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Open Game Thread: 6/21 Phillies at Cardinals
Posted by Chris at 7:27 pm ET 89 Comments

8:15PM on PHL17


Roy Halladay (9-3) 2.56 ERA

PHILLIES: Roy Halladay does not lead the league in complete games. He doesn’t have a complete game shut out yet this year. Two of his complete games have been losses. All of this pisses him off. Complete game shut out tonight.

Kyle McClellan (6-3) 3.96 ERA

CARDINALS: Who gives a shit about Kyle McClellan, the important thing here is Poo Holes is out for 4-6 weeks just in time to face the Phillies. Thanks Wilson Betemit!

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89 Responses to “Open Game Thread: 6/21 Phillies at Cardinals”

  1. I like that prediciton; Halladay for the Complete Game Shutout. Ryan Howard is the offensive star, as he continues to shine in his home town.

  2. The pictures are just amazing.

  3. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    A complete game shutout?

    Is that ALL?

    Come on get ballsy.

    I am predicting nothing less than a no-no.

    Oh shit I mentioned it.

    That means it won’t happen.

    Damn baseball superstitions.

  4. Marcus "Beefy Tits" Hayes says:

    I think Halladay should start being used as a long man in the bullpen, that way we can use him almost every night.

  5. Derrick says:

    T-Mac just said the Phils have their big guns going in this series–Halladay, Lee, and Oswalt. What does that make Hamels? Chopped liver?

  6. Riptor says:

    Jesus, lead off walk…

  7. philajaime says:

    T-Mac is calling those “STAIR-ups”…it’s pronounced STIR-rups, damnit, and they’re not stirrups, they’re just socks.

  8. Riptor says:

    TWO WALKS!?!?

  9. TheThird says:

    The logos for the game thread are incorrect. This must be addressed.

  10. blackinmind says:

    the braves seems to go be setup for the victory while the phils…….

  11. Derrick says:

    Tony Larussa and his stupid strategy of batting the pitcher 8th…

  12. @Derrick, made me think I fucked up my scorecard when I saw the pitcher batting 8th, forgot we were playing LaRussa.

  13. PhilLee fan says:

    There goes Wheels again, giving us a baseball lesson.

  14. Anthony LaRussa Esq. says:

    Derrick when you have a world Series Championship ring you may debate me on my choice of 8 hole hitters, until such time mind your pie hole.

  15. Chris says:

    @TheThird Blame Ryan, he made it.

  16. PhilLee fan says:

    Nice play, J-Ry.

  17. PhilLee fan says:

    Roy looks like he’d rather be getting a colonoscopy. Yeesh, he looks pissed off.

  18. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    Damn baseball superstitions.

  19. Ryan says:

    Chris/TheThird: True story, I never realized the logos matched the unis the teams were wearing until I fucked up the logos and people pointed it out.

  20. PhilLee fan says:

    And..Lance Berkman looks like he is actually getting a colonoscopy.

  21. Todd Pratt says:

    Offense is putting me to bed

  22. dectron says:

    It sure would be nice if Howard could run out his double plays balls…

  23. Doc says:

    Where is that Howard stl home-cooking.

  24. brettswiz says:

    Ohhhhh that Kyle McClellan. The All-Star. The man with the most devastating sinker ball ever seen. The most dominating pitcher in the MLB today. Now I understand why we can’t hit this guy…

    This is really, really, really, really frustrating to watch.

  25. L.A.N.C.E says:

    I’m drink I’ll be drunk off Budweiser at the tailgate. Only pussies drink bud light or bud light lime tons of jack Daniel’s and really good weed

  26. Michael Matinez Pictures of Rube says:

    Watch Wakefield throw a gem next week against the phils

  27. Chooch says:

    Holy Chit mang. juda tink datrow go home.

  28. Daddy Lance says:

    Come give daddy a hug. I’m hip I’m with it.

  29. JohnMatrix says:

    See phils thats a sac fly. Itd be nice to have one every now and then

  30. Daddy Lance says:

    I’m sorry I failed you. But I couldn’t live a lie any longer. I know how much I hurt you but if you come over and meet Raul you’ll learn to love him as much as I do.

  31. Michael Matinez Has Pictures of Rube says:


  32. Gene Schall says:

    Well, Mike Stutes, you joined Twitter. Be prepared for the criticism to flow now.

  33. DP says:

    Shit – Poly better be ok, that’s all we need

  34. Michael Matinez Has Pictures of Rube says:

    Is motte retarded wtf

  35. Marcus Hayes says:

    Here comes Wilson Valdez – best 2B on the team bc Utley cant go right and advanced defensive stats don’t mean anything.

  36. Dubee Dubee Du says:

    When he hit Howard I thought it might have been intentional, the Polly HBP just proves suckishness.

  37. the Wheels on the short bus says:

    Wheels is a goddamned genius

  38. DP says:

    Ibanez is my hero

  39. 51 says:

    Ball comes inside on Raul, he gets out of the way like a little bitch. Then proceeds to strike out. RAUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLL.

  40. DP says:

    @47 – that’s the old Pat Burrell move

  41. JohnMatrix says:

    That dk symbol in the cards pen looks like the hk symbol for harty

  42. Jack Buck Says says:

    I don’t believe what I just saw…

  43. JohnMatrix says:

    Sometimes i just want to throw it all down and get lifted

  44. Michael Matinez Has Pictures of Rube says:

    Uncle Char & shingles Tony are managing too hard

  45. Anthony LaRussa Esq. says:

    This job is so much easier when I have Pujols in the lineup.

  46. JohnMatrix says:

    Captain hook!

  47. Michael Matinez Has Pictures of Rube says:

    Lol at #50

  48. Raul Ibanez is batting .229 over his last ten games. He’s gone cold again. Getting closer and closer to the time when RAJ needs to get a new starting Left Fielder.

  49. JohnMatrix says:

    This is like winning a gun fight without firing a shot

  50. the Wheels on the short bus says:

    Wheels is really hip to the cutting the home plate in half approach. Maybe he should be the hitting coach!

  51. BigMiles says:

    Just walk Mini-Mart and the bullpen meltdown will be complete

  52. the Wheels on the short bus says:

    The Card’s pitching coach is about 185 years old

  53. Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore says:

    I love the smell of napalm in the 8th inning.

  54. JohnMatrix says:

    A thousand legger jyst ran in fromt of me and i screamed like a little bitch

  55. Jimmy either pops it up a mile high or hits a grand slam.

  56. DP says:

    Greatest fans in all MLB heading for the doors.

  57. Danys Baez says:

    I could pitch for the Cardinals.

  58. JohnMatrix says:

    Charlie doesnt surf!

  59. Derrick says:

    Hey Larussa…is this the mark of championship caliber managing? I mean, you could have easily left Miller in without changing pitchers 6 times this inning and ended up with the same result. I guess you get paid to look like you are doing something.

  60. See what I did there, just unjinxed Rollins. You can thank me later! LOL

  61. The Original J. Dubs says:

    Fuck yeah, Jimmy!

  62. The Pope of Pattison Avenue says:

    Yeah fuck the Cards fans.

  63. Marcus "Beefy Tits" Hayes says:

    See, just having Valdez in the game makes all the difference. Once he came in for Polanco, the momentum completely shifted to the Phils’ favor.

  64. the Wheels on the short bus says:

    Batista’s ERA tonight : ∞

  65. BigMiles says:

    I bet Stutes doesn’t make eye contact with Doc for a week since he just stole this win from him…

  66. Marcus Hayes says:

    Polanco sucks anyway – Valdez can hold down 3rd and play in all star game

  67. Tony Larussa says:

    Should have left Kyle McClellan in with his low pitch count but I can’t help but overthink the game

  68. precious one says:

    WOW! I don’t think I have seen anything like this 8th inning before.

  69. Marcus Hayes says:

    Pfft…Utley only hits singles.

  70. Derrick says:

    People are paying their good money to watch Larussa manage.

  71. Gene Schall says:

    Well this just got funner.

  72. Chris Wheels says:

    Where the fuck are the camera shots of Ryan Howard’s family

  73. DP says:

    Good job Wilson -way to swing at 1st pitch – jerkoff

  74. Gene Schall says:


    I want a shot of his son. You know, the one no one ever speaks about.

  75. Sarge's A1 Sauce Stain on his pants says:

    8th inning tonight & Marcus Hayes man crush Valdez pitching are 2 of the top moments of season so far

  76. Anthony LaRussa Esq. says:

    Derrick anyone who would pay to watch a manager manage could do no better than to pay to watch me. Thank you for your endorsement.

  77. Fan since 09's confused fan says:

    Just another game proving that this team doesn’t play behind Halladay

  78. Amandah says:

    That 8th inning was like a one night stand where you are hoping for the guy to be semi-well hung and hopefully get you off and instead the guy has a pot roast of a fat dick and starts pumping you and pumping you and fucking you and keeps railing you harder and harder and harder and you lose feeling below your waist and your pussy feels like its been jacked inside out and the sheets are soaking wet up to your shoulders and then he calls his friend on his cell so that my asshole isn’t left out of the penetration party. It was that type of inning.



  79. JohnMatrix says:

    Whats jimmys swag o meter at?

  80. Gene Schall says:

    Anthony LaRussa Esq.:

    How did that J.D. help you with your DUI? Discuss and provide examples.

  81. Gene Schall says:

    And, more generally, why, when reporters comment while “on location”, do they walk towards the camera? I don’t want your shit in my face. Stand over by that tree and don’t fucking move.

  82. Brettswiz says:


  83. Anthony LaRussa Esq. says:

    Mr Schall, Thank you for your inquiry. Mr La Russa does not give legal opinions free of charge on the interweb. If you have a need for legal representation please feel free to call during office hours to schedule an appointment. If you are just looking for some useful information and witty banter you may find Mr Larussa’s Fantasy Law Camp more to your liking. Space is limited so please sign up promptly.

  84. Gene Schall says:

    Fantasy Law Camp? Will there be a day when we get to practice sitting at a stop light, engine running, vehicle in drive, and we’re asleep in the driver’s seat?

  85. Amandah,

    I love the way you use your mouth/fingers! You are a dirty little slut and I appreciate it! Anyway, back to Phillies baseball. Good game and good night all!

  86. Anthony LaRussa Esq. says:

    Mr Schall, Brochures are available outlining the entire program. We would be happy to send you one upon request.

  87. Jay Grace says:

    Amandah just give me a boner

  88. Jay Grace says:


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