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Luck be a lady tonight.
Posted by Chris at 10:57 pm ET 22 Comments

In the bottom of the 7th Eric O’Flaherty appeared to have Shane Victorino struck out on a called 3rd strike. Ok let’s cut the shit, it was a strike and this minor league ump, who was called up before the game, missed one big time. If this call had went against the Phillies I’d be losing my mind right now. But instead I won’t focus on that, instead let’s focus on the Phillies winning and Fredi Gonzalez’s epic managing.

The Braves dropped 4 sacrifice bunts tonight. 4. I think every time the Braves got a runner on first they sacrificed him over. Now, Fredi Gonzalez recently went to a SABR convention and last time I checked a sac bunt is a wasted out according to their species. Let’s check in with SABRbabe Bill Baer from Crashburn Alley:

Gonzalez must have been taking a dump during that presentation.

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22 Responses to “Luck be a lady tonight.”

  1. Jocksniffer says:

    I just shaved my balls.

  2. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    Hey man, if you gotta take a shit, you gotta take a shit. That sort of thing doesn’t wait around for a convenient time.

  3. Magowan says:

    Well Charlie never goes to those conventions, so I won’t blame him for still pitching Romero

  4. fuckthebraves says:

    BALL 1

  5. Griswold says:

    I heard the Peter Happy was signed by the Camden Rivershits

  6. Was the ump the same guy who called the Threshers game? Whoever that was missed two belt high, dead-center pitches for strikes. It was almost comical at how poorly called that game was.

  7. Bastardo's Change-up says:

    Yes, it was a strike, but it wasn’t in the middle of the zone or anything. Every game has a few balls like that and in this one it made a difference. Braves announcers are just whiners.

  8. Bill Baer says:

    Someone on Twitter said that the home plate ump was the anti-Scott Barry. I concur.

  9. Greenman! says:

    Shut up Bill.

  10. Greenman! says:

    also we were all very confused at the bar when this happened. I pointed and said huh?

  11. Kung Fu Fightins says:

    will be there a video for this?

  12. BadMotherFutley says:

    To be fair, the umpire still hadn’t found the assassin, and couldn’t let the 7th inning stretch happen yet.

  13. PhilLee fan says:

    Not related to Ball 1 but I just cannot get enough of the Freeman freak out. He just looks so dumb with that fauxhawk and steam coming out of his ears. I want it on a continuous loop.

  14. Seeing as though it was low, and that low strike was not called for ANY pitcher last night (think Madson’s 9th, for example), it’s not as egregious as the Braves announcers make it seem. But, homers gonna homer.

  15. Mike P says:

    Heh, the anti-Scott Barry. Nice. Hadn’t thought about that one in a while!

  16. D. Whitmore says:

    anyone else think freeman looked just like buzz from home alone during his post k tantrum?

  17. D. Whitmore says:

    well apparently crossing broad does. fml

  18. WTT says:

    Homeplate umpire David Rackley is my hero.

  19. He ain’t black enough.

  20. John says:

    Haha. Fuck you atlanta

  21. Nats4LyfeLOLz says:

    As a Braves fan, I really want to make a witty rebuttal to all of this ‘bunting’ nonsense. But I just can’t because Fredi Gonzalez has been atrocious.

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