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Open Game Thread: 7/4 Phillies at Marlins
Posted by Chris at 1:08 pm ET 44 Comments

Happy 4th of July!

I’m a little busy getting drunk and grilling food so here’s what you need to know about the game: It’s Worley vs Nolasco, it starts at 6:10PM, it’s on CSN and MLB Network, T-Mac and Wheels will make you regret America exists by the end of the broadcast, and the Phillies are going to win. Cheers.

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44 Responses to “Open Game Thread: 7/4 Phillies at Marlins”

  1. DanB says:

    Sarge is so smooth

  2. Brendan says:

    Sarge looks like he had to restrain himself from getting too funky with that sparkler. T-mac, of course, daintily waves it about like a little girl.

  3. Old man says:


    • Dubee Dubee Du says:

      See that blue bar that runs along the top of the page under the Fightins header? Yeah the one with the e-mail addy asking for any tips you may have. If you have such great ideas and writing or photoshopping skills please feel free to share. You too may see your name in the lofty heights of the Fightins byline. You may be the next TID or maybe even Romeo G. Riverside if we could be so lucky.

    • Jupiter's Rings says:

      Chyeah. Like there could ever be another Romeo G. Riverside. Right.

  4. JohnMatrix says:

    rocky 2 or the phils?

  5. JohnMatrix says:

    the phillies hats are gay

  6. DanB says:

    Worley is the man, man.

  7. PhilLee fan says:

    Hanley Ramirez is an asshole…just sayin’

  8. JohnMatrix says:

    Did anyone hear LA and franski mocking Canada during the radio broadcast of last fridays game?

  9. DanB says:

    Hanley has been on the screen way too many times through two innings…he needs to stop acting like a jackass

  10. JohnMatrix says:

    stand there all you want you big dummy. 0-2 you fucking swing!

  11. Hanley Ramirez says:

    I was a mile off the 2nd base bag but they gave me the out anyway

    • Chipper Jones says:

      The officiating in this league is substandard. I’ll say, I don’t care if I get fined. Also, I’m gay and my real name is Larry.

    • Larry Jones' Illegitimate Son says:

      What about me?

  12. Nowheels says:

    McCarthy and Wheelers are awful!!!

  13. PhilLee fan says:

    Why is Shane sitting so close to that security guard?

  14. PhilLee fan says:

    YAY….Schneider can hit.

  15. JohnMatrix says:

    apollo creed may have the coolest hair of all time. anyone agree?

  16. DanB says:

    All Star shirseys are $40…that is fucking outrageous

    • JohnMatrix says:

      fuck that man. Allstar game is a joke anyways.

    • DanB says:

      It really is…the home-field advantage thing is bullshit. On an unrelated note, these threads have been dead lately.

  17. Fingering says:

    I dislike Michael Martinez with a passion

  18. Billig says:

    Is someone blowing Sarge below frame?

  19. DanB says:

    MM still sucks

  20. Phillies offense says:


  21. Placido Polanco's Batting Average says:

    Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

  22. JohnMatrix says:

    hey beavis, how do you spell chode?

  23. I Hate Dane Sardinha says:

    Who else just heard the f-bomb there?

  24. Sarge's Barbecue Sauce says:

    U don’t even Fu,cing care buck kept saying

  25. Sarge's Barbecue Sauce Shirt Stain says:

    Ump blows

  26. JohnMatrix says:

    every time wheels says kiddie crew i want to shoot him in the face with a shotgun courtney love style. i bet he even spells crew with a K.

  27. Talking Chop says:

    This game just PROVES that the umpires are being paid off by the Phillies!!! Even when the Braves play against the Orioles they’re paying off umpires to call third strikes on Chipper!!! OMG, so not FAIR!!! And Bruce Bochy too, all the pitchers for the All Star team are all Phillies and Giants, Tommy Hanson should be on that team!!! So not FAIR!!!

  28. Chalking Top says:

    Rabble rabble.

  29. Talking Chop says:

    We wond the game! Yay! Oh wait the phillies won too? I hate my life. I miss our alcoholic wifebeating manager. Waaaaah.

    • Talking Chop says:

      Because Fredi G has no CLASS!!! He’s CLASSLESS like the Phillies and Bruce Bochy!!!

  30. if only Sarge would jam that sparkler into T-Mac’s mouth……
    if only…..

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