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Wheels and T-Mac Photoshop Fun Time
Posted by Chris at 9:40 pm ET 41 Comments

So T-Mac and Wheels were talking about Kindle and books and whatever I’m pretty sure you have all tuned them out by now, but during this exchange they offered up the perfect screen shot for everyone to mess with. Take a jump for the original screenshot and do your worst with it. Then send it in to fightinstips[at]gmail[dot]com so we can add it to the post.

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41 Responses to “Wheels and T-Mac Photoshop Fun Time”

  1. youngjames says:

    Pure giddiness for the man bra. So funny

  2. Charlie Sheen says:


  3. NicciG says:

    man bra for T-Mac! def needs one of those!

  4. David Jablow says:

    Tom McCarthy has bigger boobs than Jenny McCarthy.

  5. derp says:

    Why do you consider this funny? Its mean-spirited and cheap.

    • bigmyc says:

      Try as you might…but chances are, derp that you are not gonna get a Fightins’ post solely about you.

      You are going about it the right way but you’ll need more “star power” to get these guys defensive about you.

      Good luck, though.

  6. Oppo-Boppo! says:

    Speaking of man tits and the Barney Rubble look-alike, I just got one of them new HD radio thingies because I can’t take hearing TMac breath or Wheels opinions on lefties or other “Goofy” players.

    I heard 98.1 WOGL is carying Franzkie and LA on their HD-4 station. Only problem is I can’t get it that sheee-at.

    And I get all the other HDs with no problem (i.e. The Fanatic, WYSP, Q102, etc).

    Am I the only douche that can’t get this?

  7. bigmyc says:

    Try as you might…but chances are, derp that you are not gonna get a Fightins’ post solely about you.

    You are going about it the right way but you’ll need more “star power” to get these guys defensive about you.

    Good luck, though.

  8. Fitz says:

    Wheels was absolutely unbearable last night

  9. MCD says:

    “When I was a kid, ‘kindle’ meant firewood!” -Wheels

    • Greg Legg says:

      Indeed, Wheels, but sadly for you, “fag” is unchanged.


  10. Hey speaking of man boobs says:

    I was talking to Juan Samuel last night at dinner about sending runners, and hey, speaking of sending runners Sarge, the Phillies are going to send Victorino here, and he is caught up between first and second, and hey speaking of being caught up between first and second I was making out with my wife last night and she just didn’t want to go all the way, and hey, speaking of going all the way, Sarge, did you ever go all the way?

  11. James Fayleez says:

    #10 – nailed it

    With McCarthy, everything ties into everything.

  12. Impeach Chris Wheeler says:

    What does it mean when the majority of posts on here anymore are about how bad McCarthy and Wheels are? Is it a good thing or bad thing?

  13. Defenestrate Wheels says:

    turned off the game and listened to the new beastie boys album. It ended just as Bastardo killed it. It provided a much needed break from those two buffoons.

  14. will.H says:

    sometimes it’s a trendy thing.. people just march to the beat because they criticizing commentators is fun. Wheels is a bit goofy and tough to listen to.. but i don’t hop on the hate bus. Tmac is a little corny but that’s his job i suppose. The current fan/broadcaster relationship starts and ends with Franske and LA. I want to hear other baseball fans talking about a game.. not two company guys shooting for a national gig.

  15. mc says:

    The problem with Tmac isn’t that he is a bad announcer, it’s just that he needs to concentrate on the effin game more. Did anyone give a shit yesterday about the rooftop bleachers around Wrigley? OK, good for 10 seconds of commentary, “Part of the charm here in Chicago, right Sarge?” and that’s it. But 10 minutes of discussion? I serious started thinking that Tmac must own one of those places.

    The other problem isn’t Tmac’s fault but the Phils. Franske is a seriously good announcer. If the Phils could give Andy Musser 3 innings of TV time when Harry Kalas was the main announcer, how is it that the Phils cannot find a way to give Franske 3 innings of TV?

    • Jupiter's Rings says:

      I’ve been saying this for a while now, but I feel like Franske should stay on the radio. I know when I’m on the road during a game, I’d rather hear him than someone like TMac. Spare the non-watchers!

    • Dubee Dubee Du says:

      It’s because back when Harry started broadcasting tthe Phils they just didn’t have that many televised ballgames. Harry was doing radio and tv. When he did tv he still would do a couple of innings on the radio

  16. will.H says:

    well mc, if Tmac talked about the game and didn’t have any side commentary.. people would give him shit and call him a robot. I’m not kissing his ass.. i just see some fans jump on the wagon when it comes to hating certain figures without any idea why they’re not popular

    • mc says:


      It’s a matter of balance, right? Maybe I’m dating myself here, but it wasn’t uncommon back in the Harry – Whitey days for there to be long pauses with no coversation during a game. Dear air is a cardinal sin in radio, but not on TV. Sometimes there really is nothing to talk about. Shut up once and a while. Or at least ask Sarge a question about something related to baseball…

      Having said all this, I’m not a Tmac hater. Just wish he’d talk less.

    • DP says:

      I hear you on the trendy part as far as bashing Wheels, TMac, and Sarge however if you really try to be objective and listen to them, they are pretty horrible. I’m a pretty laid back guy and there are many times I find myself randomly yelling at anyone one of them with no one else in the room. There’s a difference between being bad and annoying. These clowns are both. I know I’m more old school but these guys need to learn that they don’t have to fill every second of air time. Let the damn game breath a little. I can’t beleive I’m actually going to say this but I don’t think Wheels would be “that bad” if he had a good partner. TMac should be taken off air ASAP. Let him greet fans in the stands or do corny rain delay specials. Sarge shouldn’t get more than 3 or 4 innings and only with a good partner.

    • maria says:

      Don’t put down Sarge. He fucking rocks.

    • Sarge’s innings are my favorite part of the broadcast cuz he’s black, and that shakes things up a bit.

  17. wheels' hairpiece says:

    They both just need to STFU sometimes…Let the sounds of the game speak for themselves, it’s not dead air if you’re not talking, EVERY SINGLE SECOND. At least Sarge pauses…

    • Greg Legg says:

      This is so important, and I’ve said it to Mrs. Legg many times. The game tells the story, and that’s something Harry always realized and respected. 15 seconds of silence, “low and away for ball 1″, and more silence is much better than anything these dopes do. Hell, Franzke gets it on the radio–you hear the silence, the ambiance of a low crowd murmur, etc. But again, these dopes don’t get it.

  18. Jon Kruk says:

    Why do you think I quit after just one season.

  19. JP says:

    Rub it through my pantaloons, man.

  20. James Fayleez says:

    Which word is funnier?


    I’m torn.

  21. James Fayleez says:


    Now we go for the SO.

  22. BroadnPattison08 says:

    where is the repost?! i want to see all the versions! k thanks

  23. Commode says:

    If anyone wants to see the one I did, as I highly doubt it will be allowed on here, shoot me an email at

    it is HIGHLY XXX rated.

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