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A long time ago, in a blog far far away I did a post about Phillies potential trade targets going into the 2009 trade deadline. The first 3 people I profiled ended up on this team over the next two years. So this year the Phillies are connected with WAY too many people but I decided to throw them all in virtual Phillies unis anyway since God knows my MSPaint talents can only take me so far. Take a jump and check it out.


Mike Adams: 1.26 ERA 2.89 xFIP 8.79 K/9 1.88 BB/9

Hands down the best option for the Phillies if they are looking for a bullpen arm. One of the more attractive things about acquiring Adams is he is under team control next year, but that will also make him more expensive than other bullpen options. It has already been mentioned that Rube is prepared to give up Jonathan Singleton to get Adams, but that still might not be enough and that is a little alarming. Also, PETCO PETCO PETCO. It’s HUGE, ask Wheels.

Heath Bell: 2.54 ERA 3.97 xFIP 6.46 K/9 3.46 BB/9

Heath Bell is…interesting. As you may have gathered from the All-Star Game he is definitely a personality, but is he as good as he’s been the last few years? His K/9 has declined from 11.06 last year to a mere 6.46 this year. Although he isn’t missing as many bats this year he is still getting outs. But if that xFIP evens out it might not be pretty. Also, PETCO PETCO PETCO. It’s HUGE, ask Wheels.

Chad Qualls: 2.72 ERA 3.63 xFIP 5.05 K/9 2.33 BB/9

You could actually kind of argue Qualls being a better option over Bell. His K/9 is lower but so is his BB/9 and xFIP. In the end I still think Bell would still be a better option, depending on what prospects are given up and how much salary the Phils have to take on. Also, PETCO PETCO PETCO. It’s HUGE, ask Wheels.


Carlos Beltran: .287/.381/.512 14 HR 3.5 WAR

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. But yea, a Met. I originally thought getting him was not very likely since the Mets would most likely want to deal out of the division but apparently that is not much of a factor. So, I guess if it happens, it happens?

Hunter Pence: .321/.363/.489 11 HR 3.1 WAR

Hunter Pence isn’t very likely to be traded considering the fact that he is under team control past this year and, even though the Astros are obvious sellers, Hunter Pence is probably the best young player they have. However, if the Astros do trade him and we can get him for something reasonable I’d jump at it. Even though he looks like a mosquito.

Josh Willingham: .244/.321/.434 12 HR 0.5 WAR

Here’s Josh Willingham looking slightly possessed. He’s a former Marlin and Nat and really isn’t too bad of an option if the Phillies opt for the right handed outfield bat option, of course assuming we give up next to nothing. But Ruben dealing with Billy Bean again makes me nervous. I feel like we’d give up Cosart, May, Singleton, and Brown for him. OK that’s an exaggeration, but still.

Michael Cuddyer: .293/.371/.463 13 HR 2.0 WAR

For some reason Cuddyer interests me. I think it’s because he’s a Twin and when I think of the Twins I now think of Jim Thome. And when I think of Jim Thome I think of awesome. Probably not the most rational thought process.

Ryan Ludwick: .238/.306/.376 11 HR 1.0 WAR

Yea, no thanks. I just don’t think he’s worth the money or the prospects, regardless of how little money we pay and how insignificant the prospects are. Bah humbug. Also, PETCO PETCO PETCO. It’s HUGE, ask Wheels.

So there are your Phillies rumored trade prospects in virtual Phillies jerseys courtesy of tekmology. Who would you most like to see in a Phils uni?


59 Responses to “It looks good on ya.”

  1. wheels' hairpiece says:

    The question I have about acquiring a RH bat (of course we could ALWAYS use an arm in the pen)…are we really that desperate for a player to hit 7th or 8th…our lineup, when healthy (a big if I know), is pretty much locked from 1-6, thrown in Chooch and the SP, and that leaves either the 7 or 8 spot in our lineup for one of these guys (half of whom aren’t performing better than JMJ)…

    How spoiled are we that we are almost demanding that RAJ make a deal for a guy that’s going to be buried in the bottom half of our lineup…We did win a WS with Pete Happy in that spot.

    • DAVE says:

      See the problem with this logic is that it’s wrong. Our 1-6 is anything but locked…basically the only thing that is “locked” is Howard at the 4 (and probably Utley at the 3 now that he’s healthy).

      If we get a good right handed bat, do you think we’re still gonna bat three lefties in a row in the middle of the order?

      Also, don’t give me that crap about being spoiled. The day we stop wanting our GM to make deals to make our team better is the day that we become soft fans who are okay with our team trying it’s best and just in it for the love of the game. Basically we’re St. Louis fans, and then Scott Rolen wins. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT??

      The bat we trade for will not slot into the bottom of our order. If we get one worth a damn, he will be hitting in the 5-hole trying to bring up the compiled .210 average in that lineup slot or whatever it is. Hey, if John Mayberry steps up and gives us a reason to stop scouting trade prospects, then awesome.

      But for now, the way the season has played out so far, this team could really use a good right-handed bat to hit in the 5-hole, break up the lefties, bring a little pop, and get Raul Ibanez’s knees out of Left Field (hopefully theyd sit him and not Brown/Mayberry).

    • wheels' hairpiece says:

      1 – JRo
      2 – Polly
      3 – Chuts
      4 – Piece
      5 – Vic
      6 – Raul

      Unless you’re moving one of these guys, I don’t see how a position player acquired in a trade makes that much of a difference…

    • Yeah, it would be craaaaaaaazy to move Raul in the lineup.

    • wheels' hairpiece says:

      “this team could really use…”


    • DP says:

      In a perfect world, Vic should be lead-off, J-Roll batting 6th or later, and awesome new right handed bat at 5. Do whatever you want with Raul.

  2. Carlos Ruiz says:

    Ayce Cream.

  3. Fat Joe #56 says:

    Albert Pull-hoes for the Big Piece – right handed bat problem solved!

  4. says:

    Get that #9 off Pence’s back this instant! It’s taken!

  5. Jerklin says:

    Melky Cabrera

    • CannedHeat says:

      oooo melkman is doing well in KC right now. pretty much doing everything the Braves wanted him to do last year bahahaha suckers

  6. Brendan says:

    Turk Wendell and Dennis Cook

  7. Non-Moron says:

    I still can’t believe this BS about Mike Adams for Singleton + some other top prospect. I really hope Rubes isn’t dumb enough to make that trade, nor that he actually offered Singleton for him and got turned down.

  8. Dykstra's collarbone says:

    They’re pretty well set, I think. Right-handed bat? Mayberry is doing pretty well. Relief pitching? They’ve got more than they can use, especially when Lidge and Contreras come back. The Phils should be dumping salary (Blanton) or clearing out deadwood (Kendrick).

    • Mike says:

      More then they can use? Contreras may or may not be back, Lidge may or may not stay healthy. That leaves Madson, Bastardo and Stutes (a rookie who has never pitched in a meaningful game). They absolutely need another arm.

    • Mayberry’s doing well, but he’s not going to save our offense in the 8 hole. Seems like a waste to have that pop and speed so low in the lineup.

  9. Mike Adams will fit in with our long standing tradition of players constantly getting injured.

  10. Greenman! says:


  11. DanB says:

    So who would sit if we did get a bat?

  12. Greg Legg says:


  13. Alexander Hamilton says:

    Petco Park is enormous and Hunter Pence in red pinstripes is wishful thinking. A good bank gets this.

    • Alexander Hamilton says:

      This man is an impostor and an UNORIGINAL THINKER, unlike I, the true founding father and ORIGINAL Alexander Hamilton. This man should be burnt at the stake. A good bank gets this.

  14. Aaron Burr says:

    I thought I killed you, Hamilton.

  15. Gabrielle says:

    Why is that orange child screaming at me?

  16. D. Whitmore says:

    huge. like safeco

  17. Lenny Powers says:

    Cuddyer or Pence, thank you.

  18. KB says:

    As far as arms go…Koji Uehara of the Orioles is UFA after this season on a last place team. He could be had CHEAP and he’s got NASTY stuff. Forget giving up god-knows-what for the big names, this is our guy!!

    • FifthAce says:

      They are afraid of the bonus clause in his contract. He already appeared in enough games to start drawing bonuses before the all star game. That cheap contract can become real expensive real quick.

  19. Tyson says:

    No Frenchy?

  20. Max Power says:

    >Someone who’s not Domonic Brown wearing a #9 jersey

    Meech will have your head for this.

  21. CannedHeat says:

    Michael Jack Schmidt.

  22. Kung Fu Fightins says:

    car-go from Colorado, stanton from Florida, carlos quentin from the chi white sox, adam jones from the baltimore orioles. just to name a few hitters

    • wheels' hairpiece says:

      you forgot Matt Kemp…if the Muts have to dump players, the Dodgers should be too…

    • Mike P says:

      As long as we’re discussing players who are totally unavailable, why not add Bautista, McCutchen, and Braun to the mix? Hell, if we’re really dreaming, how about having Amaro build a time machine and pick up Babe Ruth in 1921? He’d be a nice replacement for Ibanez in LF, right?

    • wheels' hairpiece says:

      Babe Ruth can’t help us…he’s a lefty

    • Kung Fu Fightins says:

      you think schmidt would at all be opposed to playing the outfield?

  23. FirstTimer says:

    also, take off my Van-Halen tee-shirt before you jinx the band and they break-up.

  24. Mike P says:

    Looks like another of the Phils’ decent AAA arms is going to be leaving the team, unless Amaro and co. decide to give him a roster spot:

    93-95 mph with a power slider? Why is Baez still on this team again?

  25. Jayson Werth says:

    Jayson Werth

  26. Ed Wade's a jenius says:

    Well if you ask me Polly isn’t going to help your team this year so how about Aramis Ramirez.

  27. Frank D. says:

    Any chance you can post one of Kemp just so I can pop a boner at seeing him in a Phils’ uniform?

  28. NicciG says:

    Pence for Ibanez! sorry Raul we need some youth!

  29. NicciG says:

    totally meant to say Ibanez for Pence! ha ha but i guess it could go either way!

  30. Jeremy says:

    Kidnap Matt Kemp.

  31. JB says:

    Melky or Hunter. Boom!

  32. philajaime says:

    Sad to say, but at 39-55 in the AL East, you can stick a fork in the O’s.

    I second Adam Jones.

  33. @shawnjames says:

    im going to talk to wheels

  34. KH says:

    Hunter Pence shouldn’t be totally unavailable though thats the funny thing. He is a nice youngish player and thats about it. To be honest I wouldn’t be thrilled with giving up the ridiculous ammount Houston would probably ask for Pence who they surely over-value terribly. Just going by the list I would perfer Beltran or Cuddyer. Both those guys would be nice upgrades and probably not terribly expensive from a prospect stand point. I have zero qualms with Beltran he is healthy and a productive player again. He would put up nice numbers in the cozier Bank.

  35. David Delucci says:

    Pick me up

  36. Jason Michaels says:

    Delucci, c’man man you’re a lefty. And you’re on the juice….still. Remember those wild nights we used to have in old city with Pat the Bat, Lieby and Geoff Geary. What a bunch of STALLIONS. I STILL GET CHILLS

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