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It’s Hittin’ Season
Posted by Chris at 2:33 am ET 75 Comments

With the UFC in town tomorrow night I guess this is fitting. Not only did the Phillies beat that ass in baseball, but in physical combat as well. My favorite parts are 1. Eli Whiteguy hopping like the Nesquik Bunny before going all Asante Samuel on Placido Polanco and 2. Hunter Pence running in and regulating shit without question. I’ve already said too much, you just want to see the video. You can do so after the jump…

Many many many thanks to @waverider15 for the video.

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75 Responses to “It’s Hittin’ Season”

  1. Tyler says:

    Who is this retard Steve Brule white-haired fuck?

  2. slade says:

    I get it, asante Samuel cause he missed the tackle. That’s fucking hilarious!

  3. FanSince09 says:

    Look at Hammels just standing there doing nothing! Not a team player!

  4. Jedediah says:

    Dom Brown would have just fuckin stood there.

  5. Danyiel says:

    Hahaha. What the fuck, Whiteside? What a doucher. They LOVE him over at McCovey Chronicles now, not Buster Posey love, but they’re acting like he’s this big, bad motherfucker for jumping up and down like that and trying to tackle Polly. Oh, and they’re editing our players’ Wikipedia pages now, too. LOLGiants fans.

  6. Greenman! says:

    What a bunch of idiots the Giants are, most vagina filled fight I’ve seen in since Johnny Cueto bicycle kicked the Cardinals. Pussies. Coal Hammels should bean Sandoval for hurting Chooch!!! Not cool!

  7. Defenestrate McCarthy says:

    Supposedly, Burrell and Zito are getting suspended for the fight.

    I’d expect Vic, Ramirez, and Whiteside to get something too.

    • kmart93 says:

      Unfortunately, Oswalt may get suspended too

    • Defenestrate McCarthy says:

      Shit…guess Kendrick will be starting on Sunday unless Roy gets a 1-game suspension

    • Danyiel says:

      Oh shit, I didn’t even think of that. Players on the DL aren’t allowed to participate in a benches clearing brawl/scrum/whatever, right? Yeah, that would really suck if Lil’ Roy got suspended, but I’m pretty sure that he could appeal it just to stall things until after the series is over.

  8. John says:

    I’m guessing it’s the rivalry everyone wants now?

  9. My favorite part of the whole video is the dude from SF that takes off Vic’s helmet.

    • Danyiel says:

      LOLOL it’s even funnier on the SF feed. Plus, you see Pat the Bat shoving Hamels around a little on that one, too. Wonder what that’s about?

  10. T-MAC says:

    “Well… Guillermo Mota is taking the helmet off Victorino for I don’t know why” HAHAHA

  11. ELI WHITESIDE says:

    wow i really show my white side in this video

  12. Bruce Bochy's Windowless Van says:

    Fuck Eli Whiteside. He knows that the cameras from the Franchise were filming him and he just wants some airtime. He’s looking around for cameras while he’s hopping up and down like he’s a boxer or some shit. Just like Wilson when he attacked that Gatorade cooler, he didn’t grab the bat until he made sure the cameras were still on him. That whole team is full of a bunch of gimmicky camerawhores. How fucking sweet would it be if they got swept this series and the Diamondbacks took 1st place away from them? I might actually consider watching that shitfest if that happened.

  13. Aubrey Huff's his own farts says:

    I was right in the middle of that tiff, and I’ll tell ya–you Philly cats ain’t right. I had one of your Mexican guys-Valdez is it?- tryin’ to give me a dutch oven through my jersey

  14. Wayne Gomes says:

    Look at fucking Charlie getting right in there. Legend.

  15. BestPhanEver says:

    My respect to Shane for this one. I mean, he got hit with a CLEARLY intentional pitch (Eli Whiteguy: He called for an “inside pitch”…) and he got hit for absolutely no apparent reason other than the team was hitting well and maybe that he actually ran out an infield single, something unheard of and/or punishable by death in the Pussies’ — oops, Giants’, sorry — clubhouse, PLUS he dove right back into the fray and kept fighting, which is more than three-quarters of the Giants — or Pussies…does that make them Giant Pussies? — ever did.
    My final take: Ramirez, Whiteguy, and Sandoval should be ejected, fined, and preferably stoned to death (Sandoval had Chooch in a choke-hold, which means an instant and torturous deal with the devil).
    Victorino should be commended and probably given some sort of compensation for taking aforementioned Ramirez, Whiteguy, and that Fat Ass Panda off everyone’s hands.
    Chooch should get ice cream for his ordeal.

    • NotBrianWilson says:

      No Reason? How about being up 6 runs in the sixth inning and ol’ “bone-on-bone” Rollins still stealing bases?

    • wheels' hairpiece says:

      = FAIL…Polanco was up, why hit Vic? Polly really hit a rocket half way down the 3rd baseline…my inside voice wanted JRo to steal 3rd too…

    • Slappy White says:

      Stealing up six in the sixth warrants plunking a dude?!?! What in the world? The Gints had fuckin’ twelve(!) outs left. I guess the Phils are supposed to lay down with a mere six run lead with more than a third of the game left. Riiiiiight. That is the most nonsensical, bullshit statement I’ve ever heard. Maybe if they’re up by like 12 in the seventh or eighth. Although, with the Gints incredibly anemic bats maybe you’re right (but, yeah, not even close).

      Postscript, you’re an idiot.

    • Danyiel says:

      Yeah, that’s some bullshit right there. Especially when you have a rookie pitcher on the mound that scuffled a bit in his last start against the Pirates and took a no-descision when they started hitting him hard. You never know what’s going to happen, for all they knew the Giants could have mounted a comeback, so stealing a bag at that point in the game isn’t that big of a deal. It was by no means a blowout.

      I love how Carlos Beltran shot his mouth off about that, when his ex-teammate Jose Reyes is well known for stealing bases with an even bigger lead later in games. Don’t act like you’ve never been a part of that shit when you were throwing up the claw and antlers signs at your old teammate two frigging weeks ago, pal.

    • Nikita says:

      The Gints had fuckin’ twelve(!) outs left. I guess the Phils are supposed to lay down with a mere six run lead with more than a third of the game left. Riiiiiight.

      Why yes, those are the Sandy Vag League rules. (The Fightins never made it into that elite division, you can’t blame J-Roll for being in bad form.)

    • BestPhanEver says:

      I believe it’s called “aggressive baserunning” on Rollins, although I see where your lack of understanding could stem from; as I previously mentioned, running hard on the basepaths is something unheard of in the Giants’ organization. Last time you played us — I admit — you did it well; can you blame someone with speed for trying to give us some help on the basepaths and to get his ballclub the win?
      And, for the record, if you’re going to be a dickhead about hitting someone, at least have a good reason, other than your pitcher(s) got roughed up for nine earned runs. You can’t drill Vic for hitting a breaking ball out over the plate, and you can’t plunk him for beating out that single, as it should have been an easy out. Jesus.

    • Chucko says:

      I don’t care how much of a lead a team has. A team that’s down a lot of runs could still potentially get something cooking and come back. Remember that Reds game last July when the Phillies were losing 7-1 and Victorino got on base and eventually scored and Dobbs and Ransom hit those home runs which tied the game, and Howard hitting one to win it? You have to try to score whenever possible. Make it harder for the opposing team to come back and take the lead. Rollins did nothing wrong by stealing second to get into scoring position. Solidify your lead. Don’t let them catch up.

  16. I just love how Shane does not give up until he gets in on some of the action.

    • Charlie says:

      I love how Shane has mastered the subtle art of wiping his nose/upper lip with his jersey while he curses out the Giants players (and doesn’t show his mouth to the lip readers in the audience). See 0.05 of the clip.

  17. Patrick Swayze says:

    NO ONE puts Chooch in a choke hold.

  18. Penceforth says:

    My favorite parts of the game/melee, in no particular order:
    Pence right there in the mix.
    Polanco showing great, UFC level takedown defense
    The Human Pogo Stick acting like the punk he is.
    Worley, with ice in his veins, shutting the Giants down.
    Sarge’s two GOLD comments: “He was bouncing around out there like he as Muhammad Ali” & “Back in the old days, if one of our guys got hit, Lefty wouldn’t hit one of their guys…..he’d hit two.”

  19. FirstTimer says:

    Shane Victorino is equipped with heat seeking missiles for bull shit. that pitch was bullshit and he fired one off. I love the guy.

  20. wheels' hairpiece says:


  21. cliff LEE says:

    I know this was brewing since last year, but in a way it was instigated by Charlie’s comments about douchy Tim&whats his face. He needed to do something to empower the Phils again. We came out playing awesome baseball, kickin ass and taking names and the Giant’s feelings were hurt bc they weren’t “owning” us so they got frustrated and started the brawl.
    Charlie is dumb like a fox.

    • Bruce Bochy's Windowless Van says:

      The Giants are becoming the biggest whiners in baseball with that bullshit. First they flip their shit over what happened to Posey, trying to get rule changes, wishing harm on Scott Cousins, etc. Now little Timmy can’t take some constructive criticism from an opposing team’s manager without getting all bent out of shape. God forbid anyone say anything critical about that team, or make them feel slighted in any way, shape or form, then it turns into this whole “LOOK AT MEEEEEE! WE’RE RELEVANT! WE’RE THE WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!”

      Yeah, we get it, you won the World Series last year. You ain’t the first and won’t be the last to do it. Someone wins it every year, chill the fuck out already.

      Meanwhile, Bochy goes and arranges his pitching matchups to accomodate this series with the Phillies while his team is a half game up in the division in the heat of a pennant race. Come on, dude, you really need to prove yourselves that fucking badly to the world that you’re better than the Phillies? Get your priorities straight, quit your crying and whining and just play baseball.

    • PhilLEE fan says:

      Awesome post cliff lee. Cholly is dumb like a fox.

  22. Jay says:

    lol @ “Eli Whiteguy hopping like the Nesquik Bunny before going all Asante Samuel on Placido Polanco”

  23. Mike W says:

    HP3 was all riled up in the middle of it! And then he tanked one to left next AB! I love it!! Talk about making someone really feel like they’re part of the team now. We talkin’ ’bout the fightins!

  24. PhilLEE fan says:


    Giants right fielder Carlos Beltran implied that Rollins’ swipe of second base earlier that inning may have contributed to the rising tensions.
    “You should ask Jimmy Rollins about that,” Beltran said. “I wouldn’t have done it.”

    REALLY, Beltran…you’re in a game and you “wouldn’t steal”??? Is there some unspoken secret baseball rule you wanna let us in on? Or is it that no one should steal against the all mighty Giants?

    You’re an asshole and deserve to be on a team of whiny bitchy girls.

    Go PHILS!!!

    • Mike W says:

      I think he secretly wishes he was a PHILLIE right now. Is it 4:10 yet?!

    • Mike W says:

      Oh yeah, and on July 2, 2003, Beltran stole 2nd up 5 runs in the 6th. On July 25, 2003, he stole 3rd up 4 runs in the 7th. He is full of shit.

    • Danyiel says:

      Man, fuck Carlos Beltran. You mean to tell me that asshole wasn’t flashing antler signs at Jose Reyes TWO FUCKING WEEKS ago for doing the same thing? Get the fuck out of here!

    • PhilLee fan says:

      SIX hours….

  25. Big Bertha says:

    Flawless Victory-ino.

  26. will.H says:

    Watching Whiteside hop around like it’s hammer time, I’m not surprised the Giants are a little light in the feet

  27. Watrick says:

    In the ribs, not in the head!

  28. RSR says:

    By this date in 2009, the Phillies had removed their WFC patch from their jerseys.

    Meanwhile the Giants still wear theirs and are pissed that the rest of MLB is bowing down in homage. Try focusing on this season and let 2010 go, boys…

    • Mitchy Poo says:

      Good post. Was thinking about all that when the series started

    • Andrew says:

      Not only did the Phils remove the ’08 WFC patch mid-season, but it was only on their HOME jerseys. The Giants have it on their home and away jerseys.

      C’mon, boys–act like you’ve been there before. Even if you haven’t…

  29. wheels' hairpiece says:

    For the amount of baseball that I watch, I’m always amazed when I see something that I’ve NEVER seen before…
    In this week’s edition of things I’ve NEVER seen before…

    I’ve NEVER seen a grown man drinking a martini at a baseball game…

    Stay Classy San Francisco

  30. The Experience says:

    Giants blow more than Linsdey Lohan with an 8 ball and a ffifth of Ketel One Vodka in her. Check me out instead’

  31. Mike W says:

    Choose Your Destiny: WFC 2011

  32. I was watching replays last night and it looked like Chase was being a pacifist. He just stood back and was just like “h-hey guys…why are we fighting? I have to hit!”

  33. PhilLee fan says:

    FOUR more hours!

  34. BestPhanEver says:

    Just went on the to read the real article…
    Vic: “Obviously, Eli, I guess from looking at his reaction, thought I was going to go and he started jumping around. Obviously, Polanco came in and he tackled Polanco.”
    Polly, from behind the crowd of reporters: “He didn’t tackle me.” (sic)

  35. Penceforth says:

    A sampling from post game thread……….”It sucks to lose, but glad Ram Ram beaned rectum face. I kind of wish it was Pence because the dude is good. I forever will <3 Whiteside for this game. J Sanch was good until he sucked later, but improvement! Mota would have destroyed Howard if he did hit him, and lets get a split with the best duo in baseball in MATT CAIN and Timmeh!"

    • Greg Legg says:

      The retard is strong with this one.

    • cliff LEE says:

      what the hell kind of GD nickname is Ram Ram?? Oh wait, this is SF we’re talkin bout, nevamind.

      Hollywood will be in the zone tonight. lets do this yoooo

    • Penceforth says:

      “J Sanch was good until he sucked later, but improvement!” There is so much wrong with that statement on so many levels….

  36. That giants fan with a broom at game 5 says:

    Giants fans aren’t even real baseball fans. They are the kind of idiots who would pay an extra 10 thousand dollars for a car because the dealership had a guy in a gorilla suit dancing out front.

    “hurr durr I like pandas…. and wigs… and fake beards! I’m cool”.

  37. Ugueth Urbina says:

    “Look at Whiteside taking on the whole Phillies team. Philly is a bunch of pussy bitches”
    Polanco was clearly trying to hold down Vic, but Whiteside said, “uh no”. Whiteside weighs 25 lbs more than Polly, and he was clearly trying for a take down from that position

    “SF clearly beat them pussy ass” No evidence in that comment.

    “LOL Phillies fan still mad about us beating their choking ass last year? So much for best pitching staff lol.”
    A whole new season, Philadelphia got the biggest lead in any division, u got the D-Backs right on your tail.

    Another thing to consider. I don’t know what’s their deal in San Fran, their losing, and wanted to start some shit. Phillies looks like they’re defending their players, Sandoval and others didn’t think so. Philadelphia has Kensington, u guys have homosexual

    • Ugueth Urbina says:

      For the 1st quotation, when the other Phillies players got there, and Whiteside got some help from other Giants.

      All in all, this was my 3rd favorite asides from Nyjer Morgan and Mike Sweeney

    • Greg Legg says:

      Whenever I read a comment by a SF fan talking shit, I imagine it is said with a lisp and while wearing pastels. Then I think it’s pretty funny.

    • cliff LEE says:

      yeah, funny how they do that on their home turf….start that shit at CBP and philly will straight up hustle them.

  38. Oliver says:

    Yo, Chooch ran out there with his shinguards on. Boss.

  39. Bill says:

    Polanco didn’t get tackled. I think Whiteside jumped around like an idiot and then just tried to hug Polly because he was star struck. Next time there is a brawl and you are going to hit someone, actually take them down idiot.

    • Nikita says:

      Polly isn’t getting medical tests for a sore hip…the Phillies organization is just covering up the fact that Polanco contracted some weird STD from Eli Whiteboy’s prolonged leg hug.

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