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Open Game Thread: 6/1 Phillies at Natinals
Posted by Chris at 11:59 am ET 93 Comments

1:05PM on CSN


Roy Oswalt (3-2) 2.60 ERA

PHILLIES: For some reason it doesn’t feel like Oswalt is pitching every 5th day. More like every 2 weeks or something. I know he was on a mission trip and then the DL and all that but still. It’s weird.

John Lannan (2-5) 4.40 ERA

NATINALS: He is still winless against the Phillies. Please let them keep it that way.

Oswalt pic courtesy of The Good Phight

Also, apologies for nothing but game threads lately, seems to have been a slow week. But we all know Wheels and T-Mac can only go so long before giving us something to work with.

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93 Responses to “Open Game Thread: 6/1 Phillies at Natinals”

  1. brettswiz says:

    From Mr. Zolecki: Today’s lineup @ WSH: Polanco 3B, Mayberry CF, Utley 2B, Howard 1B, Francisco RF, Ibanez LF, Ruiz C, Valdez SS, Oswalt P.

    Surprised to see Utley starting again. Guess his knee is feeling great after all? And why are you taking Brown while he has a 6 game hitting streak?

  2. Amandah says:

    I just shit a perfect “P” into my toilet. Not kidding.

    I thought to myself “I smell a no-hitter” as I sat on my shitter.



  3. will.H says:

    when was the last time Jimmy Rollins had a pinch hit?

  4. Pizza Bagel says:

    Amandah, you are every man’s dream.

  5. Brian says:

    It is odd to take Brown out of the lineup, but I’m sure he’ll be in there once Lannan gets shit-canned…

  6. frank says:

    Isn’t it “Natonals” ???

  7. JohnMatrix says:

    im ready for the phils most consistant pitcher! 6 strong innings of maximum 2 run ball. Lil roy is the shit!

  8. James Fayleez says:

    Chris, check your email.

  9. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    No frank, it’s natinals.

  10. Joe D says:

    Anybody know of a place to listen or watch online?

  11. DP says:

    1. Charlie doesn’t want to start Brown b/c of the lefty

    2. Shouldn’t Uts get a day off? Day game after night?

    3. I know Raul is hot but does he ever get off?

    4. Rollins needs to be dropped towards the bottom. Also, when Vic comes back, I don’t see why he doesn’t break of the lefty’s and go Vic, Uts, Poly, Howard etc. Does Uts being in the 2 or 3 really make that big a difference where he doesn’t want to split them up?

  12. Defenestrate Wheels says:

    When is Shane due back? They have a timeline for him?

  13. Morandini's Triple Play says:

    I don’t have a problem easing Brown in slowly against the leftys. He is finally finding his major league stroke, so let’s take it slow and help him build his confidence. This kid is going to have long, successful career here, and missing some games in the early going isn’t going to hurt anything. Reminds me of how Utley started out, and his career hasn’t turned out too badly.

    I am surprised that Raul isn’t getting more time off, but the uncertainty in RF and CF makes it difficult to give him a blow right now.

  14. GregMikeSteve says:


    Last I heard, Victorino will be back on Friday.

  15. Pizza Bagel says:

    Why is Mayberry batting 2nd? Somebody, please tell me.

  16. CannedHeat says:

    …what the fuck is this lineup?

  17. ugh_god says:

    i wish roy would just throw one up and in on werth it would make me so happy

  18. beLEEver says:

    anyplace to stream online?

  19. ugh_god says:

    he strikes again!!!

  20. Defenestrate Wheels says:

    watching on gamecast is the worst

  21. Phillies Offense says:

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  22. Danny Ozark says:


    You may have to download a P2P player but I used to use it before I bought the MLB package

  23. no one cares says:

    this game sucks. i hope the bats, 3rd base coach, etc decide to show up soon so we can wipe that smirk off of werth’s face. i’m officially sick of him. cmon lil roy

  24. Fightin's Take Over Pittsburgh says:

    I have been following this site for a while but I am not sure how to contact you guys. Regardless; would you be willing to put up a thread for people to talk who are making the trip to Pittsburgh this weekend to watch the Phil’s? I think it would be really cool to have everyone tailgate/drink at the same bar etc.

  25. Todd Coffey says:

    Look at mah tittahs!

  26. DanB says:

    Eric Stutes….are you kidding me McCarthy? Him and Wheels must have a clause in their contracts that require them to fuck up at least one player’s name per game.

  27. Deej says:

    Right now, were being beaten single handedly by someone named Laynce.

  28. @shawnjames says:

    Brown needs to be our full time right fielder.

  29. @shawnjames says:

    i’m sick of this shit.

  30. Pizza Bagel says:

    Our outfield needs to be Ibanez in left, Mayberry in center and Brown in right. When Shane comes back, you swap Mayberry for him. But for the love of Kruk, will you stop letting Francisco play?

  31. Pizza Bagel says:

    Where is Scott Podsednik when you need him? Or his wife, for that matter.

  32. Toneloc says:

    mmmmmm…..podsednik’s wife…

  33. No ones cares says:

    GOOD JOB OFFENSE!!!!!!!!!

  34. Jay Grace says:

    this game is makingh me zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz like this site recently

  35. Tobias Fünke says:

    Losing to the Gnats is like losing at the Special Olympics when you’re not retarded.

  36. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    Freaking laynce nix. Why did a guy with that terrible name have to single-handedly beat the phils today??

  37. No ones cares says:

    Fuck you you fat fuck ump. You just called that a strike so you could get back to eating chips a hoy and doritos in the air conditioning. These gnat announcers act like they just won the world series. Gah fuck you too werth you stupid fuck.

  38. Jim says:

    Thank you home plate ump for blowing that call on Mayberry that cost us a run, and also for calling that last pitch that was a foot off the plate a strike.

    I would also like to thank Cholly Manual for being a fucking idiot by sitting Dom Brown.

  39. No ones cares says:

    Oh and fuck you perlozzo for sending what his face when he obviously couldn’t make the throw

  40. Its Still Early says:

    The bats will wake up eventually.

  41. PhilsSuckMooseBalls says:

    WOW….you guys suck…. lose 2 of 3 to the LOWLY Nats………LMFAO!!!

  42. PhilsSuckMooseBalls says:

    I’m sure you are all aware that you have the worst manager in all of baseball. You can find a bum in a Philly alley smarter than him

  43. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    May 21st? You got a damn DeLorean now?

  44. No ones cares says:


  45. Johnny Don says:

    this site is so half assed

    why even come back when all there is is Chris’s open game threads which take no creative effort, all he does is google pictures of the opposing pitcher, and write something stupid about them.

    and dont get me started on Ryan’s post (who approves of his writing?)

    but anyways, this site is so lame now, if u guys came back, u should be goin all out

  46. Lynniemac says:

    Am I the only one laughing at the picture of RoyO? Because the 12 year old mental me finds it hysterical.

  47. Kenny Junod says:

    Hear hear Johnny donn

  48. Sicko says:

    Roy Roy……gots a bad case of the crabs my friend. And I’m not talking about crab fries!!!

  49. Alexander Hamilton says:

    If people don’t like a particular thing in life, like a website, then they shouldn’t pay any attention to it in the first place. A good bank gets this.

  50. Hey if you are looking for a website that actually tries, but still sucks, come to ours! Thnx.

  51. Danyiel says:

    lol Alexander Hamilton.

  52. Johnny Don says:

    hey 53, i loved this site before they quit and then came back

    i was obsessed with this site, cuz it was funny and awesome, and not politically correct, and everything else. it gave a new view on my favorite team from real fans the way real people talk

    now its boring and, as i said before, half-assed

  53. PhiladelphiaPolice says:

    The IP addresses of all Lance variants and bitchy cry babies have been recorded. We will be visiting you in your mom’s basement shortly.

  54. Greenman! says:

    lol at this thread

  55. FanSince09 says:

    Should of kept Going Pigeon.

  56. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    Lance, you have the balls to actually say that I’M the one that only thinks about you? For christ sakes, we can be having actual conversations about the Phillies in here (what a concept), and then you come in like a goddamned retard and start spewing your crap, and usually something revolves around me.

    What is your obsession with me? I actually clicked on your twitter – you have the nerve to start talking shit about us for no reason. You’re a scumbag piece of shit. Go back to your mother’s basement.

  57. Jay Grace says:

    lance is the only funny about this site anymore. SMH

  58. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    For ‘not having a lot of time to spend here’, you sure spend a lot of time here.

  59. Loose lips says:

    What up with the Navy sub diving alarm when there is a HR or a win?
    We laughed at that every time we heard it.
    We laughed and laughed and laughed.

  60. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    They have to celebrate every regular season win like they just won the world series.

  61. Pizza Bagel says:

    This website went from Awesome to Suck in 2.5 seconds flat.

  62. says:

    Stop complaining or go find another site. I’ll fucking post when I feel like it.

  63. Rachel says:

    Grumpy Phillies fans are grumpy

  64. SchmidtUltra says:

    Oh my god. I can’t believe how bad this site has gotten. I mean, they’re not doing everything I want and when I want it. I’ve been sitting here for hours waiting for a new post because I have absolutely nothing better to do aside from hitting F5 every four minutes. For all of this money we’re not paying, I expect better entertainment while I’m dicking around instead of getting work done. How dare you, Meech.

  65. Johnny's Hot Cakes says:

    Hellllll-ooohhhh everybody! I am officially inviting you all to come on down to the Elmer Diner and grab yourselves a heaping handful of my piping hot cakes. I’ll put my hot cakes on your table and you can dig in. Come get you some!

    These Fightin’s kids are always buzzin’ around my place…always begging for ol’ Johnny’s hot I give ‘em what they want! They can’t resist ‘em!

  66. Franny Murt says:

    Even at its worst, this site is the best. When it went away, I felt like something was missing but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Kinda like not being able to find your keys days after day after day. Then you get a new set (Fightins on Facebook, Crossing Broad or the 700 Level) but they don’t quite fit and you have to jiggle. Then one day you find your old keys and all is good again. SAID.

  67. You guys are dicks says:

    Listen up, dicks. I’m only gonna say this once…

    Quit acting like a group of suckholes simply because this blog has gotten so stale so fast. Think of it like the Phillies offense; there will be “ups,” there will be “downs” but most of all, remember; to boo is divine. Don’t bastardize the privilege of it. No, as Philly denizens, I believe it is your duty to do it justice!

    Who’s with me?!?!…..

  68. Senator, Frank Blutarski says:


    Did you say over?

    Nothing is over until we decide it is! Did we quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!?!
    …and we’re not gonna now!!

  69. bigmyc says:

    Yeah, well, I’ve got no real complaints….after all, I’m the only friggin’ poster who, to my knowledge, has gotten a Fightins’ post solely based upon a comment that I made…

    That’s cache, my friends.
    Hate is soooo much closer to love than it is to apathy.


  70. Artie Lange says:

    Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this site sucks wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    the Phillies cant hit wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the Phillies suck wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    im addidcted to heroin wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  71. Franny Murt says:

    I miss Artie.

  72. Mooseknuckles12 says:

    @ 67 did i hear you say Boo-urns?

  73. John Krunk says:

    I still think meech and company are doing a fine job. If anything, the commenters are getting shittier

  74. Dicks-R-Us says:

    Uh, what?

  75. Johnny's Steamy Hot Cakes says:

    Pardon my french, Mr. Krunk, but what the fuck are you talkin’ about?

    Listen, friend, I come on here and invite one and all to grab holt of some of my deliciously tempting hot cakes and you insult that attempt? Why, you got a lotta norve, sir. I been offering my cakes for a long time…probably before you was born. I even bet your father has helped himself to my hot cakes a time ‘er two. So ease up on the criticism, friend and sit yourself down at the diner in Elmer and I’ll be sure you are satisfied with my hotcakes. (wink, wink)

  76. Loose lips says:

    I will never forget the day the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor

  77. Colleen Wolfe's Newly Bleached Asshole says:

    Ahhh….I feel so clean and refreshed. Goodbye brown coloring!

  78. Old Pee Stained Urinal at the Vet says:


    I can’t wait until the playoffs (knock on wood). Even though last year’s NLCS blew major dick, the comments on all of the threads posted during the series were gold.

  79. Defenestrate Wheels says:

    would everyone quit yelling, cant even hear myself think

  80. Philly fan stuck in DC says:


  81. June says:

    Relax guys, it’s only me.

  82. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    And this happens every year. (phils playing like garbage in May and June)

  83. Thee June Swoon says:

    Hey guys, go fuck yourselves. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  84. bigmyc says:

    Hey Meech,

    Your welcome.

  85. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    Keep it classy.

  86. Old Pee Stained Urinal at the Vet says:

    Lance, go jump off the WW Bridge


    Old Pee Stained Urinal at the Vet

  87. Ron Hipple says:

    This site

  88. the guy who writes the bad puns for halladay and lee games says:

    slow day for this site heres a funny vid

  89. wow, lance is all hyped up tonight. good stuff.

  90. Watrick says:

    I’m with @67 here-I’m hoping the Fightins last through the season with all this Lance and “it’s become boring, wah wah wah.” stuff. It’s been a slow week, with day games and days off and national holidays and what not. At least they’re not posting about “Should the MLB change it rules to protect the catcher?” and the other garbage that’s being covered by everyone this week.

  91. Kenny Junod says:

    a dash farm report would of been perfect for the doldrum week

  92. Old Pee Stained Urinal at the Vet says:



  93. Watrick says:

    As I posted on Utley’s Corner facebook page-why didn’t anyone bring this up when Eric Bruntlett gave Yadier Molina a concussion in a game in 2008? I thought concussions was the in topic.

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