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Bastardo closes game, sneezes.
Posted by Chris at 5:10 pm ET 20 Comments

Thanks to @waverider15 for the video

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20 Responses to “Bastardo closes game, sneezes.”

  1. It’s obvious he’s cursing himself out for giving up a run, pushing his ERA up prob like 1 or 2 pts

  2. NicciG says:

    That looks like undercover cussing or celebrating…one or the other..ha ha ha ha..

  3. Chris says:

    Jesus Christ people, I didn’t think he actually sneezed…

  4. MOAB says:

    he never celebrates, but he gets pissed when he gives up a run every two months. gotta love the attitude.

  5. Stan says:

    Oh My God!!! He made the Mets lose

  6. Kyle says:

    You Bastard!!!!

  7. The best part was Ryan Howard smiling. He either heard it or saw it.

  8. GM-Carson says:

    I love how pissed he was. He got the job done with a slight blemish and curses himself out afterward. Competitor to the max.

  9. Shamels Raul (formerly S.R. Wertiz) says:


  10. Kung Fu Fightins says:

    the video wont work for me…

  11. Greg says:

    That was actually a damn good throw/play by Martinez.

  12. Pauly says:

    It’s great to know that if/when Lidge comes off the DL and actually pitches that he will be no higher than the #3 option as closer. It feels great to actually have some confidence again when rolling into the 9th with just a one run lead.

  13. Saint says:

    He’s just gravely allergic to shitty baseball teams, and or giving up earned runs.

  14. Adamr14 says:

    I’m just glad he secured the sneeze into his glove…. safe and secure, with new york life!

  15. Lisa says:

    @ Adamr14 – In my head, I read that in Tmac’s voice, then lol’d. Good work!


    i heard he was upset cause he wanted some crab fries after his victory

  17. al says:

    1- i love how cool chooch looks after securing any win with bastardo; emotionless
    2- i love how cool bastardo looks after securing any win with chooch; emotionless
    3- i love how cool amandah is after getting gang banged; emotionless

  18. Dad says:

    I had the game on at work. The closed captioning said that his name was “bastard dough.” I don’t want to go to that bakery.

  19. Kung Fu Fightins says:

    chooch had to cross himself after he heard bastardo scream bloody murder.

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