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Open Game Thread: 6/19 Phillies at Mariners
Posted by Chris at 3:19 pm ET 26 Comments

4:10PM on PHL17


Cole Hamels (9-2) 2.49 ERA

PHILLIES: Cole Hamels in Safeco. Probably a complete game shut out. Funny that the Phillies have the best 1-2 punch in baseball and that 1-2 punch doesn’t include Cliff Lee, but rather Coal Hammels.

Jason Vargas (4-4) 4.13 ERA

MARINERS: I didn’t know Jason Vargas was still pitching. Hopefully he still sucks.

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26 Responses to “Open Game Thread: 6/19 Phillies at Mariners”

  1. Nate Diggity Dawg says:

    Hamels goes 8.0, 1 R, 6 H, 9 K, Manuel brings in Baez for mopup in the 9th and he gives up 6 runs and blows it

  2. philtrum says:

    #1 made me laugh

  3. mw says:

    Ha ha @ graphic.

    Scott Farcas! Yellow eyes

  4. philtrum says:

    marlins lost again, amazing.

  5. DanB says:

    Hahahaha the yellow eyes….classic movie

  6. Chase Utley: getting on base no matter how ass-backwards.

  7. TheOtherJim says:

    Francisco never fails to disappoint.

  8. wm says:

    can somebody screen shot the two douches in phillies hats in the back ground while a left handed hitter is up? ones in a mariners jersey and i think the other one is bigfoot

  9. chilly says:

    i’m still trying to figure out the too cool for school guy with the phillies hat and mariners jersey.

  10. Marcus "Beefy Tits" Hayes says:

    I think that being on the road facing an AL team is the perfect opportunity to fit Hamels into his postseason bullpen role. Don’t know why they are giving him the start.

  11. Rachel says:

    1000 Ks for Colbert

  12. There’s a pirate behind right handed batters.

  13. Danyiel says:

    Wow. Mike Martinez is like a black fucking hole, he sucks so bad!

  14. Danyiel says:

    Christ, Jimmy “Pop-up” Rollins, everyone.

  15. DanB says:

    Since he isn’t around today, I’ll do the honors of the next post

  16. Phillies offense says:


  17. DanB says:

    What the fuck

  18. Mick's Bullpen Farts says:

    Michael Martinez gotta gooo

  19. Riptor says:

    Fuck these Fuckers

  20. Maggie says:

    Lance needs to find a girlfriend.

  21. Whoot There It Is! says:

    Lance, your father loves you!

  22. Todd Pratt says:

    Stop responding to Lance

  23. will.H says:

    no one should even say his name because shit was never funny to begin with

  24. OK but... says:

    Say we don’t allow the name that shall never be typed to be spelled out on our keyboards.
    Can you guarantee he won’t return?
    Can you?

    I’ve heard he can kick our ass when we dream.
    I haven’t slept since the season began.
    I’m feeling very tired, someone please help me.

    Will you be there for me will H.?
    Will you Todd Pratt?
    I can’t do this anymore….
    I just want to sleep.

  25. Joker says:

    We suck

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