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Open Game Thread: 6/30 Phillies vs Red Sox
Posted by Chris at 12:09 pm ET 57 Comments

1:05PM on CSN and MLB Network


Cole Hamels (9-4) 2.49 ERA

PHILLIES: Jon Lester gets WAY too much attention as “one of the best young left-handers in the game today” when Cole is clearly superior, which he will prove today.

Jon Molester (9-4) 3.66 ERA

RED SOX: Thought I was gonna make a cancer joke, didn’t ya?

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57 Responses to “Open Game Thread: 6/30 Phillies vs Red Sox”

  1. DanB says:

    That’s my dad!

  2. Colleen Wolfe's Newly Bleached Asshole says:

    In baseball player terms, my asshole color just went from a Willie McGee to a Jay Gibbons!

  3. Steve Jeltz's Jerry Curl Juices says:

    LOL at that pic

  4. rhymeface says:

    Fightins “staff” – any chance you could let baseball’s greatest critic, FS09 do a Cole Hamels game thread?

  5. The Pope of Pattison Avenue says:

    What the fuck is with this blacked out shit on DirectTV? Anybody got a stream to the game?

  6. Watrick says:

    I don’t do this too often, but if you’re on facebook, here’s a page that I help run with a friend. We’re looking to get 34 more likes today to get to 1,200.

    Thank you, and back to more Phillies baseball.

  7. Ryan says:

    LOLester needs to get bombed.

  8. Ryan says:

    And I didn’t mean that literally^

  9. jd says:

    thanks for the heads up! forgot it was a day game. and here i am, “working” at home.

  10. Danny Ozark says:

    Antbody watching on MLB? Id like to make a map of Hawaii on Heidis face…..

  11. DaveSRH says:

    best “lol” I’ve had all week… go Hammels!

  12. Cole Handsome says:

    Adrian Gonzalez is going to pay for fucking up my mani

  13. Mike P says:

    Well, this is sufficiently horrifying. Oswalt and Blanton are already down, and now Cole is getting pulled after 4 IP with a line drive mauling his glove hand. Ugh.

  14. baked mcbride says:

    herndon vs. a red sox line-up of mostly AAA players… who blinks first?

  15. Mike Cameron says:

    Umm. Hello Mr Amaro. I know this might be a bad time what with there being a game and all but I was wondering since I am in town any way and with my schedule suddenly open maybe I could talk to you about a summer job. Oh shit Cole got hurt, yessir I understand. Can I leave my number with your assistant?

  16. James Fayleez says:

    it’s not even his pitching hand. Tape it up and get back out there Sally!

  17. Colleen Wolfe's Newly Bleached Asshole says:

    Rub some bleach on it and keep on pitching!

  18. baked mcbride says:

    hamels needed 53 pitches to get through 4… herndon needs almost half that (25) to merely eke out 1 IP. SIGH…

  19. Derrick says:

    The Red Sox Nation started, when Uncle Lester farted, that’s why they’re retarded, the Red Sox Nation!

  20. Amandah says:

    Why can’t Ben Francisco get hurt instead?



  21. baked mcbride says:

    is clay condrey available somewhere?

  22. chilly says:

    games like this is why we wont win 120 games.

  23. Van Swirly says:

    For all I care can David Herndon please crawl in a hole and die

  24. WTT says:

    Is it totally absurd to question whether or not he could have sac’d up and stayed out there? Part of me says that’s short-sighted and unfair, but part of me says, dude it’s your fucking glove hand, figure it out. Or ask, had that been Halladay, would he have come out? I don’t know.

    Sweet offense, by the way.

    • Watrick says:

      I don’t think it was entirely his decision there. I believe that Dubee and Charlie were thinking about Madson there.

    • Danyiel says:

      LOL, people crack me the fuck up. This wouldn’t even be an issue if Cole wasn’t a “pretty boy” type, but all of you “manly men” automatically question the guy’s mettle in situations like this. If it were Lee that this happened to, people would be freaking out about whether or not he’s hurt.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love Lee as much as anyone, but it just seems as if the guy could murder a fuckton of babies and people would still love him, but Hamels leaves a game after getting hurt and he’s a pussy. smh

    • Manly Man says:

      So Danyiel you find Cole pretty? Do you? Are you one of those? Yeah you are aren’t you? Why don’t you go out to San Fransisco with the rest of the non athletic, less testosterone driven types?

  25. ChutleyJRollButtslap says:

    I’m glad David Herndon is so good at baseball.

  26. FanSince09 says:

    Cliff Lee would of demanded to stay in the game. Hamels is not an ace!

  27. baked mcbride says:

    ben francisco swings a mean bat…

  28. shmeelz says:

    Anyone just see that chubby little kid lick his glasses after the 3rd ball to Ibanez?

  29. Chubby Little Kid says:


  30. NicciG says:

    cole hamels is a fucking pansy

  31. ChutleyJRollButtslap says:

    I’m glad Andrew Carpenter is so good at baseball.

  32. Steve Jeltz's Jerry Curl Juices says:

    Andrew Carpenter does not belong in the show

  33. Ryan Howard's Bat says:


  34. Blanton's Ghost says:

    Wish I were pitching, the pen could use a fat old arm like mine.

  35. Amy Fadool's Tits says:

    Herndon is a disgrace

  36. Jay Grace says:

    Rauuul back to being Rauuul

    • Danyiel says:

      Can’t we get this guy to a shrink or a hypnotist so he can think he’s hitting off of Lackey every night? Christ, already.

  37. FanSince09 says:

    We beat us, but we’ll get us next time!

    Good thing my AL team only verses my NL team a couple times a year!

    • the new guy says:

      it would be cool if you could do a game thread when Cole Hamels pitches

    • TC says:

      what’s the ruling on having an AL team and an NL team? i kinda think that is cheating. unless you grew up in alaska or something and you couldn’t decide. or your dad was dicky thon and your mom was george bell. in which case you’d probably have an NL and AL squad.

  38. PhilsSuckMooseBalls says:

    Cole is superior to Lester???? You can’t make this shit up …LMFAO!!!!!

    • Kung Fu Fightins says:

      woops… i guess you forgot to mention that 3 pitchers from our triple a roster shut the red sawx down. must have slipped your memory

  39. Fingering says:

    Great week to be a Phils fan

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