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Honk if you find the Mets hilarious!
Posted by Chris at 8:15 pm ET 71 Comments

Why in the hell did I not think of this? This is probably the best┬álicense┬áplate I have ever seen. If this person doesn’t read this blog I would be shocked. So whoever you are, if you read this, please email us so we can give you the credit you deserve (and also so I can hunt this license plate down and steal it).

UPDATE: This fine photo was sent in by a reader Matt and it is his friend Dean’s plate. Good work Dean.


71 Responses to “Honk if you find the Mets hilarious!”

  1. Big Bertha says:


  2. phillyphran says:

    My license plate will read, LAUGHING OUT LOUD Mets

  3. phillyphran says:

    still available, ROFL Mets, LMFAO Mets

  4. Kyle Scott says:

    Please take this picture down. Don’t you know “LOL METS” is one of the many phrases I have given birth to? Thieves. What a joke. And yes that is my gf’s Altima and yes we were tailgating and yes I am partnered with Colonial Nissan and yes I was drinking and finally yes my gf made jello shots. (Sup baby if you read this the jello shots were so good and I am so happy that you brought them but maybe next time go a tiny bit lighter on the vodka lovezies.)

  5. Wendell Magee Jr. says:

    I can’t believe is still not purchased…

  6. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    Someone please blur that tag number out of the photo, it’s owned by a friend of mine…

  7. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    It’s available in Virginia. Any of my neighbors interested?

  8. RSR says:

    MLB will be C&Ding that license plate momentarily.


  10. Turf Toe says:

    LOL METS is even more hilarious than this plate:

  11. JohnMatrix says:

    Lol nissan.

  12. DP says:

    F D METS also available

  13. Black and Yellow says:

    As a relocated Mets fan living in Philadelphia, I have to say philly knows they will always be second class to NY, just check out philly after 5 pm or on the weekend it shuts down, and as a result philadelphia has an inferiority complex. A year or two ago I actually saw a sign in the city promoting a winter dance show that read, “Almost as good as the Rockettes!” That is embarassing. When the phils signed Cliff Lee this offseason, the major media outlets in philadelphia seemed more excited to point out that the yankees DIDN’T get him as opposed to the fact that the phillies did. I’ve never seen a fan base that has had such success in a short period of time, yet still finds it necessary to be preoccupied with a team that, as i hate to say it, is irrelevant.
    Like in the 08 playoffs when victorino and the team was mocking jose reyes in the clubhouse. you’re in the world series and you’re still wasting your time with the mets? We appreciate it though, really we’re flattered that we’re that important to you guys.

    Your team this year could be one of the best in a long time, but your city will never be New York.

  14. Greenman! says:

    Ah Mets fan and Steelers fan #15? good luck with that. Now I’m off to kick tall people, you know because of my inferiority complex.

  15. Lianna says:

    @Black and Yellow-You are on a phillies blog, no one cares about you being a relocated Mets fan. Go home.

  16. Black and Yellow says:

    but you guys strangely seem to still care about the mets? and regardless of what you say… philly will always be a 2nd class city…. they filmed a movie in philadelphia recently but changed all the signs to say ny (bc everyone knows philadelphia isnt a real city)

    its just strange that philly feels the need to compare themselves to ny when ny doesn’t even know philly exists

  17. #15 I think you’re a bit confused. The NY Mess is like a younger sibling, that the older much more accomplished sibling picks on for mere enjoyment purposes. You’re the butt of a joke, and you’re trying to rationalize it to make yourself feel better.

  18. Ny doesn’t know we exist, but we have one of their fans here crying. I’m lost.

  19. Black and Yellow says:

    and yeah its tough being a fan of a football franchise thats won more superbowls than any other franchise… how many have the eagles won?

  20. Black and Yellow says:

    i acknowledged they are a poorly run franchise with a poor future but im flattered philly still cares about them so much

  21. New York is such a classy city that I decided to ride the Shittsburgh Bandwagon because our football teams rarely do shit.

  22. Greenman! says:

    and we’re flattered you care about us so much.

  23. Black and Yellow says:

    i wish greenman would make some more good points

  24. Greenman! says:

    and feed the trolls? nawwwwh no thanks.

  25. Wheeler's Wig says:

    @Black and Yellow, 2nd class city? Really? That’s what your going with? I’m not sure if you have a jealousy issue or if your just retarded. You sound like a fool.

  26. Nom Nom Nom. The trick is to out-troll them. He’s a pretty bad one.

  27. Lianna says:

    football? who said anything about football?

  28. JJ says:

    listen i’m a phillies fan but i think the older sibling analogy is weak. how are we the older ‘much more accomplished sibling’? yeah, we have had success the last few years relative to the mets- but we’ve been around for 130 years and have won 2 world series- the same as them, with a few more pennants for the extra 75 years we’ve been in existence. I hate the mets as much as the next guy, but to some degree i agree- why do we still waste our time talking about the mets?? they’re horrible- let’s worry about the marlins, braves and anyone we may face in the playoffs/world series

  29. I stopped caring, did it re-lock-out or are they over it or… I kinda blank out anytime i hear about it because it all seems pointless.

  30. Black and Yellow says:

    2nd class city? i can make my point… you guys shut down after 5pm and on the weekend, you have the most fair weather fans ever (how many people could name more than 5 guys on the phillies 5 years ago), there is nothing to do in philly, there is a block over on 19th and market that is just empty space… you wouldn’t find an entire city block of just empty space in the center of nyc, you claim fairmount park is bigger than central park yet its just a bunch of parks and you add up the square footage just to compare yourself to nyc, your crime rate is through the roof, the city has a shortage of ambulances, EMT’s, and paramedics, all you guys talk about is philly cheesesteaks…wow you can offer meat w cheese on a piece of bread… come up with something better

  31. J says:

    Even better would be LOL M-TS

  32. Black and Yellow says:

    wow JJ… so there are smart people in philadelphia?

  33. Another name to talk to myself with says:


  34. Lianna says:

    wow….what? move. the. fuck. home. you are putting way much effort into talking shit on an opposing team’s fan blog over a joke post to defend your barely 4th place team. Just about as pathetic as any Philly fan taking the time out to make fun of the Mets, for sure.

  35. Black and Yellow says:

    Really though, I’m just incredibly jealous by the amount of success the Phillies have had in recent years. I’m just projecting my inferiority complex onto Philadelphia because it’s the easiest possible way to deal with it.

  36. Whatever JJ, I was kind of talking recent years / foreshadowing a bit with the success part. We’re going somewhere, their owner hates the team. Blah blah. The Mets definitely have one thing going for them though. They can only get better… I think.

  37. Mr. Nice Gaius says:

    @Black and Yellow

    Philly’s crime rate is through the roof??? What did New York suddenly solve the crime problem there and its non-exisitent? L.a. also crime free? How about Dallas, do they sit around and sing the shitastic song Give Peace a Chance also like New York??

    That attempt at a point alone made your entire rant worthless, much like you trolling a Phillies blog to attempt to make your life mean something while chained naked in someone’s basement with a ballgag in your mouth.

  38. Lianna says:

    wow actually i take back everything i said bc i realize that black and yellow is right! and philly does suck

  39. Lianna says:


  40. DAVE says:

    Black and Yellow,

    I’m a Philly fan who’s been in New York for five years. Not saying I know everything about New York, but I have an idea at this point what this city is about. Honestly, I like it here. I still hate the teams, but I like the city, it’s a good place. However, Philadelphia is also an awesome city…a little more spread out than New York (there are few if any cities that can compete with New York for density of population/entertainment), but still: objectively just a great city. Also, in terms of sports (since this is a sports blog), the unity in Philadelphia of passionate support for the city’s teams blows New York out of the goddamn water. The NYC fans I’ve met are into their teams, but the sense of community around the teams is lightyears behind Philly. Granted, it’s and ENORMOUS city, so it stands to reason that this would be the case. But that doesn’t make the passionate sports fan argument weigh any less in favor of Philly.

    Also, I’d love to see some evidence of Philadelphia “shutting down after 5 pm.” Bars close at 2 instead of 4. Other stuff closes before the bars for the most part. Your claim about 5 pm (which, im not a dumbass, i realize is an exaggeration) is really just an ignorant and lazy argument.

    “NYC is the best city ever cause stuff is always open so late.”

    Really, that’s your argument? Not gonna go with the fact that it’s the most iconic city in the United States, the financial/artistic/corporate/entertainment capital of the world? Not any of a thousand things that makes your city great?

    The fact that Philadelphia is not New York does not make it a second-class city. The fact that you say so, and the way you phrase your arguments, makes you a first-class dickhead.

    I’m sure you’ll say that me defending this is proof of an inferiority complex or something. Probably because you can’t come up with anything more intelligent.

    Also, you ever been to the famous Katz’s Deli? Delicious right? They serve fucking meat on bread. Different meat, different bread, but if anyone ever talked shit on Katz’s I’m sure you’d find something second-class about them too.

    Furthermore, suck a dick.

  41. DAVE says:


    I’m sorry, having lived in both cities I just really hate that argument and in my current drunken state I couldn’t just let it go again, I had to get my thoughts out on what this a-hole was saying.

    You’re totally right though.

  42. Defenestrate McCarthy says:


    Wasn’t meant just at you, was just a general statement

    Getting into a NY/Philly pissing match is like running in the special olympics…even if you win, you’re still retarded

  43. Overused internet sayings ftw.


  44. stinkbug says:

    Beep Beep!

  45. PHLinPDX says:

    Lol @ black & yellow!

  46. Wendell Magee Jr. says:


  47. Philly fan stuck in DC says:

    Fair weather fans? Are you fucking kidding me? Look at your own damn ballpark before you toss that crap around.

  48. Nikita says:

    The Mets and NYC made Lenny Dykstra what he is today.

  49. Huge(like SAFCO) says:

    10 bucks says “Black and Yellow” is also a Miami Heat fan.

  50. Lauren says:

    Philly shuts down after 5pm and on the weekends? shit there goes my plans to go out in the city tonight….. idiot.

    And I’m pretty sure that Philly fans aren’t the only people in America LOL’ing at the Mets… nice try buddy!

  51. chris says:

    15 bucks says “black and yellow” is a black guy with janudice.

  52. will.H says:

    i want black and yellow to come back. I’m intrigued by big fat pussies who cry on the internet.

    I like how he (or she) pulls out the WFAN speak and proclaims “inferiority complex cuz youz still tink about us!” Ok.. what motivates you to stop by and hang out with Phillies fans on a Phillies blog? What makes you repeat such a ridiculous comment like “yer city shuts down after 5pm.” What the fuck? I dont even know what that means. Do we have electricity? Do we need to round up the horses a little early today? Are you mad your team is full of gutless failures? Do you wear your Mets hat without laughing?

  53. will.H says:

    “they filmed a movie in philadelphia recently but changed all the signs to say ny (bc everyone knows philadelphia isnt a real city)”

    welp.. not every city can shoot such legendary movies like Maid in Manhattan or You’ve Got Mail.

  54. GM-Carson says:

    Althought the “LOL METS” license plate is fantastic, I think this one may have it beat-

  55. OatmealSalad says:

    In arrogant New Yorkers eyes every other city is a second rate city compared to New York. Lamest bunch of people and I was born & raised in New York state.

    Someone should tell that Steelers/Heat fan (who was a Lakers fan up until 2 weeks ago) that movies are filmed in New York subbing for Philly as well.

  56. Black and Yellow says:

    I eat cock!

  57. Superstitious dude says:

    I want to go to the Brooklyn Zoo with Black and Yellow

  58. The Capital City Goofball says:

    Honk Honk!

  59. SoPhilly Girl says:

    A friend shared teh link to the blog today, thinking I’d find it amusing. I, personally, would not waste money on the mutz. They are not worth it right now. We have more competition in the NLEast from the Braves and the Marlins. Maybe someday the mutz will provide some competitive fun, but it won’t be soon. However, I think what is most telling (about which city is obsessed with the other) is the fact the NY media write non-stop about the Phillies. You don’t see that in the Phila papers. But I guess if I were the beat writer for the mutz, I would write about the Phillies, too. At least the Phils have fans who know and love the game/team. What I would like to know, mr B&W, is why are you here? If NY is so great, what made you leave??? Having spend time in both cities, btw, I have to pick Phila. MUCH more manageable. NYers mow you over.

  60. Doug Glanville says:

    I miss Nick Swisher.

  61. Wack and Yellow says:

    HILARIOUS back and forth…Seriously though, Black and Yellow has got to be slow or something. There is nothing to do in Philly? What about Center City, South Street, or Olde City? Just to name the most popular ones. They dont exist? You are a clown. This guy is probably just a typical loser that never gets invited out, therefore, doesnt know about any of the Philly night life. Hes probably sitting at home with his NY Mets Snuggie playing Magic the Gathering or POGS or whatever losers like him do while other people are out enjoying our city that “closes at 5pm” (HA). We will talk shit and make fun of the Mets all we want because this is OUR BLOG. Shut your mouth and go jerk off to the Statue of Liberty! I hear there are some great tits under that concrete robe.

  62. mgoss79 says:

    Is Black and Yellow’s real name Creighton?

  63. FanSince09 says:

    Shouldn’t of put your license plate number online. It took me about 2 minutes to find registered owners name and address.

  64. Danyiel says:

    @59 That’s seriously the funniest license plate I’ve ever seen. BJ Mom. LOL!

  65. Matt says:

    Nothing like a New Yorker who roots for his hometown Steelers from his couch in Philly to tell you that you have an inferiority complex because a movie studio decided to pass on NYC and use Philly as a stand-in for NYC.

  66. Brian says:

    Needs a Phillies tag frame. Awesome license plate. Gotta love the new york/steelers fan talking smack when he probably has to be in the house by 9.

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