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Let’s Wrap This G–damned Package Already
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Seven games to go before the 2009 regular season (brought to you by Rolaids, Xanax and Jack Daniels) reaches its conclusion. The title defense continues for our heroes in red pinstripes, but since these are the Phillies we’re talking about, nothing is ever frickin’ easy.

As with the Dodgers in ’08, the Phillies have a chance to return the favor to Houston with a four-game sweep at home. This, if accomplished, would put a nice, pretty bow on the division title, and keep hope for the best overall league record alive. (I think… I’m too lazy to do the math. Somebody bring me a hyperactive idiot savant, stat!)

In the meantime, let’s buckle up, take a few deep breaths, and cheer on the teams standing in Atlanta’s way. So, yeah — go… NATIONALS?

Oh, my God. Alright, remember — deep breaths, clean thoughts, and enjoy this musical tribute to That Which Remains To Be Achieved:

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(Note: The first 10 seconds of the video is missing sound, but the song itself is all there.)

143 Responses to “Let’s Wrap This G–damned Package Already”

  1. Jdashdog says:

    Yeah we got this wrapped up. No way we can lose the division. I mean the magic # is 3 with 7 to go. We got this in the bag right? No way this season could end up like the historic Mets collapse of ’07, right? Holy shit….somebody please offer some assurance quick!

  2. Dave says:

    The Braves start a three game set against the Marlins tonight. Florida’s helped us out the last two years…do you think we can call in one more favor?

  3. Heathcliff Slocumb says:

    When in hell does the birth of Jesus have anything to do with the rest of this great educational bit?

    Ahh, School House Rock….back when LSD was handed out like candy on Halloween…

  4. Cole Hamels says:

    Whoa, guys. Let’s not be so intense. I’ll do my best to win tonight’s game, and you remember to eat your peanut chews with a tall glass of milk!

  5. tofoomeister says:

    The site needs more Blind Melon + Schoolhouse Rock = Awesome tag.

  6. bigmyc says:

    Knock it off, pillow biters. Have some Phaith. This season is, to borrow a phrase from Concrete Charlie, “overrrr.”

    Something tells me these guys are still gearing up for the run at the Fall Classic.

  7. Sarge says:

    Oh my! Let the Marlins COOL OFF the Braves, and then we’ll KNOCK THEM OUT.

  8. Jdashdog says:

    bigmyc, I don’t really feel like scouring your thousands of previous posts but I could’ve sworn just the other day you said you didn’t see this team going deep in the playoffs

  9. JrollSaysYouAFrontRunna says:

    For the #1 seed.

    Phills going 6-1 in last 7, would mean the Dodgers have to go 2-4 in their last 6. Dodgers own tie breaker with 4-3 season series lead. You can do the math from there on other possibilities of win/loss variations.

    In other words, not gonna happen.

  10. Walklett says:

    “brought to you by Rolaids, Xanax and Jack Daniels”

    I call that The Rolodex. Garnish with a percocet.

  11. @Jroll: Thanks for the quick numbers crunch. So that pretty leaves us fighting for second-best. Screw it, let’s just see that “Division Champs” banner and deal with the rest in due time.

    Kudos, Jroll! And remember, kids: In Philly, can’t be no punk.

  12. @Walklett: Brilliant! Add to that recipe: “Dial 911 before serving.”

  13. JrollSaysYouAFrontRunna says:

    Basically the Phills just need to finish with the #2 seed and face the Rockies(if they hold on). Thus leaving the Cards to play the Dodgers, if the Cards knock them off then we have homefield anyways in NLCS.

  14. WildThng88 says:

    How ’bout a pregame preview of the ballgame tonight? Include stats, trivia, fun facts, pictures, and photos.

    Please pass this to your editor.

  15. Lynniemac says:

    Blind Melon is so not as good as the original.

  16. Mr. Bryan says:

    GD, Braves! You could’t lose yesterday?? I’m going to the game tonight and wanted to see the clinch in person!

  17. Phylan says:

    @JDashdog, You may be thinking of me

  18. bigmyc says:

    No need to scour, Jddog. I never said that this team wouldn’t go deep into the post season…not sure where you got that other than the fact that some people appear to want to assign ridiculous and unfounded tags to my screen name.

    Fact, I’ve been supremely confident of this team all year and through their two or three lulls. I will continue to be such.

  19. Phylan says:

    Also a former Phillies prospect turned trainer just got busted with a shitload of blow and automatic weapons that he was smuggling in baseball equipment bags

  20. gm-carson says:

    The pitching matchups so heavily favor the Phils this series that anything less than 3 outta 4 is a disgrace. Seriously, the Asstros best starter has a mid-5 ERA.

  21. BigMiles says:

    Yeah, we definitely haven’t been playing our best ball, but the bigger story is how well the Braves are playing. We are the only team to beat them in the past 2 and a half weeks! If the Braves lose even one more game in the past two weeks we are talking about a possible clinch tonight. They are making us earn it, so it’s time to go out and do that. Hopefully the fish can grab one from them and we can get a clinch tomorrow night.

  22. bigmyc says:

    This race is over. Bring on the postseason…and a stable closer.

    Mr. Utley, stop tryng to hard. We get it. You are gritty and intense in a quiet, seething way. Great. Now, just hit the ball hard somewhere. Anywhere.

  23. Heese says:

    LA got smoked this afternoon so if the Phils win tonight and they are 1.5 back with a game in hand. That’s doable, this team just has to finish strong.

  24. Phylan says:

    Utley’s line is .290/.405/.522 with 31 home runs and he’s just about the least thing wrong with team

  25. Heese says:

    He has faded this month though. He is at .222/.319/.374 with 2 HR and 7 RBI in September.

  26. bigmyc says:

    As usual, the Contrarian, Phylan is at it again. He would argue with a child as to whether or not the kid liked a flavor of ice cream or not.

    Utley has been pressing of late. Apparently you haven’t noticed, but the he hasn’t had an RBI in some time. He’s been on 91 for a while. Outta the three spot, that’s less than stellar. Oh, and just read Heese’s post; that is pretty much what I’m saying. Not too good.

    Your problem is obvious. After the proctologist extracts your head from your rear, be sure to get plenty of rest.

  27. Phylan says:

    Fuck RBIs, they’re an awful stat. You are right about recently though, he’s hitting .222/.319/.374 in September with only 2 HRs. Still, even the best hitter on the team has his slumps. He should be fine.

  28. MaxL says:


  29. TC says:

    just win 3. just win 3. just win 3. phils owe the asstros an assbeatin.

  30. Phylan says:

    Oh Hesse already posted the hash line. Well my point is I’m not worried about a rough month for the best producer on the team when our bullpen has like 3 guys who can reliably get outs.

  31. Heathcliff Slocumb says:

    bigmyc sure likes talking about heads in asses. Fetish much?

  32. Gonzo says:

    Go Marlins!1!!!!!11!!!!!!ELEVEN!!!!!!

  33. Heese says:

    I’m not all that concerned about Utley, but he has certainly been pressing this month, you’ve got to think Chollywood is trying to get him a day or two off this week.

    I want Werth to get back on track too after that abortion of a road trip: .156/.317/.156.

    My hope is that they are locked in to at least the two seed by Friday so that they can hold Cole back on Saturday and line up him, Lee and Blanton for the first 3 NLDS games.

  34. Huge Saint says:

    RsBI, not RBIs. Please respect the memory of William Safire. I hope he RsIP.

  35. Heathcliff Slocumb says:

    Or you can just roll with RBI in plural and singular (like 1 deer and 7 deer, 1 RBI and 34 RBI). I always want to kick someone in the crotch when they say “RBIs”

  36. Gonzo says:

    It’s RBI’s – the apostrophe is there to take the place of all the missing letters of “Run(s) Batted In”.

    Much like you see the O’s (Orioles), M’s (Mariners), etc.

  37. Jdashdog says:

    RBI’s sounds better colloqially

  38. Huge Saint says:

    Still wrong.

  39. Phylan says:

    I like to abbreviate it to “the statistic with no significant year-to-year correlation in which we measure how this hitter did in the wildly varying times when he was lucky enough to come to bat with runners on base which is really just a function of how well he hits normally” but I guess that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue

  40. BigMiles says:

    Phylan, I agree the stat sucks, but it does carry some weight. For instance, a guy who has 100 RBI for a terrible team is something that really stands out. Also, if you are driving in the amounts of runs Rhyno has in the last few years that certainly says something (one of four? in history).

    As for Utley, Jimmy’s ass hasn’t been on base so almost every time Utley comes up in the first running it is in a non-RBI opportunity. If Ryan gets up in the first, there is almost definitely someone in scoring position.

    Chase was struggling last year too but he still hit a couple massive, game changing bombs in the postseason. In Chase We Trust.

  41. BigMiles says:

    inning* not running

  42. Jdashdog says:

    Phylan, I’m going to have to disagree. Depending on their spot in the lineup, hitters are held to different standards. There’s no perfect stat for determining a hitter’s effectiveness but when you observe several it’s a pretty good indication.

  43. Gonzo says:

    FUCK! It’s raining. What’s the forecast for tonight? Does Hurricane Schwartz comment here?

  44. Phylan says:

    I just think there are stats that do what RBI tries to do way better than RBI does. Great hitters tend to rack up a lot of RBI, simply because they’re great hitters, and a significant percentage of the time, hitting the way they do, runners are going to be on base. But racking up a lot of RBI don’t necessarily make you a great hitter, or even a good one. That’s an important thing to take note of.

  45. BigMiles says:

    If we have to play another doubleheader I’m going to take doubleshots of tequila before each game so I don’t have to think about it.

  46. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-dro's soul glo says screw em motha fuckas who pitches in the 9th. says:

    Hi I’m Hurricane Schwartz, and my name is Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-dro if i come to this wonderful site.

  47. Gonzo says:

    From the RBI WIki page: critics, particularly within the field of sabermetrics, argue that RBI does a better job of measuring the quality of the lineup than it does the player himself since an RBI can only be credited to a player if one or more batters preceding him in the batting order reached base (the exception to this being a solo home run, in which the batter is credited with driving himself in).

  48. Phylan says:

    @JDashdog, but there are stats that can neutralize distortions like spot in the batting order (rate stats can do this), or runners on base (runs created stats can do this), so why use a number that’s just a straight up counting stat and have to say “well, you have to consider that he was a leadoff hitter and he didn’t have many opportunities” and so forth? RBI is one of those old box score stats that just weasled its way into the papers. In fact, when it was first introduced, the newspaper retracted them and apologized shortly after, because readers were complaining about how context-dependent it was.

  49. Jdashdog says:

    Phylan, you’re quite the historian.

  50. bigmyc says:

    MaxL, I’m with you on this one….but you have to understand that what I said about Utley was not a condemnation like the other guy made it seem.

    Problem is; too many posters knee jerk instead of r-e-a-d-i-n-g the context.

  51. Lynniemac says:

    Not Hurricane, but accuweather has scatter thunderstorms for 7 and 8 PM, cloudy the rest of the way. They should get the game in.

    And, regardless of whether it’s a worthwhile stat or not, the singular is Run Batted In, or RBI. The plural would be Runs Batted In…also RBI.

  52. Lynniemac says:

    That should be scatterED thunderstorms, obviously.

  53. Phylan says:

    I feel like rain has derailed more games than normal this year. I know it’s postponed like 3 games that I was going to attend in person, at least.

  54. Trent says:


  55. can we get a new post so i can ask when the next post is coming?

  56. bigmyc says:

    Keep in mind that, like all stats, RBI acquires credence from it’s large sample size….the consistency of a 162 game schedule levels many statistical playing fields.

  57. Phylan says:

    @Trent good point

    @bigmyc No sample size can make up for the inherent flaws of RBI though

  58. Gonzo says:

    Phylan, I see your point. But you theory only works if you think Carlos Ruiz would have 130 RBI’s batting 4th all year. Do you think he would?

  59. Gonzo says:

    Okay, your theory is not based solely on that instance. But that has to be part of the theory.

  60. Phylan says:

    @Gonzo as you pointed out, my theory doesn’t hinge on that scenario at all. But since you asked, Carlos Ruiz has had 152 PA with men on base in 2009. He averages .24342105 RBI per plate appearance with men on. If he had had as many PA with men on as the current guy who has hit 4th all year, 346, I would expect him to have .24342105 * 346 = 84 RBI, plus one RBI for each of his 5 solo home runs, so 89 RBI (in reality he has 42). I think batting order makes more of a difference than a lot of people realize. And the problem with batting Ruiz 4th all year is not the number of RBI he can get, but the fact that his OBP and SLG cannot support that position in the batting order. It vastly reduces the run expectancy of the Phillies to have a guy who only gets on base 35% of the time and only gets .42 bases per plate appearance batting 4th. Guys like Ibanez and Werth would have nothing to work with.

  61. Phylan says:

    Just to add, I bet if you regressed OPS to RBI per plate appearance it would have a high correlation, which should tell you that you don’t need RBI to tell you anything about a hitter; it isn’t worth picking through all the potential distortions and muddying factors when you have plenty of (relatively) context neutral ways of judging the hitter. If a guy puts up a .300/.400/.500 line on the season, I do not give a shit how many RBI he has, I know he’s an invaluable hitter and I want him in my lineup.

  62. bigmyc says:

    Without getting into a twisting turning slobfest of a debate about RBI, I’ll say this; If a player is a good run producer on one team, he will be such on another team. Now, whether or not his lineup can be the supporting cast he needs to put up numbers is really not the issue. On a good team or a bad one, production is production and a good middle of the lineup hitter will get his RBI…to varying degrees but he will get them.

  63. Gonzo says:

    Thanks for number crunching, Phylan. I agree with your assessment about Ruiz batting 4th all year hurting the rest of the team. But I am only concerned about his numbers batting 4th as opposed to Howard. Your math indicates about 89 RBI’s to Howard’s 130. Which is hard to believe that Ruiz would get that many Ribbies, but I can’t disregard your math.

  64. bigmyc says:

    I can see both sides of the RBI vs. SABR thing..but RBI is not the trash that you say it is.

  65. Brad Lidge says:

    Stick a fork in me, I’m done. It’s Cadillac time!

  66. Phylan says:

    @bigmyc I agree with your basic premise that “a good run producer on one team is a good run producer on another” but the difference between us is that I don’t think RBI is a good or consistent measure of run production.

  67. Gonzo says:

    Is the ‘run’ statistic a bad stat because it relies on others to knock you home (aside from homers, of course).

  68. Phylan says:

    I hate this bullshit, garbage starters always dominate us for no reason at all.

  69. Huge Saint says:

    The Phils could use some RBIs right now.

  70. Phylan says:

    @Gonzo, in my opinion yes. I ignore runs scored entirely. If anything, it kinda-sorta-but-not-really measures how much you get on base, which OBP does much more accurately and judiciously.

  71. Phylan says:

    Oh, unless you’re talking about Team Runs Scored which is a great measure of a TEAM offense.

  72. Fightins Newbie says:

    Hunter Freaking Pence. What a doosh.

  73. Phylan says:

    Pence’s double was obviously hard hit but jesus that hit before was such a bleeder and the one a few innings ago that scored the first run was a rainbow. Why does this shit always happen to Cole?

  74. Phylan says:

    Haha great dance by the umpire there

  75. Gonzo says:

    Phylan, check out Joe Poz’ blog on the Triple Crown – which includes a link to the NYT. It’s a goodread.

  76. JFE says:


  77. MaxL says:

    Chasing Henderson, Baby.

  78. Mand says:

    big brown with the straight steal! chasing henderson!!

  79. Phylan says:

    I just want to know who in the dugout was like “You know what this team needs? More Ryan Howard stolen bases.”

    @Gonzo, thanks. Joe Pos is one of my favorite baseball writers.

  80. Phylan says:

    I fucking hate the Astros

  81. Phils Phan says:

    This team is flatlining.

  82. Phylan says:

    I woulda left Cole in there personally

  83. Nell says:

    I am so sick and tired of freaking Michael Bourn.

  84. Fightins Newbie says:

    I feel like a Met fan must feel. This is horrific to watch. Bazardo turns into Cy Young. Trying to keep the faith, but these guys are killing me.

  85. Phylan says:

    Yeah, uh definitely would’ve stuck with cole

  86. Phylan says:

    Tyler Walker coming in to that appearance allows 50% of inherited runners to score, and on the first pitch allows both of his inherited runners to score, raising it to 55% of inherited runners scoring. And it all counts to someone else’s ERA.

  87. Gonzo says:

    Cant stay with Cole against the righty Lee.

  88. Phylan says:

    Oh, and fuck Kaz Matsui

  89. Brandon says:

    Sweet Jesus. Well at least the Braves are losing….. shit.

  90. Phils Phan says:

    Good to see we decided to dump this one and go at it tomorrow…


    That is all.

  91. BigMiles says:

    If this isn’t the most depressing loss not involving a blown save this year, I surely can’t thing of another one.

  92. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-dro's soul glo hates Bradley mothafuckin Lights On Lidge says:

    What has Milt Thompson been doing? This game got this goof and funky feeling the whole night

  93. Lynniemac says:

    The fact that Ed Wade’s team is beating the Phillies is horseshit. ED FUCKING WADE!

  94. Lynniemac says:

    And fuck you, Michael Bourn

  95. BigMiles says:

    By the way….you can’t leave in Cole to pitch to Lee, but it shouldn’t have gotten to that point. Cole should have put away Tejada when he had him 0-2 or just pitched to Berkman, who I believe he got both times previously. Just overall the worst inning of the year.

    And now Bourn makes that catch, you gotta be fucking kidding me….

  96. The Grump says:

    Jesus Michael Bourn is good

  97. Michael says:


  98. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-dro's soul glo hates Bradley mothafuckin Lights On Lidge says:

    most depressing 100 comments

  99. Phylan says:

    @Gonzo, I have to disagree. Cole isn’t some fluky reliever that you play the matchups game with, he’s a front of the rotation starter. He was pitching well to that point, and I think he would’ve gotten out of it. At the very least don’t bring in Tyler “55% of inherited runners allowed to score” Walker.

  100. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-dro's soul glo hates Bradley mothafuckin Lights On Lidge says:

    Seriously? their bullpen blows, RISP blows, defense blows, and starters are mediocre. The phils were 5-5 and really plays like a .500 team, now gonna be a .400 team. I would probably be the last to say it, but the Phils are going to have a collapse like the 07 mets. Thank God the wild card is still there.

  101. Tony Is Dynamic says:

    Time for Jack to get his Handey on.

  102. Phylan says:

    This is just not a playoff-caliber team, especially the bullpen. If they come out playing like this the Rockies are going to roll all over them again in the NLDS.

  103. Phylan says:

    @paaaydro are you kidding me? 1. Fuck RISP, 2. They have one of the better defenses in the league, 3. the playoff rotation is 1. Lee 2. Hamels 3. Blanton 4. Pedro. The bullpen is the primary problem.

  104. Phylan says:

    ahahaha Lidge is warming up. Someone kill me, right now.

  105. Gonzo says:

    Phylan, I was waiting for you to disagree with me. lol. sorry, not trying to be a dick. Batters are hitting over .300 against Hamels in the 4th thru 7th innings. Batters are hitting .344 in their 3rd plate appearance of the game against him (This stat is universal against probably 95% of pitchers). THe more times you face a guy in a game, the better your stats are in the later at bats . Plus, Hamels had given up 8 hits and 3 walks this game, which is awful.

  106. Lynniemac says:

    That guy should be ejected just for reaching for the ball. Never mind that he never touched it. Idiot.

  107. The Grump says:

    wow if that guy touched that ball. at this point in the game, i kinda wish it did happen, just for the entertainment value

  108. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-dro's soul glo hates Bradley mothafuckin Lights On Lidge says:

    @Phylan, I was referring to their slump right now. Before I used to see 0 errors, now 1 or 2. closing we all know. Starters hasn’t dazzled anyone especially Clifton over this “slump”. Either their slump breaks in the Marlins series or we won’t play against the AL this year

  109. Tony Is Dynamic says:

    We won’t even play the NL. We’ll be playing Wet. Or Madden. Or Banjo Kazooie or some shit.

  110. The Grump says:

    lol at tom mcarthy saying my bad

  111. Phylan says:

    @Gonzo I wouldn’t call 3 walks and 8 hits “awful.” It’s not like, with the exception of Pence, the Astros were hitting him particularly hard; I hate to sound like a broken record but most of those hits were bloopers or bleeders. In any case I’m too pissed with this pathetic performance to get into another debate, so let’s agree to disagree, as we inevitably do!

  112. Gonzo says:

    We’ve been talking about Hamels giving up bloopers and bleeders all damn year. At some point, it’s gotta be his fault, rather than being un-lucky. His BABIP is .317 this year.

    Eh, let’s face it. That at bat isn’t the defining moment of this game.

  113. bigmyc says:

    Someone mentioned Milt Thompson…..well, the answer is; he doesn’t do anything. At least anything measurable. I’m tell’n you, the guy is a tow the line, don’t speak outta turn, paycheck casher. Good work if you can get it but not too good for the phans. This guy just hangs out banking on the prolific abilities of this lineup. When they need him to step in for some words of wisdom, he’s that guy slowly and cautiously walking away while trying to whistle inconspicuously.

  114. MaxL says:

    Wow, is this the worst goddamn 90 win team ever, or what?

  115. Lynniemac says:

    Sometimes, I hate September baseball. Or maybe I should say I have a love/hate relationship with it.

  116. bigmyc says:

    ..and this team will not suffer that ominous collapse. Geez, if they split the series and the Bravos lose one, the division is locked, right?

    Not worried.

    Now,…their level of play in October on the other hand……..

  117. Swift says:

    This is just sad.

  118. MaxL says:

    There is no reason for me to believe that the phillies will win another game this year.

  119. bigmyc says:

    It seems pretty clear that the Phillies clubhouse misses the drama of late September last year.

  120. Gabrielle says:

    ri-goddamned-diculous. that’s the only word that comes to mind right now.

    my ex is there, and he’s evil, so let’s blame him.

  121. Huge Saint says:


  122. Lynniemac says:

    My ex isn’t there (doesn’t like baseball, hence why he’s the ex), but he’s evil, too so can we blame him as well?

  123. Swift says:

    Well… at least Lidge worked a scoreless Ninth. One thing to kind of smile about.

  124. Huge Saint says:

    In before Eric insults all of us.

  125. Swift says:

    @Huge Saint: You know it’s coming.

  126. Gonzo says:

    Perhaps Ed Wade is the EX that is killing us tonight?

  127. Swift says:

    I can’t stay away… had to tune back into the last inning.

    Comeback? Please?

  128. Gabrielle says:

    @lynniemac: i dunno what’s worse, your non-baseball fan of an ex or the fact that i turned my evil ex onto the phillies. either way, it’s all grody.

  129. Swift says:

    Fuck you Phillies… really… Fuck you.

  130. Lynniemac says:

    @Gonzo: Excellent point, that.

    @Gabrielle: Maybe your ex has at least one redeeming feature?

  131. Mand says:

    prepare yourselves for the fall of ’09. oh yea, and relentless ridicule by mets fans for eternity.

  132. Swift says:

    @Mand: If it happens (God Forbid), they’d have every right to ridicule us.

  133. MaxL says:

    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I thought that was the eagles’ specialty.

  134. bigmyc says:

    Please, Mand, save your convictions of failure for your bedroom.

  135. Mand says:

    @bigmyc, does it look like this team wants to win to you? does making 3-7 pitchers look like cy young winners show you that this team wants to win? I would absolutely love to be wrong and for all of you to tell me “i told you so” but this doesn’t look like a team that wants to win.

  136. bigmyc says:

    Well, of course not.


    But, they are the World Champs and I gotta believe that they won’t go with a listless effort. I just don’t understand the hand wringing yet.

    I refuse to yield to the Braves…if only in theory. This season has been locked up for a while and it will stay so. It will only take a lead performance by (Happ?) to turn the tide.

    I do wonder about their showing in the post season, but I do not question their place in post season.

  137. bigmyc says:

    And…if these bats do us in…please, please blame that limp dick hitting coach.

  138. Phylan says:

    I don’t see them blowing the division but they’re definitely not getting past the NLDS like this

  139. bigmyc says:

    I guess I just think that when the first pitch of post season in thrown and the bunting is hanging, the Phillies will seamlessly morph into those tireless professionals of last year.

  140. Heathcliff Slocumb says:

    Milt really is a limp dick hitting coach. We need Michael Jack on the job. Remember when he pumped them up last year? Where’s good ole #20? Still hung over from the b-day celebration?

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