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Open Game Thread: 7/15 Phillies at LOLMets
Posted by Chris at 5:16 pm ET 31 Comments

7:10PM on CSN


Vance Worley (4-1) 2.20 ERA

RA Dickey (4-7) 3.61 ERA

Fuck the Mets.

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31 Responses to “Open Game Thread: 7/15 Phillies at LOLMets”

  1. Omar Minaya says:


  2. JimDelf says:

    Disregard the Metropolitan baseball contingent.

  3. Boof Bonser says:

    toid sangwich

  4. Vance Worely dominates the Mets for that last start, they slaughtered him in (just saying)

  5. Greenman! says:

    It’s chris’ live chat avatar!

  6. Danyiel says:

    Ugh. RA Dickface. This should be fun…

  7. this thread is deader then a corpse thats been rotting for 3 months

  8. fuck getting a right hand bat, when you got John Mayberry

  9. FirstTimer says:

    I’m rooting extra hard for Chooch.

  10. Danny Ozark says:

    What the fuck Dom??? This kid plays like a 10 year old,,,,

  11. Pat "The Fister" Misch says:

    They boo Bay already? LOLMETS

  12. FirstTimer says:

    vance sweats like a whore in church. and whats with the Mohawk?

  13. stinkbug says:


  14. precious one says:

    Anyone know of any links for the games?

  15. Deli Guy says:

    whooooo mad dog!!!

  16. Kung Fu Fightins says:


  17. Ryan Howard's Nose says:

    Lol mets

  18. Bastardo's Bubble Butt says:

    Fuck the Mets

  19. Danyiel says:


  20. Treez says:

    Ha! Worley got the NYMets Once, Again……….Again…………Again…

  21. Kung Fu Fightins says:

    Big Jon can stay for the season.

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