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Breaking: Howard to the DL
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Per everyone on Twitter, Ryan Howard is headed to the DL. That makes six regular position players to land on the disabled list for the Phillies this year; only Jayson Werth and Raul Ibanez have escaped injury. John Mayberry Jr. has been called up to take Howard’s place on the active roster.


10 Responses to “Breaking: Howard to the DL”

  1. Matt Stairs says:

    Mayberry looks shot to hell, even compared to how he did last year.

    Really hard to say what we can expect out of him on a Major League level these days, but anything has to be a better option than Dobbs I suppose…

  2. The Phanatic says:

    Fuck my cock

  3. Phylan says:

    Mayberry in a small-ish 91 AB sample, at least hit lefties pretty well in the minors — .319/.373/.440. Just use him against LHPs.

  4. PhillyPhanInChi says:

    I’m just going to throw it out there that if (when) we do make the playoffs, there is no way in hell that Cholly shouldn’t get the manager of the year. Also, RAJ should get more credit for replacing Cairo, Coste, Bruntlett and Stairs with Valdez, Gload, Schnieder and Ransom. As bad as these guys are playing, it’s really amazing that we’re still right in this thing.

    Keep Fightin’ boys, cause I’m right here cheerin’.

  5. PhillyPhanInChi says:

    Does anyone else have MLB ATBAT? They changed the format again so that you can actually see a bootleg version of the stadium they’re playing in. It just so happens that on AtBat there are about 50k more fans than what are at the game….I laugh….

  6. Greenman! says:

    will John Mayberry Sr. be at his first game?

  7. KruksLeftNut says:

    @ Chiguy

    Cairo would have been nice to have around, actually. Amazingly the Reds are paying him the same 500K they’re paying Votto for MVP stuff.

  8. PhillyPhanInChi says:

    Cairo could really go one way or another as far as I’m concerned. I can’t imagine him doing any better than Castro did.

  9. Stay away from 2nd base!

  10. Jupiter's Rings says:

    i wonder where i could get a philadelphia ironpigs jersey…

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