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Open Game Thread: 7/17 Phillies at LOLMets
Posted by Chris at 12:58 pm ET 45 Comments

1:10PM on PHL17 and TBS


Kyle Kendrick (4-4) 3.58 ERA

Mike Pelfrey (5-8) 4.55 ERA

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45 Responses to “Open Game Thread: 7/17 Phillies at LOLMets”

  1. Danys Baez says:

    When am I gonna get a chance to start?? My fastball was electric yesterday

  2. Jim says:

    Fuck the Mets

  3. Kung Fu Fightins says:


  4. Fuckyou Danys Baez, ur a piece of shit I hope they trade away along with Herndon, faggot, and Fuck the Mets

  5. Sarge's Ballboy says:

    the kendrick effect

  6. Danys Baez says:

    @The Plague 17

    I really don’t appreciate those words. I try really hard every single night. Some days are better than others

    • you call throwing Mike Stanton who hasn’t homered in like 70 at-bats 2 weeks ago a game winning home run ball trying? or how bout yesterday, when you threw that lovely balloon to which ever Hariston it was, and he bombed it off you, 2nd deck much? your garbage, your only good when it’s after 12 in the morning

  7. if KK can develop a strike out pitch like a slider or curveball, maybe improve on it, he’ll be decent enough for me to like him

  8. chilly says:

    the announcers are making me hate the mlb fan cave more.

  9. well KK can hit ill give him tht

  10. toneloc says:

    anyone notice the girl wearin the “phuck philly” shirt in the beginning of the tbs broadcast? good job TBS.

  11. Van Swirly says:


  12. Brad says:

    Did….did that just happen? Am I in the twilight zone?

  13. OMG Mini Mart homered with men on base? It must be the end of the world

  14. Deli Guy says:

    that’s my mini mart.

  15. Danys Baez says:

    I’m startin to warm up guys…..

  16. chilly says:

    i think i genuinely feel bad for jason bay. i also feel thankful that he plays for the mets.

  17. Shane says:

    Can someone please make a .gif of Bay dropping that ball?


  18. Greg Legg says:

    Throw a fucking strike you clown.

  19. Chucko says:

    C’mon Madson, get out of the fucking inning for God’s sake

  20. Grounder to Short says:

    Ho. Ly. Shit. This inning needs to end

  21. Bastardo to the rescue

  22. Greg Legg says:

    Watching the women’s World Cup, all these Japanese women look like guys.

  23. chilly says:

    co-worker: did you see the crazy USA womens soccer game against brazil?

    me: i’m american, i dont fucking watch soccer.

    • Paul says:

      But you dont want to see the US beat Japan like its 1945?

    • chilly says:

      sportsrise will save me the 88.5 minutes of boredom

    • Greg Legg says:

      An attitude like that is why Clarkson, Mays and Hammond always make fun of the U.S.

    • chilly says:

      i dont know who any of those people are.

    • anyone with a brain says:

      Certainly not boring…

    • Aaron Hanks says:


    • Greg Legg says:

      Ugh, I meant May, you infinite twit bullock.

    • Kung Fu Fightins says:

      dont bash soccer… have you no american pride? or are you an american elitist like half the other drunk red necks of america

    • chilly says:

      i rank usa soccer between usa cricket and usa ice dancing. thats just how it is because its soccer. now, usa hockey is a completely different story because its hockey and same with usa basketball. if they had usa football, a) i would love seeing us stomp everyone, b) see a.

      not about nationalism at all. prof soccer sucks. it just does. hats off to the girls but i’m not watching the game. i’ll watch the highlights.

  24. CTM says:

    ….What the fuck was Bastardo doing?

  25. Danyiel says:

    That dude is a dick for not giving Martinez his ball. What the fuck is he gonna do with it? Not like it’s worth anything lol.

  26. Greg Legg says:

    Fucking chinks.

  27. Taking Chop says:

    STFD Nationals!!! No 4.5 games up for the Phillies!!! They have no CLASS, they’re all CLASSLESS!!!

  28. Greg Legg says:

    Fucking squinty-eyed little boys.

  29. toneloc says:

    fuck the braves

  30. Joker says:

    Fuck you asshole

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