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Open Game Thread: 7/2 Phillies vs. Blue Jays
Posted by Chris at 10:19 am ET 31 Comments

1:07PM on CSN


Roy Halladay (10-3) 2.40 ERA

PHILLIES: Canada’s collective nut is going to bust today, spraying royal pudding everywhere, when they see Roy Halladay take the mound. They will celebrate Halladay pitching by giving out 3 kisses and a pair of socks, as is tradition.

Carlos Villanueva (5-1) 3.15 ERA

BLUE JAYS: Together we work, to keep the bad guy away, he’s mean and he hurts, and his name is tooth decay.

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31 Responses to “Open Game Thread: 7/2 Phillies vs. Blue Jays”

  1. I don’t think you realize how happy it makes me to see my crappy, lazy MS Paint banner image get more publicity.

  2. Chris says:

    I will use that pic when we are in Toronto until the end of time.

  3. Big Bertha says:

    The little mushroom people of Nova Scotia screaming with horror.

  4. Aaron Fultz says:

    Yes, beautiful pic.

  5. I approve of this post all the way.

  6. Wendell Magee Jr. says:

    And I will flog Wayne Gomes in the buttock, as is tradition.

  7. 85 says:

    And now Roy, removes the Blue Jays’ arms from their torsos, and crams them into their own asses. As is tradition.

  8. BakedMcbride says:

    I thought their pitcher had cancer and played basketball for the Bucks.

  9. Gene Schall says:


    What a wonderful day for Canada, and for the world.

  10. And there’s Jose Bautista, the queen of Canada. I believe she just queefed

  11. Jupiter's Rings says:

    Was Chooch just eating ice cream? I think so. verification?

  12. The Original J. Dubs says:

    You sure do suck today, Roy.

  13. Fan since this April says:

    Now if only Halladoc had the stuff to close out a game.

  14. Gene Schall says:

    Alright, Halladay. You have the lead. Get your shit together.

  15. Gene Schall says:

    Rausch has angry white man syndrome.

  16. Bryan says:

    These Canadians are crazy.

  17. philtrum says:

    this is the most entertaining game of the year

  18. Plaaaccciiiiddddoooo says:

    I just cant wait till the day when one of these umpires get punched in the face,

  19. Gene Schall says:

    It’s odd to hear Canadians boo, say “you suck”, etc. Vancouver-ans, okay, but Toronto-ans?

    • Taunting Frenchy says:

      Your father smells of elderberrys and your mother is a wiper of other people’s bottoms, I fart in your general direction.

  20. DanB says:

    What sort of wackyness went down? I had to follow the game on MLB Gameday.

  21. Gene Schall says:

    Rausch didn’t like ball 4 on Howard. Vic singles on the next pitch, Utley scores. Rausch says something like, “That run is on you” to the umpire. Words exchanged, Rausch is tossed. In an attempt to hold Rausch back, one of his teammates rips off his jersey. More yelling, close yelling. Rausch is huge, by the way. Eventually order is restored. Then Toronto’s manager is thrown out as the next pitcher warms up. He moves some dirt by home plate, etc. to show the corners of the plate. Phils win.

    • Rausch wasn’t just thrown for arguing/complaining-it was more because he pointed at the ump with his glove when he said whatever it was that was probably along the lines of the run was on him. You can’t point into the face of an umpire and get away with it.

      That ump was a borderline jerk most of the game, though. After like the first or second pitch of the game he stopped the game to say something into the Blue Jays dugout.

      Marquette is to Rausch as Scott Barry is to Ryan Howard.

  22. DanB says:

    Sounds awesome…I’ll catch the replay later tonight. How was Doc’s reception?

  23. Gene Schall says:

    Standing O.

  24. DanB says:

    Just as he deserves

  25. Bobby D says:

    Halladay throws another complete game, as is tradition.

    Rausch was like” I’m not your friend, buddy!”
    And then the ump said “I’m not your buddy, guy!”
    And then Rausch said “I’m not your guy, friend!”

  26. The Hat Salesman says:

    And now carlos ruiz is doing the march of a thousand farts, as is tradition.

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