blanton says:

    That guy seriously grabbed a bag, it’s on southwest airlines style

  61. Schmitter22 says:

    KNEW this would be on here today.

  62. Joe D says:

    Pretty sure there is nothing I hate more than those ill shirts.

  63. Cola Classic says:

    I’m going to go ahead and say the same exact thing as the majority here – I saw this, knew it was going to be on, and can now relish in the glory of me being correct/seeing it again. Excellent screen grab.

  64. Man With Hands Down In His Undies says:

    That is one ugly bitch. But I would totally stick my dick in that naughty, naughty mouth.

  65. Joe D says:

    Screen grab….pun intended?

  66. Ill shirt wearing type says:


  67. Watrick says:

    I have an Ill shirt, that I’ve only worn once or twice. But, I bought it on 52nd street, and being a tiny white guy, I think I should get some props for that.

  68. The Killer Zs says:

    Does anyone have a screen shot or vid of Kendrick FILING HIS NAILS for what was an eternity last night? really – ya do that in a MLB dugout?

  69. Joe D says:

    @The Killer Zs….maybe he is trying to be a hand model ala Costanza? Lord knows he’s not a Major League starting pitcher

  70. Watrick says:

    You guys must not watch much baseball. Every team has an emery board in their dugout for pitchers to do that. Every team.

  71. Joe D says:

    Watrick…I have seen many pitchers doing that during the course of a game..I’m just busting little Kyle’s balls.

  72. James Fayleez says:

    5th starter was filing his nails to be sharp enough to cling to the dugout floor when they drag him back to AAA.

  73. The Ghost of Joe Niekro says:

    @The Killer Zs,

    Actually the best place to keep an emery board is in your back pocket while you’re out on the mound if you can get away with it

  74. Watrick says:

    @Joe D, I can tell you’re an intelligent baseball fan-meaning you have baseball fan IQ and all. I’m just referring to the multiple people who posted about that. It was meant in general. That’s why I was annoyed, based on some sort of equation I’m making up in my head about the number of fans that post here, the number of pitchers in the league, and dugouts in stadiums that this happens-majors and minors. I know it did look a little more gay when he did it, but I think some people are actually amazed that pitchers do that.

  75. Amandah says:

    “Ill” shirts should only be worn by fat red-headed bitches that gobble black dude’s cock. We all know that type of red head girl. Talks wigger-ish, has a half and half baby and carries her cell phone in a pink sparkled cell phone holder.

    Any white male wearing an “Ill” shirt should be shit on by a mule.



  76. Joe D says:

    Fuck yeah, Amandah!

  77. Joe D says:

    I feel you Watrick. I’m sure some people are completely blown away by the nail filing.

  78. what can brown do for you? says:

    Way to be, Amandah, way to be. Those “ill” shirts are definitely one of the worst creations every made to be associated with this city.

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