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Dom Brown’s Brief, Dominating Futures Game Performance
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Keep calm, everybody! Domonic Brown left in the first inning of the Futures Game yesterday with a tight hamstring but it’s nothing serious.

Now we can marvel at what he did while in the game: Get the game-winning RBI despite not even playing a full inning. (C’mon, you guys remember that stat, right? It was even on the backs of baseball cards in the 80s!) Is there anything Dom Brown can’t do?

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41 Responses to “Dom Brown’s Brief, Dominating Futures Game Performance”

  1. Dave Brown says:

    That’s my little brother, Domonic! (Sniff, sniff.)

  2. KILLADELFIA says:

    He was actually pulled intentionally by MLB. They didn’t want him embarrassing the other players.

  3. Arsebag says:

    Dom Brown against the World

  4. rags to riches says:

    many ridiculous puns can come from doms name, im looking forward to him making his presence felt

  5. Yohan Flande says:

    Fuck you all! I get no love around here.

  6. Phil Fan says:

    dominating? He got a infield single.

  7. Johnny Cakes says:

    What happened to this site?!?! It’s just a daily Dom Brown update now…..borinnnnnnngggggg.

  8. Jupiter's Rings says:

    I mean, he *did* match the Phillies’ RBI total yesterday…

  9. KILLADELFIA says:

    When he was taken out, Raul was like “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”.

  10. says:

    Luckily, Johnny Cakes, you have a few different options here. You could either, a.) get used to it, b.) go elsewhere for you daily Phillies-related news, or c.) go fuck yourself.

    Your choice, really.

  11. Carlos Carrasco says:

    lol@ ME

  12. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    When was the last time the Phillies had the # rated prospect in all of baseball? Tearing shit up where ever he goes no less.

    Plenty of reason for Phillies fans to be excited and Phllies blogs to be posting.

    I only hope when they finally do bring him up he has a similar effect that Big Brown had on the team.

    Come to think of it that may be why the team hasn’t brought him up yet. Bring him up to play too soon and it takes his chance for R.O.Y. away. Similarly to how Ryan’s career got started. Only Ryan’s was completely accidental in Thome getting hurt when he did.

    Ok, I rambled on enough. I’ll STFU now.

  13. Jupiter's Rings says:

    @dmac – I believe it’s spelled “domonating.”

  14. Yohan Flande says:

    what the fuck happened to u bro? u were like the next matt cain yo

  15. Pat says:

    @Phil Fan

    Remember that time Raul got an infield single?

  16. Johnny Cakes says:

    Very mature, Meech.

  17. KILLADELFIA says:

    Very non-enthusiasticaboutbaseball’s#1prospect, Johnny.

  18. Jdashdog says:

    So Johnny Cakes, I’m assuming you went with C?

  19. Adam Eaton says:

    Johnny Cakes… you by chance aren’t related to Johnny HOTcakes are you? Because I’ve been waitin’ for that fucker. Give him the message, we miss him.

  20. Greenman! says:

    We also miss DaMustang1Holla

  21. Johnny Cakes says:

    I went with B. A long time ago.

  22. will.H says:

    yeah don’t update us on America’s number one rated baseball prospect. wait nevermind

    Some of the teenagers that come to this site don’t have to convince us they’re raging pussies.

  23. says:

    Johnny, I’ve been on D.Brown’s jock since last year and it’s not everyday where THE NUMBER ONE FUCKING BASEBALL PROSPECT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD is playing in the minors for the Phillies. The Futures Game is kind of a big deal. If you didn’t expect a post on it, I don’t know why you come here in the first place.

    I understand The Fightins isn’t for everybody. I don’t have the privilege of doing this blogging gig full-time, so by all means, if you’re not happy with the content, type ‘boooorrrrinnggg’ (very mature, Johnny) into the comments and be on your way.

    Unlike some blogs, I don’t give a fuck whether you ever come back here or not.

  24. Greenman! says:

    meech I’m surprised no one made an update involving the asshole fans present this weekend.

  25. says:

    Oh, and someone who types “very mature, meech” when all I do is post pictures of fans giving the middle-finger or Charlie Manuel shoving his hands down his pants is missing the point.

    The site wouldn’t exist if I was the least bit mature.

  26. Adam Eaton says:

    Stay immature… forever.


    I’m serious.

  27. will.H says:

    johnny cakes is a very grown up name

  28. Cole Handsome says:

    I’m going to send Meech a nice All-Star break themed gift basket once I get back from my yearly mid-summer vacation to Fire Island. You’re doing a great job. Guys, leave that boy alone.

  29. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    He post pics others would find revolting.

    He loves his commenters to be retarded.

    When people want coffee spewed onto their monitors they read his Fightens.

    He is the most interesting blogger in the Phillies world.

    “I don’t often give a shit but when I do, you can go fuck yourself!”

    Stay immature my friend.

  30. Johnny Cakes says:

    Jesus. You have to calm down dude. It was one stupid comment that I made.

    I must have really touched a nerve.

  31. says:

    You really didn’t.

    I just wanted to let you know that despite how uninteresting you may think Dom Brown posts are, they aren’t stopping anytime soon.

  32. TC says:

    that SS is a future star? took a year to get rid of the ball. of course Dom had it beat easy though.

  33. Greg says:

    Honestly, of the 3 blogs I visit, I can honestly say this is the best one, by far. Granted, I’d offer to write up some Pre-game/post-game entries once in a while, but like Meech said, he does it part-time, and he does a damn good job. If not for this blog, Dom Brown wouldn’t be nearly as exciting to me. Great website, great fun. Don’t change (which it’s apparent you’re not going to).

    @TC: I completely agree, but then again, there’s a reason he isn’t in the majors.

  34. will.H says:

    “Jesus. You have to calm down dude. It was one stupid comment that I made.

    I must have really touched a nerve.”

    stay away from touching Jesus in the nerves

  35. Jupiter's Rings says:

    Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

  36. KILLADELFIA says:

    Dom has exceeded Heyward’s 2009 HR total, 3 away from his RBI total and barring a major slump, will have a higher average, and didn’t play a single game below AA, Heyward did. Suck on that.

  37. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Heyward has riden an opening day homerun and spring training hype further than anyone in the history of the game.

    Maybe a bit of hyperbole there but no more than Heyward’s Allstar season has already seen.

  38. KILLADELFIA says:

    Agreed, Dubee. Hype, Hype, Hype.

  39. NickFromGermantown says:

    The only thing Dom Brown can’t do is play LF because the team is “pot committed” to Raul Ibanez. Not saying they should be, but they seem to think that the first half of 2009 is going to come back at some point no matter what.

  40. Tyler says:

    Nothing wrong with Brown not having to live up to ridiculous “OMG TEH JEEZUS” hype. He can just do his thing and he’ll be fine.

    Video: Look at that smooth stroke, and the graceful gallop…this kid’s something special.

  41. ATCQ says:

    ….Some may, I say, call me Charlie
    The word is the herb and I’m deep like Bob Marley

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