The Fightins'
Open Game Thread: 9/16 Phillies vs Cardinals
Posted by Chris at 6:05 pm ET 316 Comments

7:05PM on PHL17


PHILLIES: Vance Worley (11-2) 2.92 ERA

CARDINALS: Jaime Garcia (12-7) 3.68 ERA


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316 Responses to “Open Game Thread: 9/16 Phillies vs Cardinals”

  1. Max Power says:

    So glad to see the numbers return.

    • negative nancy says:

      are you really that glad? its just a dancing number

    • I Love It More says:

      Can they start it next year on opening day with #162?

    • Let's Go Eat!! says:

      No, because every team’s magic number to start the season is 163. The magic number formula is noted below. #justsaying

      The magic number is calculated as G + 1 − WA − LB, where:

      - G is the total number of games in the season
      - WA is the number of wins that Team A has in the season
      - LB is the number of losses that Team B has in the season

  2. Oppo Boppo says:

    over under on how many times chris and tmac dont comment on the game and tell some stupid story about clinching the division?

  3. Blacked Out says:

    Anyone got a feed?

    • Al Sharpton says:

      What? What you say? They keepin the black man out? And they’re not feedin the brother either.
      We shall not have this in my America. All men shall be free to see our Fightin Phillies.

  4. Amandah says:

    Cum bath if they clinch. Who’s in?



    • The Original J. Dubs says:

      By “in,” you mean participating or contributing? If it’s the latter, count me in.

    • Amanduh says:

      I’ll spray the champagne….and the poon juice. When I get exicited, it’s like Old Faithful on a case of Balco suplements. At least the Vanimal will already be equipped with proper eye gear.



    • Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

      that’s gross

  5. Drexl Spivey says:

    So, is it white boy day Clarence? er I mean Vance?

  6. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Where exactly is this strike zone?

  7. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Mets up 2-0.

  8. Mets up 2-0


  9. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Jesus, Jimmy. Would a base hit have killed you?

  10. TheOtherJim says:

    Jimmy Pop-Up strikes again!

  11. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Mets up 4-0.


  12. steppy says:

    Poo Holes definitely helped with that bonehead play on the bases.

  13. Richard Bag says:

    What’s the problem with Atlanta losing? Why would you dick holes care about that?

  14. Jimmy says:

    Green lawns…fall is going to be beautiful…..SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

    • steppy says:

      Honest to God, are these two suckholes that jaded that they’re talking about dumb shit like that in a 1-1 ballgame?

  15. steppy says:

    Amandah, can you rub it on your pantaloons?

  16. Jimmy says:

    where does Wheels go when Sarge comes in??

  17. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Worley is battling tonight.

    • Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

      ha, yeah, he’s gonna have to if they continue to not score runs

    • steppy says:

      The word I used was “scuffling.” He didn’t have his best stuff early and he really relies on stuff. He looks like he finding it in the 5th.

  18. tbag says:

    friday night…. if youre not drinking youre wrong

  19. I Would Make Cliff Lee An Omelette says:

    Why does Poo-holes always look like he just finished up a date rape or something?

  20. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Why can’t we hit this guy? Mets up 6-2.

  21. Greg Legg says:

    Should the Braves and Phillies lose tonight, I’d be content. I’m giddily waiting for Talking Chop to go into full meltdown mode.

    • Jimmy says:

      haha yes…AND for selfish reasons, im going to the game tomorrow and wouldnt mind seeing them clinch

    • Greg Legg says:

      And, actually, Talking Chop often has had a problem with teams “laying down” to the Phillies. So the cognitive dissonance of the Cardinals beating the Phils would cause all their heads to explode.

    • Nikita says:

      No in this case they will claim that the Phillies laid down for the Cardinals in order for them to catch up to the Barves.

      Once you get their logic, it’s simple. But then you have to get deprogrammed if you ever want to live in civilized society again.

  22. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Braves have a 4:35 start tomorrow. Phils could conceivably clinch without a pitch being thrown.

  23. Frannie says:

    It would be great if the Phils started hitting and getting runs this inning.

  24. tbag says:

    just wanted to point out….the braves are having some sort of star wars night…. i mean dont get me wrong…star wars is an awesome set of movies….but…it doesnt mix with baseball

  25. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Jesus Christ. This offense is pathetic.

  26. murt says:

    So what’s worse; listening to the Cardinals announcers who totally suck or listening to Franzke and LA make the calls before they happen because MLBTV isn’t in synch with MLB audio?

    • Greg Legg says:

      There was a great clip on MLBtv of LA using this instant hair in a can stuff when he still was pitching. Mitchypoo sprayed it on. It basically was non-toxic spray paint. And he played the game with it.

  27. Frannie says:

    Goddamn I’d rather have Kendrick then Herndon pitching right now. What a putz

  28. Jimmy says:


  29. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  30. Even Charlie got pissed at that second Wild Pitch.

  31. Greg Legg says:


  32. The Original J. Dubs says:

    Herndon needs to go away. Forever.

  33. murt says:

    intentional walks and herndon = neva, neva, neva a good idea.

  34. Greg Legg says:

    Turnin’ it like a whore turns tricks. Get some runs.

  35. wait, how did that end without runs?

  36. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  37. T-Mac's Titties says:

    lolMets 10 – lolBraves 2

  38. Greg Legg says:

    Pujols looked like he was running to the shitter.

  39. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Don’t put Bastardo in. He has the yips!

  40. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  41. Greg Legg says:

    Is it fan interference if a planted flower “accidentally” falls onto Berkman’s face?

  42. Jimmy says:

    or if a “beer” spills all over him

  43. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    God, that was sloppy.

  44. Greg Legg says:

    Uh, I think he’s safe.

  45. T-Mac's Titties says:

    Even Braves fans hate Herndon (from talking chop)

    Why the fuck do the Phillies bring in Herndon

    Jason Heyward homeruns make babies stop crying.. Jason Heyward homeruns also make babies, period.
    by TheMelkHasSpoiled on Sep 16, 2011 8:57 PM EDT reply

  46. Greg Legg says:

    Someone needs to take Bastardo to Vermiel’s farm. See if he can throw a baseball at his barn.

  47. Greg Legg says:

    Knock on wood, but do McCarthy and Wheeler seem quiet tonight? Lots of game noise–which is the way it should be.

  48. bothwillandway says:

    Why the fuck does he keep hanging sliders on a 1-2 count? WHY

  49. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  50. Jimmy says:

    According to T Mac a ball in the dirt JUUUUST missed

  51. murt says:

    Bastardo will be “sneezing” in his glove.

  52. What’s w/ the one douche doing the crying hand motion?

  53. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  54. bothwillandway says:

    So apparently all it takes is a half-decent changeup to lock the Phillies offense down entirely

  55. Greg Legg says:

    Jesus, that’s a Polish name befitting of Chicago.

  56. Greg Legg says:

    There’s not a huge gap in left center. The gap is the same as right center. The entire outfield simply shifted to the right. Wheeler, you ignorant slut.

  57. Greg Legg says:

    Holy fuck, that was eye level.

  58. tbag says:

    i think the cards pitcher just shit his pants

  59. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  60. bothwillandway says:

    Jesus fucking Christ. Dotel threw no less than 3 home run derby pitches there

  61. Greg Legg says:

    See, I can live with this:

    Thanks for nothing, Philly assholes.

    by Ivan the Great on Sep 16, 2011 9:39 PM EDT reply actions

  62. Jimmy says:

    I love how Wheels and T Mac know EXACTLY what they are saying in the Cards dugout

  63. T-Mac's Titties says:

    Really Wheels? I thought Lidge was in there to give up more runs.


  64. Greg Legg says:

    As opposed to being on the road, Wheels, where you try to make a one-run game a two- or three-run game.

  65. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    11-2 Mets.

    JESUS. Now I feel like the Mets are doing this to spite us.

  66. tbag says:

    i think chase just yelled at the ball for coming out of his glove

  67. Greg Legg says:

    Fucking keystone cops. Get on the fucking bag, Lidge.

  68. bothwillandway says:


  69. John says:

    Why didn’t you catch it Mayberry?

  70. Greg Legg says:

    Lovely. Another asshole with a beard.

  71. Jimmy says:

    whats worse than being Brian Wilson? trying to be like Brian Wilson

  72. Greg Legg says:

    Crapuano finally gets the hook.

  73. Greg Legg says:

    God, I just hate how the Phillies lie down when the Braves need them to play up. I mean, classless.

  74. Greg Legg says:

    “What the hell kind of strike was that?”

    I agree, random fan.

    “Is that strike two?”

    Don’t press him.

  75. Greg Legg says:

    Dude, catch the fuck up. The guy is throwing straight balls. You’re major leaguers.

  76. John says:

    Come on big piece!

  77. John says:


  78. Greg Legg says:

    Wow. Like watching a dump truck try to accelerate at a stop light.

  79. Greg Legg says:

    P.S. I’d pinch hit Lee.

  80. Jimmy says:

    Nick Punto is a bitch

  81. When did the Cardinals become such a group of dicks?

  82. John says:

    Come on Chooch!

  83. bothwillandway says:

    Gift first strike to Ruiz

  84. Greg Legg says:

    Ball 1, asshole.

  85. Greg Legg says:


  86. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  87. Frannie says:


  88. Tom McCarthy says:


  89. John says:


  90. tbag says:

    anyone see vic?


  91. ice cream & mermaids for everyone!

    As much as I want to be there to see them clinch, I’ll take it.

  92. Greg Legg says:

    Anyone see Halladay screaming in the dugout? Dude’s fired up. Give him a bat, too.

  93. Carlos Ruiz says:


  94. Jimmy says:

    did chooch just say FUCK YEA???

  95. Mini Mart should have flipped off Molina as he crossed the plate because, for real, fuck that guy.

  96. Greg Legg says:

    Victorino did the only thing he could do in an exciting situation: hold someone’s hand.

  97. Frannie says:

    I love how hype Shane was, and Ben was just like “dude. I saw it”

  98. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Chooch is SO. FUCKING. CLUTCH.

    • Greg Legg says:

      In fairness, that was an out if right field was manned by any kid on the little league team from Lock Haven, PA.

  99. Talking Chop says:

    yet another team rolling over for the Phillies
    wow, Patterson dropped the ball

    by LEastCoastBears on Sep 16, 2011 10:02 PM EDT reply



  101. Greg Legg says:


  102. Jimmy says:

    another shitty strike call

  103. Corey's Broken Glove says:


  104. Corey's Broken Glove says:

    I hope Ibanez comes back next year as a slighty more expensive Gload…’cause the cheap original Gload is terrible

  105. Jimmy says:

    Crack open another beer!! Lets goooooooooo

  106. bothwillandway says:

    Would be a huge downer if we lost this one now

  107. steppy says:

    what? Deney Terrio batting?

  108. Greg Legg says:

    Utley just doesn’t have the same explosive first step or two. I feel like two or three years ago, he dives and catches it.

  109. TheOtherJim says:

    Has Madson retired a leadoff batter yet this year?

  110. tbag says:

    anyone catch all those call ups? i was tuning out tmac and wheels because they’re useless 99% of the time

  111. Wheeler's Wig says:

    funny how shit always seems to work out for our phils… this game goes extra frames so the braves and mets finish their game and we win!!

    i fuckin love it!!

  112. tbag says:

    ….polanco definitely just grabbed mini marts ass…..

  113. tbag says:

    must have .gif of mini marts hand motion right there…

  114. Greg Legg says:

    It was a squeeze of respect. Not too loose, not too firm. It’s very dangerous to send the wrong signal–something Mike Piazza never worried about.

  115. Corey's Broken Glove says:

    OK, let’s win this now

  116. Jimmy says:


  117. T-Mac's Titties says:

    Time or a Bowker PH?

  118. will.H says:

    who saw Squints Palledourous at the end of top 10? screen grab eeet

  119. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Nope, Jimmy Pop-Up. 0-for fucking-5.

  120. Shiva Blast says:


  121. Greg Legg says:

    Jimmy needs to open market his own line of rising croissant rolls in a can. Call ‘em Pop Ups.

  122. Corey's Broken Glove says:

    If we pulled the fences in to 115 feet, J-roll would be the hitter he thinks he is

  123. bothwillandway says:

    Our 1-4 hitters are 0-17 in this game with 2 walks. WTF?

  124. Shiva Blast says:

    So we win this game, pop the bubbly, right?

    My $$ is on Mayberry

  125. Greg Legg says:

    When I see Rafael Furcal, all I hear is that one old Braves announcer’s nasal voice pronouncing it.

  126. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Ugh. Fuck my life.

  127. Jimmy says:

    and there they go again saying that the Cards are 0-13 with runners in scoring position…way to jinx it you fuckin assholes

  128. Corey's Bunting Bat says:

    I did it

  129. Greg Legg says:

    Why walk him? Throw at his head. It works for the Braves.

  130. I really do love Ryan Howard says:

    But there’s just no way that he deserves recognition as a great player if he can’t do any thing more than get one hit a day.

  131. bothwillandway says:

    Now Schwimer can get his first major-league loss!

  132. Jimmy says:

    if he balks…………

  133. Shiva Blast says:


  134. Double Play, Double Play! Guy says:

    Double play, double play!

  135. Tony LaRussa says:

    Suicide squeeze? Screw that. I’m going to lull the Phillies to sleep at a stop light, then try to slip on by before johnny law sees the runner.

  136. Corey's Bunting Bat says:

    smoke him

  137. Greg Legg says:

    Hmm. Ross with the 59’6″ throw.

  138. Chris Wheeler says:

    Albert PULLhulls.

  139. bothwillandway says:

    Schwimer is fucking useless

  140. Shiva Blast says:

    God Dammit

  141. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  142. Greg Legg says:

    Toronto 5.
    Yankees 4.


  143. Moe, Moe, Pete Rose says:

    holy shit!

  144. HP3's Grass Stains says:


  145. Jerrod says:

    Man he telegraphs his offspeed pitches.. god damnit……..

  146. Shiva Blast says:

    Well that oughta do it

  147. Hole Camels says:

    If we weren’t up by 12 games, I’d be pretty pissed right now.

  148. Moe, Moe, Pete Rose says:

    Raul would’ve had it. Nah – I’m drunk..

  149. Greg Legg says:

    Toronto 5.
    Yankees 4.


  150. Greg Legg says:

    Toronto 5.
    Yankees 4.


  151. Defenestrate McCarthy says:

    So the Phils just clinch tomorrow instead, oh well

  152. Shiva Blast says:

    This team is shitting the sheets at the worst possible time

    Flyers repeat is screaming loud

  153. Corey's Bunting Bat says:

    Phils need a week’s worth of runs to come back from this kind of deficit

  154. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    Schwimer fucking sucks. And this guy was crying that the Phils weren’t calling him up because he was so good? God damn it all.

    • bothwillandway says:

      For fuck’s sake….How many times are the Phillies hitters going to let opposing pitchers off the hook for throwing BP? This is ridiculous…Are these really professionals?

  155. BWAH says:

    How did I ever get associated with this little douche?

  156. Shiva Blast says:

    Fourteen hits

    Thats all that needs to be said… 14 hits

  157. Greg Legg says:

    Toronto 5.
    Yankees 4.

    awwwwwww i gues the loss still stings…….bbwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  158. TheOtherJim says:

    Oh no! The Cardinals AAA lineup is hitting our AAA pitcher!

  159. Schwimer is really pissed

  160. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Can we please ban this asshole before the postseason starts?

  161. Corey's Bunting Bat says:

    Pence with a J-roll bomb

  162. Greg Legg says:

    Toronto 5.
    Yankees 4.

    On a failed 9th inning, nonetheless.

    Yeah, that team has a chance against the Red Sox. I’ll enjoy watching Beckett make the pinstripes his bitch. Again.

  163. Shiva Blast says:

    Pence… 0 for 5

    Not even close to a good outing

  164. TheOtherJim says:

    Ignore the retard. He’ll go away.

  165. Greg Legg says:

    A-Rod rests thumb; is branded a pussy by all of America.

  166. Greg Legg says:

    08……………………….Rays a better team than the Yankees.


  167. Greg Legg says:

    A-Rod has an ouchie thumb.……..bbbbbbwwwwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  168. Corey's Bunting Bat says:

    Please don’t use Valdez for anything but pitching…

  169. Greg Legg says:

    I enjoy this guy. This is almost as fun as when I volunteer at the school for the mentally challenged. But the challenge simply is less here.

  170. Greg Legg says:

    Cliff Lee’s wife realizes New York is a dump.


  171. T-Mac's Titties says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This Bowker guy is fucking awesome.

  172. Jimmy says:

    really???? Bowker????

  173. Hole Camels says:

    Bowker is EXACTLY who I want up right now!

  174. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    UGH. This one hurts. A lot.

  175. Hole Camels says:


  176. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Can we just get Mike Sweeney back for the playoffs?

  177. Greg Legg says:


  178. Moe, Moe, Pete Rose says:

    First! Calling for a complete game Oswalt win tomorrow. The bats will be there.

  179. I hope we don’t see these assholes in the playoffs.

  180. Defenestrate McCarthy says:

    Eh. Can’t win them all.

  181. Shiva Blast says:


    What the fuck?!?!!?

  182. Greg Legg says:


  183. Greg Legg says:

    Eh, no big deal. 1 game to clinch, and Atlanta fans have tighhus anus syndrome. I’ll allow it.

  184. Jimmy says:

    Lets hope Roy Jr has his A game tomorrow….

    Bowker and Schwimer can both take a walk….we should have signed Thome

  185. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    Bowker sucks, man.

    They should have closed out that game in the bottom of the 10th. That was their chance. Fucking pathetic. Schwimer pisses me off. He fucking sucks. This one’s on the offense. Postseason bound team and they can’t fucking get any runs. Geez I’m so fucking annoyed.

    • Corey's Bunting Bat says:

      How can he NOT strike out Chambers???

    • bothwillandway says:

      Well that’s easy. He noticed Chambers was late on the fastball, so of course it made perfect sense to try throwing a hanging slider instead!

    • Offense hasn’t had a slump all year, let them get it out of their system now and turn it on for the playoffs. Schedule hasn’t helped too much, considering how many games they’ve had to play in the past 2+ weeks.

  186. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    If the Braves lose tomorrow afternoon, we’ll clinch anyway. I want my celebration on the field, damn it. GOD FUCKING DAMN IT.

  187. Hole Camels says:

    These offensive funks normally last 2-3 weeks, which means that the offense will be back by the time to playoffs come around.

  188. Defenestrate McCarthy says:

    Here’s a theory…they wanted to give Brown, Moss, Savery, Kratz, and DeFratus a chance to join in on the celebration when they clinch tomorrow.

    • Corey's Bunting Bat says:

      Well, that would be Brown’s last chance for some champagne cause he’s going to the mets for David Wright in the off-season…

  189. Greg Legg says:

    Losing to the Blue Jays. …..effin comical.

  190. Greg Legg says:

    awwwwwwwwwww losing to the rays in 08′………………..bwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  191. Greg Legg says:

    I told you before: I want to be a pirate.

  192. Phils2011 says:

    Is there any reason why Madson couldn’t pitch 2 innings?

  193. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    He’s a closeted Phillies fan

  194. Greg Legg says:

    28 titles? So does that get Yankee fans a special membership card to an exclusive Manhattan restaurant?


    How about discounts at Best Buy?

    No, too?

    A free pass to speeding on the interstate?

    Wow, not even that?

    So 28 titles gets you nothing at all, really, except maybe a t-shirt with all the dates on it when the local contractor’s union donates them?

    Well that’s exclusive.


    You Yankee fans are all clowns.

  195. Bowker's 0-7 Record as a Phillie says:

    Oh come on, this asshat PhilsSuxksMooseBalls or whatever the fuck they’re called is has to be some idiot Phillies fan trolling, no fucking way a Yankmees fan just happens to show up on here every time the Phils are losing. They’re not even funny, either. That bbbbwwaaahhh shit is just really fucking annoying, PhilsSuckMooseBalls, you suck!

  196. T-Mac's Titties says:

    Why feed the troll?

    Hope the Braves win tomorrow so I can see the Phils clinch tomorrow night.

  197. Moe, Moe, Pete Rose says:

    Captain Morgan hates the Yankees. It is obvious.

  198. bothwillandway says:

    So how soon can those Iron Pigs players get here? Hard to imagine they could be any worse than our regulars right now

  199. Greg Legg says:

    So what do they mean?

    Will the 2009 Yankees help the 2011 Yankees get a starting staff that doesn’t suck?


    Will the 2000 Derek Jeter be traded for the 2011 Derek Jeter and actually make a difference against the Red Sox?

    Not that, too?

    So you’re telling me 1999 Roger Clemens won’t make an appearance in 2011?


    Have fun with those 28 titles. They won’t stop the Red Sox from taking 4 of 5 this year.

  200. Corey's Bunting Bat says:

    I blame Vance Worley- if he can’t hold our opponents to one run or less he doesn’t deserve to pitch.

  201. Moe, Moe, Pete Rose says:

    Do all those titles help you get a woman? Or man? What ever you need just to be too busy to be a complete asshole?

  202. Greg Legg says:

    So you didn’t explain what they mean. Do share.

    But you cannot.

    Because, unless you’re a loser sitting in his room with felt Yankees pennants on the wall and a zoomed-in picture of Derek Jeter’s crotch on his desk–like you–they mean jack. Shit.

    Just like 2008 means shit to the 2011 Phillies.

    Sorry to rain on your parade.

  203. Greg Legg says:

    And the best argument you can come up with is the sound of your mother’s queef.

    Conggratulations, Mooseballs, on becoming my bitch.

    I’ll see you tomorrow for another round of me making you look like the moron you are.


  204. Greg Legg says:

    Keep trying, bitch.

    I’ll check back later to see how you continued to fail.


  205. Corey's Bunting Bat says:

    I know its not a school night, but isn’t it time for the kids to get to bed?

  206. HP3's Grass Stains says:

    Can we really talk seriously about Bastardo’s yips? This is concerning to me. Like, a lot.

    • Corey's Bunting Bat says:

      Its a big concern…we don’t have another lefty in the pen worth shit…is it the odds catching up with him? Is he tired? Does he have early symptoms of Steve Blass disease?

    • Dubee Dubee Du says:

      I’m more than a little concerned at this point myself. Maybe he needs some rest for the arm. I hope that it’s just a tired arm and not in his head.

    • HP3's Grass Stains says:

      I feel like it’s definitely in his head. He just needs a couple good innings of work. Not used to the long seasons, etc etc etc.

  207. Danyiel says:

    Christ, can’t we even get funny fake troll accounts around here anymore? I am disappoint.

  208. Richard Bag says:

    Let me be the first to tell Mooseballz that your mother called….yeah, she needs bail money. She got picked up servicing the city sanitation workers on their afternoon coffee breaks..all of ‘em. Well, it was pay day, you know.

    Everyone else, quit yer bitching and get back to Phillies backing…ya freakin’ homers.

  209. Moe, Moe, Pete Rose says:

    Greg Legg says:
    September 16, 2011 at 10:35 pm
    Toronto 5.
    Yankees 4.


  210. Moe, Moe, Pete Rose says:

    who’s worrying???

  211. Yeah with the MN at 1 for the Division & 3 for Homefield, it’s pretty much a done deal, unless the Braves can go undefeated and the Phils lose the next 13 games, and even then, they’ll still get the WC.

  212. Defenestrate McCarthy says:

    What happened in ’09? Was that the first time our wittle moosey saw a naked female body?

    I’m so proud of you wittle moosey!

  213. Phils2011 says:

    Douchebag, you are a flatout douchebag. You say complete nonsense and make no sense.

  214. Phils2011 says:

    Wait, here is it in your language….


  215. Derrick the Dude says:

    You are the biggest loser in the world. Like I said before, please do the rest of us a favor and just kill yourself now. You are a hateful, sorry waste of life and do not deserve to breath the same air as the rest of us.

  216. boom says:

    but what does that mean????? it must mean something significant to you if you continually use it. you use a troll account & don’t even make sense. less short bus typing please and you’ll be well on your way to becoming important to the yankees. now please go to hell and tell george steinbrenner how much you’ll be sad if the rays clinch the AL this year.

  217. muffin top says:

    “bbbwahh” and its derivitives are the gutteral sounds made by men who chronically masturbate- usually found in mental wards. When I was an intern we had to clean rooms at the psych ward in Trenton, and that’s the sound we’d hear echoing through the halls. It’s not pretty. Some guys can’t be stopped- it’s all you hear “bwahhhh” or “bbbbwahhh”…they can’t help it….just ignore them.

  218. Danyiel says:

    Why even waste time replying to this idiot in the first place? It’s not even a real Yankees fan, it’s a Phillies fan trying to be funny. Pretty sure that Swift outed this person as such a couple of weeks ago. Just wish he would have banned their IP at the time because it’s really freaking annoying.

  219. Cliff Lee's Sweet Curveball says:

    Word. It’s a better idea to just ignore them. Because when you look through the comments and see no one replying to the trolls, they end up looking really stupid.

  220. Phillies Pom Pom Patrol says:

    No way. We gotta turn these peices of vermin back. Let ‘em have it, boys. Show that you can’t mess with us in Philly, baby! We are the kickin’ ass best. F yeah!

    I’ll be battling these trolls long after high school so get used to me around here. SAID IT!

    Who’s with me?!?!

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