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Open Game Thread: 7/10 Phillies vs Braves
Posted by Chris at 11:46 am ET 81 Comments

1:35PM on PHL17 and TBS


Cole Hamels (10-4) 2.40 ERA

Derek Lowe (5-6) 4.21 ERA

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81 Responses to “Open Game Thread: 7/10 Phillies vs Braves”

  1. Annoying Beer Vendor says:


  2. Old man says:

    Im dizzy. I need a nap.

  3. Danyiel says:

    If this drunk no-hits us, I’m gonna be so pissed off.

  4. DanB says:

    2008 NLCS Rematch

  5. rhymeface says:

    I can smell the bourbon coming up the river.

  6. WTT says:

    Ryan Howard.

    • BadMotherFutley says:

      Shh. Apparently we’re not allowed to criticize his steady decline over the past 4 years or his horrid recent performance because he has 71 RBI.

    • BadMotherFutley says:

      I am happy for him to prove me wrong once in a while!

    • WTT says:

      The guy is going to end up with 135+ RBI somehow. It’s amazing.

  7. Deli Guy says:

    mini mart is a monster. everyday 5 tool player.

  8. DanB says:

    Ryan Howard is a FREAK. But did anyone see Valdez hugging Schneider in the dugout after Mayberry score? It was creepy.

    • Bonife says:

      I hope this site has a pic and video of that up sooner or later, I saw it too. I saw Valdez hugging him with this weird look on his face and I was like, “Uh….What?”

    • DanB says:

      Yeah I’m sure they will have something about it. He was hugging him from behind…so weird

  9. Danyiel says:

    Nate McClouth can’t wait for the All-Star break because the Klan picnic is going to be off the hook this year!

  10. Deli Guy says:

    I hope sarge kills wheels in the booth today.

  11. Danyiel says:


  12. Talking Chop says:


    • Greg Legg says:

      From TC:

      “Just read the article about How cool it was when Chase Utley said FU at the all star game. I don’t understand?

      Old Hoss is ready.

      by Taylor Masters on Jul 10, 2011 3:43 PM EDT reply”

      You wouldn’t, my dimwitted friend. You wouldn’t.

    • Talking Chop says:

      Whatever this site stinks! I can’t post any animated gifs expressing my anger!

    • Danyiel says:

      Hahaha. Are they on suicide watch over there, yet?

  13. Demonic Brown says:


  14. CTM says:

    Chop that, fuckers.

  15. Greg Legg says:

    My biggest gripe still is last night. I like what I see today, and if they can hold on to take the series, great. But there was a sweep ripe for the pickin’ and they didn’t grab it.

  16. Greg Legg says:

    Anyone here have a Talking Chop account and doesn’t mind getting banned? I can’t remember the password I used for mine.

  17. CTM says:

    …I love Phillies fans.

  18. Danyiel says:

    LOLOLOL @the faux chop at the Bank! Hahahahaha, I love Philly.

    • Chuck in 'Bama says:

      Being stuck down south and listening to the Braves tv feed during the faux chop…awesome. They were absolutely bitter about it. They tried playing it off, but yeah. They were so pissed about it…and I loved it.

  19. 85 says:

    Shit just got hilarious.

  20. Kruk's Lone Nut says:

    Faux chop, ftw.

  21. Greg Legg says:


    I don’t mind losing as much…..but the philly gloating rights and our era spiking up…..makes this tough to swallow………….didn’t think I’d be wishing for a 1-run loss…

    “Chipper Jones is better than me.” — David Wright

    by Braver on Jul 10, 2011 3:53 PM EDT reply

    • 85 says:

      More TC:

      So it’s not enough to crush the NL in terms of payroll, you have to get cheap lucky hits en masse to win a series? Nice job.

      by Ivan the Great on Jul 10, 2011 3:47 PM EDT

      And mocking the chop? We’re sooooooo classless!

    • CTM says:

      Yep, I keep forgetting how us having the best record in the majors is pure luck. Here I was thinking we actually did have a competent offense with stellar pitching. Silly me!

    • Greg Legg says:

      I wish we had enough fans at the Ted to mock them


      [only built for cuban linx]

      by Mighty Healthy on Jul 10, 2011 3:57 PM EDT reply

    • Danyiel says:

      These are easily the most delusional people on the planet. Oh, but we got lucky, right? No, lucky is not having to face Shane Victorino in this series, and they still couldn’t beat us. Pretty fucking bad when Michael Martinez is owning the fuck out of your team. LOL

  22. Greg Legg says:


    Seriously, Cole: you grew yourself a dick and pair of balls in the offseason. And it shows.

  23. Sy says:


  24. SAID says:

    I fucking LOVE the Phanatic.

  25. Greg Legg says:

    For the love of God, does anyone have a TC account that is active now? I need a huge favor if you don’t mind getting banned.

  26. toneloc says:

    whats with the woman with the PHILLIES rally cap….were up 9 runs. REMOVE HER

  27. Danyiel says:

    Wow, Fredi really doesn’t give a fuck about this game anymore if he took McCann out. LOLBraves.

  28. CTM says:


  29. Sy says:


  30. Danyiel says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now Ibanez all of a sudden busts out the Gold Glove just to add insult to injury. I LOVE THIS GAME!

  31. The Original J. Dubs says:

    Raul Ibanez ain’t taking yo shit.

  32. 85 says:

    Holy shit.

  33. Danyiel says:

    LOLOLOL Mikey Martinez, silver slugger.

  34. Greg Legg says:


    What’s the ETA on Meds & Moylan??

    Phillies can have today, once Prado & Chipper come back, it’s a wrap. Not to mention we’re not getting crap from the OF as a whole. I’m not tripping.

    [only built for cuban linx]

    by Mighty Healthy on Jul 10, 2011 4:02 PM EDT reply

    Ah yes, and also when the Phillies have Victorino and Polanco back, not to mention a full bullpen. Michael Martinez–K-Mart!-went 4/5 today, you twats. Keep living in denial.

  35. CTM says:

    More more more. I want some Braves fan wrist-slitting tonight.

  36. The Original J. Dubs says:

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, Raul.

  37. 85 says:

    CAUTION: Raul is very hot.

  38. Greg Legg says:

    Fuck last night and Mayberry. “Should a” been a sweep.

  39. Travis Lee says:

    Put a bow on it! Undeniably one of the worst home run calls ever.

    • Bryan says:

      Truth, like this game wasn’t over already.

    • Greg Legg says:

      McCarthy: “May have put a bow on this series.”


      Because there’s a risk the Braves put up 13 T9. The best announcers–Vin Scully, Harry, the other Harry–let the game speak for itself. These turds talk, talk, talk.

  40. Danyiel says:

    Oh this game is unreal…was that a lucky bounce, too TC?! LMAO, they’re so fucking retarded over there it’s hilarious. This game rules!

  41. Sy says:

    Someone needs to do a DEAL WITH IT .gif of Raul putting on his shades with the score below him.

  42. Danyiel says:

    I fucking love Cholly for letting Kendrick close this game, not only because he sucks but also because the Braves can’t hit him. Genius!

  43. Wayne says:

    Diamondique Brown, yaknowlike?

  44. Dave says:

    This game reminds me of a Billy Madison clip.

  45. The Original J. Dubs says:

    Domonique Brown? Does Charlie know something we don’t?

  46. 85 says:

    Fucking Charlie. Brilliant.

  47. Colleen Wolfe's Newly Bleached Asshole says:

    I’m in the make-up chair next to John Clarke. We are both getting a little extra dab of bleach applied to our assholes. The camera never lies and we don’t want to be on the air with brown hues around our pucker holes. Perhaps I’ll flash you all a quick asshole peak at the end of the show……

  48. DanB says:

    Charlie was just so happy in the post-game with Sarge

  49. Kung Fu Fightins says:

    get wrecked

  50. Everybody Loves Chooch says:

    Phillies fans, you suck.

    Before this game I had a follower on twitter who is a Braves fan.

    The audacity you had to be passionate about your team and to mock a storied (if fucking stupid) team chant like the Chop and my inability to denounce you for doing so lost me that follower.

    For shame, Philly, for shame.

  51. Danyiel says:

    Someone better .gif that catch Raul made. We can’t have nothing but horrible defensive plays immortalizing the dude in .gif format out there, he earned this one!

    • Everybody Loves Chooch says:

      Ditto. I honestly thought that ball was gone before he snatched it up.

  52. Watrick says:

    From Talking Chop’s game recap: “The Phillies struck it big in the seventh, when Cory Gearrin and Scott Proctor couldn’t seem to get an out and gave up six runs, all of which were credited to Gearrin. The fans in Philadelphia demonstrated exactly why they are so widely despised when they began mocking the Braves with the Tomahawk Chop during the never-ending inning.”

    Wait, it’s cool if you do something racist, but when we make fun of you for it, we’re the ones despised? I guess I’m too much of a yankee, because I’ll never understand The South.

    • Danyiel says:

      This is like the Klan getting upset about people who dress up like ghosts on Halloween. LOLBravesfans!

    • Chucko says:

      Don’t other teams’ fans do that to the Braves too at their home fields?

    • Danyiel says:

      I don’t know, but they should! Makes me wonder about the players on that team, though. When they see fans of other teams mocking their fans like that, that’s gotta be humiliating, right? You know deep down they all wish they had fans as great as us.

    • rhymeface says:

      I guess you could read it like that. I read it as people don’t like Phillies fans because they mercilessly mock teams when there’s fuck all way of them getting back into the game.

      Which is obviously totally legit and should be encouraged, contrary to whatever Ku Klux Keith was suggesting on Talking Chop.

    • Cholly says:

      What I want to know is, where are all these “TC passionate fans” at during the Braves home games? If this series was down there they’d be lucky to draw a half crowd. It is unbelievable how lame those fans are. It is easy to sit at your lapper and throw insults around about how bad “other fans” are. How about yall get off your duff and throw down some jack to get some ducats to actually support your team at GAMES? You know, like the real baseball fans. Chicker Jones and the boys don’t really care how many words you type on someone’s website- they’d like a loud and raucous stadium instead. That is really how you support the team. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Braves draw fans that buy their gear from about a 1000-mile radius on account of the next closest MLB team is in Tampa, that team would have been moved a long time ago.

  53. Cholly says:

    Oh, I have to tell you guys this true story before I turn in for the night. I live down here in AL, right on the GA line. Grew up in South Jersey- lifelong Phillies fan since I was about 6 – but have lived most of my adult life south of the M-D line. Anyway, my wife and I were at TGI Fridays yesterday (Saturday), during the game. This was in Columbus, GA, about 90 miles from Atlanta. It was on every TV in the place- you couldn’t NOT see the game no matter where you sat. The place was at least 1/2 full, edging towards 3/4 full by the time we left. We were there when Howard made that error in the 11th that led to the first run, then McCann hit that 2-run homer for the final. If we were not watching the tube at the exact time those 2 things happened, we would never have known. There was ZERO reaction from anyone in there. Not even a “Yeah!”. Nothing. I wondered if we were the only ones in that whole place that noticed.

    Now, imagine what would have happened if we were in a TGI Fridays watching that game up in the Philly area, and the game was down here…and the Phillies were the ones that scored those 3 runs in the top of the 11th. Do you think you could even hear yourself think in that place for the next 2 minutes?

    It is a different world down here, friends. This just gives you a true idea of what you are dealing with down here. “Fans” that love to type crap on a website, but in reality couldn’t be bothered to go to the game, and really don’t get excited or even into it when the game is on TV in a bar. I guarantee you if that had been the UGA-UF football game, and UGA had just scored in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter to take the lead…the reaction would have been quite different!

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