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Open Game Thread: 5/31 Phillies at Natinals
Posted by Chris at 6:55 pm ET 79 Comments

7:05PM on CSN


Cliff Lee (4-4) 3.50 ERA

PHILLIES: I think’s scouting report pretty much says it all: Lee is 2-2 with a 2.98 ERA in six May starts. The Phillies scored five runs for him in those first five starts before scoring 10 runs for him Thursday in a victory over the Reds. Lee is 3-0 with a 1.44 ERA in three career starts against Washington.

Jason Marquis (5-2) 4.26 ERA

NATINALS: The above number with a hat on is Jason Marquis’ ERA against the Phillies the past 2 years. Yea.

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79 Responses to “Open Game Thread: 5/31 Phillies at Natinals”

  1. This oughta be a good one.

  2. Greenman! says:

    in before Lance!

  3. muscles says:

    I didn’t know that made era’s that high

  4. muscles says:

    -at +ey

  5. Danys "White Flag" Baez says:

    Stream anywhere?

  6. Bobby D says:


  7. Danys "White Flag" Baez says:

    Tried it. nothing on there. damn

  8. Bobby D says:

    Damn. That’s usually my go to site. My bad.

  9. Danys "White Flag" Baez says:

    Understood it’s mine too. Wondering if anyone knows anything else haha. Late shift sucks

  10. Danny Ozark says:

    You may have to install a player but i have used it before and it worked pretty good…

  11. PhilLee Fan says:

    Marquis is a punk. He needs to lose to us again to keep his streak going.

    It’s fun watching Werth strike out….am I right?

  12. Jim says:

    Why the hell do our pitchers give up so many weak hits, its damn annoying

  13. Chucko says:

    c’mon lee! aargh!

  14. Chucko says:

    what the fuck!!!

  15. Tobias Fünke says:

    Well that turned shitty quickly.

  16. Breathe deep the gathering gloom. Watch light fade from every room…..

    C’mon Cliff, shit man.

  17. Tobias Fünke says:

    And, Lee looks no better than he did in his pre-Cy Young days.

  18. JohnMatrix says:

    lee is a good pitcher

  19. Grounder to Short says:

    Seriously, when are we going to see Cliff actually pitch like Cliff?

  20. SAID says:


  21. JohnMatrix says:

    im not in the fucking mood to watch this shit tonight.

  22. JohnMatrix says:

    Is it a coincidence that theres no jamie moyer this year and doc isnt as good?

  23. Tobias Fünke says:

    Argh. If Howard keeps the bat on his shoulder instead of chasing ball 3, chances are he walks, and chances are they’re loaded with no outs now.

  24. Domonic Brown says:

    Aw man, that was a nice homer right there. Aw man, I think it’s time we start rallying and win tonight

  25. Grounder to Short says:

    I think Mayberry heard you there, Domonic

  26. Tobias Fünke says:

    There’s the Marquis we know and love.

  27. the new guy says:

    Lee is overrated and Howard is overpaid, plain and simple, it took guys with real talent like Mayberry and Brown to pump this offense up

  28. BiggestNuts says:

    I hate how CSN plays the “hit, cheer” sound effect whenever the score board spawns in the top left corner of the screen. It’s awful distracting. One of these days, sports broadcasts are going to realize that you don’t need sound effects for your heads-up-display.

  29. JohnMatrix says:

    not hitting your spots cliff?

  30. JohnMatrix says:

    im fucking sick of them talking about how many strikes doc and lee throw. they are also getting hit a ton too

  31. the new guy says:

    OMG this overrated piece of crap and this pathetic offense just likes to piss me off

  32. No ones cares says:

    Gahhhh welll this sucks. Rollins is nonexistent and lee is having an off night. No onecan hit but the youngins.

  33. the new guy says:

    i bet you Lee is not gonna have a winning record this yr and his ERA will be over 4.00

  34. BiggestNuts says:

    How dare these terrible pitchers and worthless offense give the phillies the best record in baseball. *shrug* Can’t win EVERY game… And this one isn’t even over yet!

  35. No ones cares says:

    Ur mah boy stuuutes!!!

  36. JohnMatrix says:

    biggest nuts, do you watch each game? Lee has gotten knocked around ALL year so far. They have been winning, but a lot of those wins were against the LOL mets, the nats, etc. it is early though yet. well see. a big well see

  37. Wendell Magee Jr. says:

    Sarge – “You’re gonna want your good wood against Goose Gossage.”

  38. Cricket says:

    the fuck happened to Lee?

  39. BiggestNuts says:

    Sure, i realize clifton’s gotten hit a lot, but so what? I guess it’s a good sign when the fans are upset that their team isn’t infallible. I just try to keep things in perspective, that’s all. :)

  40. chilly says:

    how can you make that stupid ass new york life promo worse? have wheels do it. thanks tv, i hate you now.

  41. agam22 says:

    Lee’s gotten knocked around twice. This game and the Atlanta game in his second start. That’s about it. Now he hasn’t necessarily been dominant all the other times but he’s still been pretty good. Does he give up some hits? Yeah, about one an inning but considering he walks almost no one it isn’t a big deal

  42. BiggestNuts says:

    This just in: Chris Wheeler is not a high school senior.

  43. Tobias Fünke says:

    Whelp, here’s to the Phils hanging twenty on this AAAA club tomorrow.

  44. JohnMatrix says:

    well lets see what else is on. holy shit! hockey and NBA are still on?

  45. JohnMatrix says:

    a show about midgets on TLC

  46. JohnMatrix says:

    hahah, look at there short little legs and arms!

  47. No ones cares says:

    Anything is better than watching this shitshow….well maybe not that ghettoass NBA but pretty much anything

  48. Greenman! says:

    did you guys pay attention to Cliff’s season last year? he has bad starts like this occasionally. Oh and he was enjoying pitching in the playoffs while we weren’t so shut your damn mouths.

  49. should’ve kept $120 million

  50. Tap the Tab says:

    I wish I was actually watching the goonies

  51. Cricket says:

    @Greendude- yeah bud Lee will pitch like 5 straight shutouts 10+Ks with no walks last year. Well that was the past and now is now.

    Moral victory? Dom Brown!!!!

  52. Cricket says:

    And oh yeah, Paul Bako caught Lee when he was first a Philly.

  53. Tobias Fünke says:

    On a very serious note, when does the organization cut ties with Zagurski? The guy never turned into the LOOGY the Phils hoped he could be.

  54. Jim says:

    Zags proving for the 87th time he’s not an MLB pitcher

  55. Johnny Don says:

    i think these open game threads jinx us

    we talk shit about the opposing pitchers ERA against us for the past two years, then u look at the score for tonight. Yea

  56. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    Well today sucked.

    I see we have some fair weather idiots already willing to throw Cliff under the bus? What the fuck is wrong with some of you guys?

  57. no one cares says:

    lee makes it happen when it counts. hes always a little off during these months so i’m not too worried.

    off topic – ohio state sucks

  58. Tobias Fünke says:


    We all don’t have pretty good jobs, so we have to focus our anger on Lee et al.

  59. Tobias Fünke says:


    See Pryor has a suspended license? That guy has passed from stupid/indifferent to “fuck you” moment territory now. It’s hilarious in a very sad way.

  60. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    Are you the new lance or something?

  61. Tobias Fünke says:


    No, but I take umbrage with your “fair weather” comment. Being a true fan doesn’t mean being an idiot. Lee’s been pedestrian this year. He looks like he did prior to his coming-out seasons. Do we have insanely high expectations of him? Of fucking course we do. You don’t get nine figures to win some/lose some. You get nine figures because you have performed in the past and are expected to now. Anything less, quite simply, is unacceptable. A lawyer who bills 2,300 one year can’t take a shit the next and fart out 1,200. A doctor can’t perform twelve heart transplants flawlessly in 2010 and botch the first four of 2011 without some questions being raised. We have a lot of salary locked up in this guy, and 4-5 with an ERA of about 4 isn’t good enough. If he turns it around, wins 15 of his next 20, and finishes 19-9, great. But until he does, he’s not getting a free pass.

  62. the guy who writes the bad puns for halladay and lee games says:

    ok 3 things

    1 things went horribLEE wrong today

    2 dom brown is cashing checks and snapping necks so when shane comes up they should send mayberry down

    3 the only thing that could have sucked more today is if joe buck was calling the game

  63. Greenman! says:

    Except if the heart surgeon fucks up you die, if a pitcher fucks up oh well. The sun still comes up the next day.

  64. Rhymeface says:

    @ 1 – Yeah, right…..

  65. Tobias Fünke says:


    Fine. We can use an accountant and forgetting to insert a formula in an Excel spreadsheet. My sentiments remain the same.

  66. @shawnjames says:

    I wish we would of kept werth instead of lee

  67. the new guy says:

    Lee is an overpaid, overrated POS pitcher bottom line and Halladay is borderline mediocre if you ask me, only pitcher on the rotation is clearly Cole Hamels and Oswalt is passed him prime as well, minds well throw in Kendrick in the 5th spot and when Blanton returns put Oswalt in the bullpen

  68. @shawnjames says:

    Lmao new guy just went in

  69. agam22 says:

    Lee’s had quality starts in 73% of his starts good for 6th in the NL. Two of the guys in front of him wear the same uniform. Is there room for improvement, yes. Has he still been extremely good and efficient? Abso-fucking-lutely

  70. agam22 says:

    I misspoke, his number of quality starts is 6th, not the percentage. Still, he’s been pretty good. Not superb. But good

  71. Greenman! says:

    Why yes I do have Jewish ancestry if that’s what you are getting at Lance, but I’m a former Catholic and have no living Jewish family members. And sorry dude I won’t be at dollar dog night, but I will be at the Fightins meet up on June 11th. You don’t even need a ticket, just come say hi.

  72. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    Tobias, let me make this clear.

    You can’t compare a lawyer or heart surgeon to a baseball player, for you to even make a semi-long post about that sort of worries me.

    This was a bad outing against an irrelevant team in MAY. My god, man…

    Halladay pitched like shit for 6+ innings at the game I went to on Monday, but he ended up with the win. Are you going to throw him under the bus, too?

  73. Tonleoc says:

    cocaine is a helluva drug

  74. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    You’re right lance, the world does need garbagemen, it’s a good thing that you’re one of them.

    Oh wait, that would be disrespectful to the garbagemen of the world. Eat shit.

  75. will.H says:

    garbagemen make pretty good money just incase no one realizes

  76. shepphila says:

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but the Phils are 1-8 on Tuesdays, 8-0 on Wednesdays…today is Wednesday.

  77. shepphila says:


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