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An Open Letter to Non-Phillies Fan Rooting for the Phillies
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First, let me say that I hope your respective teams’ off-seasons are going well. By now, Chipper Jones has probably bagged his fourth or fifth ten-point buck, and Jason Varitek is putting the finishing touches on his backswing. Sounds nice and relaxing, doesn’t it, and why not? Those fellas worked hard. They’re not sitting around feeling miserable about what might have been, so why should you?

Now, I’ve seen a few things here and there while perusing the ol’ blogosphere lately that have me a bit concerned. It seems that many of you who happen to be fans of teams like the Red Sox and the Mets have decided to root for the Phillies to beat the Yankees in this World Series. In your collective wisdom, you and others like you have reached the conclusion that because they are considered the lesser of two evils, the Phillies are worthy of your support.

Speaking as a Phillies fan, I would just like to say this in response: Take that support and cram it far, far up into your ass. We don’t want you rooting for our team. Fuck off. Really.

This has nothing to do with you liking the Phillies. Quite the contrary. This has everything to do with despising the Yankees. More than a few of my baseball-following friends feel the same way. They flat-out HATE the New York Yankees.

But I don’t. In fact, I grudgingly respect the Yankees for maintaining a successful organization for such a long period of time. Think about it: Since 1921, the Yankees have appeared in forty World Series. Forty! That’s almost one every other year.

In 2000, the Mets and Yankess met in the latest incarnation of what pundits call “The Subway Series.” The Yankees won that series, and I was happy. Do you know why, Mets fans? Because I rooted for them. And do you know why I did that?

BECAUSE I HATE THE FUCKING METS. ALWAYS AND FOREVER. I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER ROOT FOR THE METS TO WIN ANYTHING AS LONG AS I LIVE. I don’t care if they’re playing Satan for control of the Earth. Goooooo SATAN! In short, screw the New York Mets with a rusting rocket ship. So why the hell would you root for our team?

I guess I should also admit that I kinda sorta rooted for the Yankees to win in 1996 and 2003. I did not enjoy watching the Marlins — a team that has never even finished first in its own division, mind you — hoisting a second World Series trophy. In just ten years of existence, they accomplished what it took the Phillies 125 years to do. That sticks in our craw like a ice cream scoop full of peanut butter. Meanwhile, the Braves are just a boring team in a town full of indifferent fans who can’t even sell out Turner Field when their team goes back to the playoffs for the eighty-ninth year in a row. But I still hate them. I don’t want you Atlanta fans rooting for us, either. Go practice that stupid tomahawk chop.

(Nationals fans can root for us, though. You’ve suffered enough.)

No matter how much I may dislike another team (*cough*NewEnglandPatriots*cough*), I would NEVER root for any team from my own division, let alone conference, to win a championship at the former’s expense. Fucking David Tyree. But I digress.

This type of phony endorsement reminds me of when the Sixers beat the Celtics in 1982 to advance to the NBA Finals (versus the Lakers). Boston fans and L.A. fans do not like each other’s teams, naturally, and they consider their rivalry to be far superior to any other, the pricks. So as the final seconds wound down in the deciding game of the Eastern Conference Championship Series, Celtics fans began chanting, “BEAT L.A.! BEAT L.A.!” Not because they wished us well, but out of hope that they could bask in the schadenfreude of a Lakers defeat.

Well, the Sixers lost, assholes. So there.

In closing, I want you non-Phillies fans out there to keep your phony support out of our World Series. Your desire to stick it to a hated franchise vicariously carries the stench of personal failure, and it’s too cold around here to open a window. We among the faithful don’t need your misguided love. We already have the genuine article, and it will sustain us. If you really, truly love your own team, then do what I’d do and root for a meteor to level Yankee Stadium during Game One.

Goooooo METEOR!

119 Responses to “An Open Letter to Non-Phillies Fan Rooting for the Phillies”

  1. Sherry W says:

    Fucking Mets and Socks fans corrupting my boys rooting for them. What the hell??? Makes me want to gag. The Mets and Box are why I’ll actually root fro the Yankees from time to time.

    Rusty rocket ship, niiice.

  2. Matt says:

    I’d prefer for a meteor NOT to hit Yankee stadium during Game 1, considering the fact that our Phillies will be in it…

  3. maxL says:

    I’m not as strong as you Chamo. I rooted for the giants against the patriots. Barely. Or more accurately, I rooted for the patriots to not win. If superbowls could end in ties…

  4. Thanks for saying what we’re all thinking.

  5. 5 says:

    football games can end in ties?

  6. JB says:

    I never understood Eagles fans who rooted for the Giants in the Superbowl (and it seemed like there were so.f’ing.many), and I’ll never understand the Mets fans who are backing us now.

    Red Sox fans, on the other hand…

  7. maria says:

    Well, I sort of rooted for the Giants. It had to do with the 2004 superbowl and just the overall arrogance of the Patriots.

  8. Dyermaker81 says:

    Well written daddio! Much love! Respect history but go Phils! Fuck
    the rest if
    the NL East, NFC East, Atlantic Division and so on

  9. Estebomb says:

    Amen brotha, couldn’t agree more.

  10. Mike says:

    There are enough October only phillies fans, we certainly don’t need converts, let’s win this one again boys!

  11. joe says:

    I don’t want any Mets fans on our bandwagon either. Anyone else, though, I don’t have a problem with. No one gives one lick about my team my whole life, I’ll take this ONE opportunity for people to be rooting for us rather than putting down our battery & snowball throwing, booing Santa, etc oh so horrible fans.

  12. Andrea says:

    This was an awesome read. Amen!

  13. p@ says:

    5, that was too funny!!!!! If only Fox hated the Yankees

  14. Meg says:

    “Gooooo Satan!” hahahaha. I agree completely. I hate the kids who are now walking around with Phillies T-shirts on that are so wrinkled its clear they were shoved in the back of a drawer somewhere. I am so tempted to start testing anyone wearing a shirt/hat/sweatshirt with a Phils logo:

    Name two players besides Utley/Howard/Rollins on our team.
    What is our regular batting order?
    Do you know what a batting order is?

    If you cannot answer either of those questions please remove any article of clothing emblazoned with a giant “P.” Thank you

  15. Gonzo says:

    The more, the merrier. All aboard to any and all potential Phillies fans.

  16. BigMiles says:


    I agree but as someone has correctly commented on here before, if they had to choose between a World Series caliber team with more bandwagon fans and a shitty team with only “real” fans, they still wanna win and deal with the loser fans. Amen to that.

  17. Lynniemac says:

    I have no problem with temporary fans. But if they could de-fan themselves before next season so I don’t have to pay so damn much for good seats, that’d be great.

  18. BigMiles says:

    Also, I want to point out that I have to be up at 7 tomorrow morning and I’m still online. Damn pre-series jitters. Who says winning one would take away the fire?

  19. becca says:

    hahaha this is awesome. fuck the bandwagoners

    lets go meteor!!

  20. Matt says:

    I think I’m in the minority, but I don’t really mind it. Of course, I hate Mets fans with a passion, but I don’t care if someone is choosing “the lesser of two evils” and pulling for the Phillies over the Yanks. I understand Sox fans rooting for us. I have no problem with that. If it were reversed and it were the Sox vs Mets, I’d be rooting for the Sox. But beyond the Mets, Dodgers, Braves, and Marlins, I’d probably root for any NL team against whoever the AL sends just because having an NL team win the series kinda temporarily shuts up all the “AL is sooo much better than NL” dickheads, and it proves that the NL has top teams, too.

    I don’t think we’re in danger of Mets or Sox fans converting and jumping on the Phils bandwagon. It’s not the Phillies they want to win, it’s the Yankees to lose.

  21. Rodney King says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

  22. Jason R. says:

    No problem at all with anyone rooting for the Phils to beat the yanks. I hate the Sox so I rooted for the Rockies in the 2007 WS. Not like phils bandwagon fans of the sox/mets are going to run around going “we sure stuck it to the yankees, I was totally part of it, I’m so proud of MY team” when the phils win. The banner at the bottom says “Beat NY” in bold letters not “Win it for Philly”, of course people are going to jump on that train, no one wants to see the Boss buy himself another ring.

    Don’t you think mets fans of NYC are tired of the constant hounding by the yanks fans? Wouldn’t they rather chalk this one up to philly (who they don’t work with/live next to/buy cigarettes from) than watch another parade in their town they have no attachment to? They have lived their entire existance playing second fiddle and getting swirlies from the yanks and their fans.

    Don’t kid yourself into thinking that the phils/mets rivalry means more than a mets/yanks fan rivalry. My college buddy was a yanks fan in a mets family and said when he finally bought a yanks cap and admitted it at age 13 it was exactly how he imagines coming out of the closet to be.

    I implore ALL mets fans to go to The Stadium and cheer for the phils and against the yanks; the enemy of my enemy is my friend and october makes strange bedfellows.

  23. MK says:

    boston radio stations incorporated c. hamels and werth into their sports rap of the week. WEAK. what happened to “sox fans”.

  24. daled says:

    Chamo I think you miss the fundamental thing here: this group of fans of other teams and unallied fans are what make up a large part of the Television audience for the series every year. No one watches a game if its outcome means nothing to them. So would you prefer no-one watched except for pure-hearted fans of each team and then live with a game with such poor ratings and the resultant lack of revenue?

  25. Mark J. Solley says:

    This was my status msg on Oct. 16th.

    With post season baseball upon us…visions of a repete dancing in all our heads..its easy to forget…but please…let not this be the case! Look deep in your hearts…and never allow the mantra die — F U METS!!!

  26. RR says:

    See? Now you people are admitting that y’all are badwagon fans. Sheesh!

  27. Mark J. Solley says:

    This was my fb status msg on Oct. 16th. Its not a thought or trend…its a friggin way of life baby!

    With post season baseball upon us…visions of a repete dancing in all our heads..its easy to forget…but please…let not this be the case! Look deep in your hearts…and never allow the mantra die — F U METS!!!

  28. Mark J. Solley says:

    Oh…this was from earlier that day. Not related…but just as amusing.

    Im sorry..but everytime i flip around the dial in the morning and watch my sports shows..when i hit espn2..the Mike and Mike always disturbed by Greenburg when he leans his face against the looks like hes being assaulted in prison! Its really not man like to look so comfortable having a falic object that close to your mouth!

  29. CMooreSluts says:

    The Mets like to drink their own pee.

  30. Jeff says:

    Brilliant. Nice work. Thanks.

  31. The Killers Zs says:

    Seriously, can you imagine how much hatred you must have for the Stankees if you, as a die hard Mets fan, to root for the Phillies? You cannot buy that much bad karma.

  32. I agree with every last word you just typed, Chamomiles.

  33. dUb-iLL says:

    Hello (I just do what twitter tells me to)

    The Yanks are gonna crash harder than this site did.

  34. Jocksniffer says:

    Cot-damn, am I happy this site is back. I need a paper towel.

  35. Fuck yeah, Jimmy says:

    fuck the mets and all that, but if the mets were in the series, I’d root for them. same goes for the braves or the marlins or, god help us, the natinals (intentional, lol).

    I’m a fan of the Phils first, the NL East second, and then NL third. I have no other favorite team, but I like if my team’s conference is well-represented

  36. Fuck yeah, Jimmy says:

    and to finish off that thought (I’m at work, fuck you), the reasoning behind that is that the more respect the NL east gets, the more respect the phils get. how many times have you heard spankees fans say “WE PLAY IN THE HARDEST DIVISION GUYS, HOW MUCH COOLER ARE WE THAN YOU”

    the NL East winning more would pretty much put the kibosh on that argument

  37. James Anthony Happ says:

    Why are we bringing up the Mets? They suck, we know. But they don’t deserve our attention.

    F the Yankees!!! I hope I can start Game 4!!!!!

  38. Besides the Phillies making their second trip to the World Series in as many years, the best thing about the 2009 Postseason was that the Red Sox were swept and humiliated by the Angels. In Boston. In front of a stunned Fenway Park. THAT was great baseball.

    For years the Red Sox bitched about the Yankees and their own “underdog” status. After the Sox won the World Series in 2004, they went on to become everything they hated about the Yankees. Now, the Red Sox and their fans are a hundred times more obnoxious that the Yankees and their fans. With only seven World Series titles (versus the Yankees’ 26), the Red Sox really have no claim to the bragging rights they exhibit.

    And don’t even get me started on the Mets…..

  39. Tim says:

    I agree about not rooting for a team from your division, even against another hated opponent. I always root for the meteor too. But the Giants/Patriots superbowl was a little bit different. If the Giants had lost that game, no one would have blamed them, and even their fans in Jersey probably wouldn’t have been all that upset. Hey, it’s the Patriots. But we would have had to hear that 19-0 shit for the rest of our lives. That loss, especially the way it happened, was a great middle finger to those Boston douches with their sense of entitlement, and even though they lost to a team that I hate even more than them. I’m glad it happened that way.

    My only other exception to the rule is that I would have rooted for the Expos to win a World Series no matter what. I love the fact that that team existed.

  40. bigmyc says:

    Hmmmm…not sure how to look at that. I respect it. Just don’t know If I agree.

    .and leveling Yankee stadium during Game 1 would also take out the greatest Phillies team since the early 80′s and possibly ever. Why?

    I’ll take the support, but I don’t need it. But if the collective schendenfraude allows the baseball fans of North America a closer glimpse of what a professional sports team should look like, I’m all for it.

  41. Luis A. Rosado says:

    This World Series is my dream scenario. The Phils against Yanks. I’m actually from Brooklyn, NY, regretably so, and I’m a big Phillies fan in a family of Mets fans. I hate the Mets, I hate their ownership, I hate their shitty GM, I hate shitty Jose Reyes, I hate overrated David Wright, I hate “Mister Softee” Carlos Beltran, I hate “Shut the Fuck Up, Carlos Delgado, etc. Mets fans, even though their team sucks so much ass, still disrespect the Phightins. This is the best possible matchup in my humble opinion. Two evenly matched teams playing on the biggest stage, the World Series.

    In addition, now that I think about it, I shouldn’t even be talking about a 90 loss team that’s going boldly nowhere. I hope the Phils win one for my dad, who’s a Met and Giant fan. I hate the Mets and I hate the Giants even more. Those two teams make me sick to my fucking stomach. I hate the fact that my whole family roots those two garbage teams.

    Lastly, I can’t wait to see the City of Brotherly Love. I’ve always wanted to go and move to Philly. People always talk about “New York” as the sports capital of the world. Fuck that, It’s Philadelphia. I think it’s ten times tougher to play in Philly because the fans are ten times tougher. I’ve listened to both NY and Philly sports talk and it’s no comparison. NY’s soft compared to Philly. I believe that if you can play in Philly, you can play anywhere.

  42. VP says:

    I love this letter. Every asshole out there hate’s Philly teams and that’s just fine with me. Keep it that way. I don’t need / want your sympathy fuck

  43. phillygirl says:

    I say welcome everyone who wants to support the Phils, for whatever reason. The more the merrier.

  44. Luis A. Rosado says:

    To VP,

    Is this in regards to my letter?

  45. Luis A. Rosado says:

    Never Mind

  46. BigMiles says:

    Just wanted to point out that Eric Hinske aka the victim of the Perfect Pitch was just added to the Series roster for the Yanks. I smell deja vu!

  47. Darkwing Duck says:

    My extended family is divided pretty evently between Phils fans and Sox fans. I personally see NO downside to us becoming closer than we’ve ever been. (My parents 22 year marriage may see some bonding time for the first time in a decade) We all know full well that next season the hatred returns, but for now we’re going to enjoy the shared hatred while it’s available.

  48. Justin says:

    So you rooted for the Yankees against the Mets, because you hate the Mets, but Red Sox fans can’t root for the Phillies against the Yankees, because they hate the Yankees. Fuck you, go Yankees.

    -Boston Fan

  49. Luis A. Rosado says:

    I hope the Phils beat the shit out the Yankees. Every fucking douche on ESPN is picking the Yanks with the exception of one, I forget and don’t care who. The Yanks are in for a rude awakening. Tonight, the Phils are gonna blow up the house the taxpayers built. Lee’s pitching a gem tonight. Peace.

  50. JP says:

    I think the more people that want to root for the Phillies, the merrier! Come on aboard! They don’t have to love the Phils, just share in the hatred of the Yankees and their “greater than thou” complex. We are the city of brotherLEE love, so welcome all the WS playing Phillies fans aboard! Let NY know their time is up!

  51. will.H says:

    “go Yankees.
    -Boston Fan”


  52. Eric says:

    your letter is good, but you blatantly contradict yourself. You slam others for supporting the phils only because they hate the Yankees and then go on to talk about how you have done the same exact thing!

  53. maria says:

    will h., I’m glad someone else thought that was hysterical as well. What is a Boston fan doing on a Phillies website?

    Tonight is the night. 7 hours and 26 minutes.

  54. Jordan says:

    @Cham – you’re retarded. Red sox fans are rooting for the Phillies for the same reason you root for the Yankees when they play the Mets. I welcome anyone who wants to root on the Phils, even if its only to see the Yankees lose.

  55. Luis A. Rosado says:

    Mets and Sox fans, please stick to your own team. When the Giants played the Patriots in SB42, I didn’t go root for the Giants, even though I hate the Patriots. To be honest, I really didn’t watch most of that game. Just stay away. Do something else, like play Madden or shit like that. I only care when the Phils, Eagles, and Sixers are in it. Peace.

  56. Jocksniffer says:

    Horsies are pretty.

  57. Mark J. Solley says:

    The Kruker Picked the Phils. Thats his name…Strapper! You know..John Kruk…of the 93 team! Ring a bell?

    And hey Justin…I got a couple balls you can play with! Dirtneck!

    Fuck the Mets!

    Fuck the Giants!

    Fuck the Rangers!

    Fuck the Knicks!

    and even the piss poor Islanders!

    But most of all…the biggest Fuck You go’s to the Yankers!

    Thats straight from the World Phuckin Champions!

  58. Luis A. Rosado says:

    Before the whole DirecTV-Comcast dispute, why was it that CSN Philadelphia was not offered on DirecTV? Someone, anyone, please explain that to me.

  59. Luis A. Rosado says:

    Who here hates Joe “Fuckin” Buck. He and ESPN’s Joe Morgan suck. Get them off the air.

  60. Luis A. Rosado says:

    Besides Kruk, there was another guy on the ESPN website that picked the Phils.

  61. Ozzie Virgil's Beard says:

    Eric Karabell and Pedro Gomez picked the Phillies. And that’s it. The reasoning for some of the ‘experts’ as to why the Yankees will win is asinine.

    While doing some of my own research on baseball reference, I stumbled across this site.

    I immediatly smashed my computer monitor with my fist and replaced it with another.

  62. Matt says:

    I’m with those who are ok with those adopting us for one week. It feels like good karma or somehow comforting. I don’t know. I agree that I would never root for the Mets, but we also have no AL team we despise as much as Mets fans do the Yankees.

  63. Joe says:

    You bandwagon-ed for the Yankees 1996-2003 with such worthy-of-respect guys like Darryl Strawberry, Roger Clemens, Dwight Gooden, David Cone, Jim Leyritz, Tim Raines and Jason Giambi? Ugh.

  64. Ian says:

    Hey, remember when Utley was being introduced at the All Star Game in Yankee Stadium last year and gave a big ‘ol “fuck you” to the New Yorkers booing him?

    Yeah, I’m with Chase on that one.

  65. Billig says:

    I’m not gonna lie, that was a pretty douchey article and I’m actually happy that other fans from other teams are backing us. It just gives us that much more support and I’ll never turn down more support even if it is from (*gasp*) other teams. Honestly, get over yourself, and focus on hating the (phucking) Yankees!!!!!!!!

    LET’S GO PHILLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PHUCK NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Luis A. Rosado says:

    I’m from New York and I say fuck New York! Go Phightins!!!!

  67. Brandon says:

    Here is the espn writers predictions. Sorry if someone posted this already, but only Gomez and Eric Karabell(?) think the phillies will win it.

  68. Jesse says:

    So this article basically boils down to:

    1. As a Phillies fan, I rooted for the hated Yankees to beat the Mets because I hate the Mets!
    2. But Red Sox fans can’t root for us to beat the hated Yankees because they hate the Yankees!


  69. jd says:

    i disagree with this article.

    nd football. duke college basketball. lakers and celtics basketball. the yankees. usc and miami football. i will always root for the other team. especially against notre dame.

    why? cause fuck them, that’s why.

  70. will.H says:

    jim leyritz killed a guy.

    jim ive been meaning to talk to you about that, you may want to lay low for a while

  71. Fightins Newbie says:

    @jd…i am in 100% agreement with you and hating those teams at all costs, except I used to respect the yankees, so my hatred of them is such that I dont care if they win, as long as they are not playing the phils. The main thing that pisses me off is when teams that dont have championships win them before Philadelphia teams do. Part of being ok with the yanks was that they were on WPIX when I was a kid..first love was the phils, but I was ok with the yanks. Now they have just become a freak show, and the phils will rub them out. No worries!

  72. choooooooooooooochtober says:

    1. This letter is amazing. It’s way more fun to when when no one wants or expects you to. To quote a previous post on this site “Our slogan should be Ruin Your Fun. It feels good to bitch-slap the doubters.”
    2. This blog is like my philly crack because I’m stuck in Pittsburgh and this city blows.
    3. Fuck the Mets.
    4. I couldn’t be happier that a Phillies/Yankees World Series is pretty much a Met’s fan’s personal hell.
    5. I will say it’s almost unsettling for outside people to be rooting for us…
    6. I was brought up as a philly fan, and I was told the reason we are philly fans is because we love our city and we support our teams because they are OURS. Not because they are good (beacuse they sure weren’t) but because that’s what being a fan is. Everyone knows deep down for themselves if they are a “true” fan, or a fair weather fan. So let’s all stop trying to prove to eachother how we are all true fans and not bandwagoners, and just support our boys.
    7. Fuck the Mets. Seriously.

  73. boston fan says:

    Seriously, can’t we all get along? I dont get the anger here… I kinda like the Phillies to begin with, so you better believe I’m going to be rooting my little heart out for them against the Yankees. And Im sorry for everyone here who has only met douchebag Boston fans. Trust me, we’re not all like that..

  74. embiscuit says:

    this is the greatest thing i have ever read! godspeed!

  75. Mark J. Solley says:

    But us Philly sports fans are, we are bastards, boston fan…at least the real Philly sports fans are…you know…the ones that were born here….have a bad fn taste in their mouth from bad teams…bad ownership…bad coaching…etc etc. But damn it…they were and always will be our teams! Like the 80 Eagles…or the 93 Phils….they are losers! But…we fn love them…and they were the best we fn had! Well now…we’re on top! We have a team that can maintain! And we’re gonna flex a little! We deserve it! But just remember…whether our teams are winning or losing…your just as likely to get punched in the face either way if your loud in our park! Or ya get mouthy in the parking lot! We’re bastards…rain or shine baby!

    So…Fuck the Mets! And the Yankers! And the Red Sox for that fucking matter! And Fuck You boston fan….and to answer your question…NO We Cant All Just Get Along Mother Fucker! =)

  76. Luis A. Rosado says:

    It’s not my fault I was born in NY.

  77. Luis A. Rosado says:

    I’m a real fan, deal with it.

  78. Luis A. Rosado says:

    I can do what I want. Suck that haters.

  79. MoyerIsMyHero says:

    I actually specifically rooted for the meteor hits the WS during the “Subway Series” and the Marlins/Yankees series. It was entertaining to see it suggested, though obviously that would be bad this time.

  80. JeffG says:

    This is why everyone hates Phillies fans. Get over yourselves. You’re all bandwagoners to begin with. Why are you STILL talking about the Mets?
    GO YANKEES!!!!!!!
    Im so sick of hearing WFC … very classy, by the way.

  81. Luis A. Rosado says:

    Let’s just move on, this shit’s gettin’ old. It’s not like we actually win anything rooting for our teams, we just get a moment and move on. Fans are just that, FANS!!! The teams we root for aren’t winning it for us, they don’t give a damn about us. Let’s get over ourselves, we’re not more important than anyone else. We care about something we’re not even involved with. Honestly, all I care about is the entertainment I get out of it. Fans shouldn’t have to prove shit to any other fans. I don’t give damn about my fellow Phillies fans. I mean hell, I’m the only Phils fan I know here in NY. Everyone else is either a Yankee or Met fan. We are fans, not some fucking fraternity. Other fans should seriously get off their fucking high horse. Peace.

  82. SpencerG says:

    “So why the hell would you root for our team?”
    Because we love the game first, and our respective teams second.
    And when you’re own team isn’t in the fight, you root for the underdog, which is still the Phillies despite their being defending champs. (Because when you play the Yankees in the post season, you’re always the underdog.)
    But to be completely honest, I really don’t give a rats ass which team wins this series. I just want seven good games to temporarily distract me from the fact that my job sucks and my 401K is still eating it.

  83. Murgatroid says:

    The Yankees oppose everything I love about baseball. I would root for any team in baseball other than the Yankees (besides the Mets).

  84. Mangia_Cazzi says:

    I don’t like the yankees and am not a phils fan, but I still will root for the NL east. Glad to see so many bandwagon fucks that are huge fans all of a sudden that the phils are good and the eagles are shit.
    When i went to college in philly, I still went to the vet to watch the phils because i like baseball. Where were you fucks then? Cause usually it was pretty empty and no don’t say it was because it was a football stadium with too many seats. Anyway go Phils!

  85. Jack Off says:



  86. Max says:

    Fuck that, I’m a Mets fan and if Alex Rodriguez wasn’t on the Yankees I’d be rooting for them.
    Unless of course Howard is on the Juice.

    Another thing, this asshole who wrote the letter doesn’t have a crosstown rival, Philly isn’t a big enough market so it’s easy for you to root for anybody but the Mets.

    For this Mets fan, the Phils are the lesser of two evils. Although it would be even better if a meteor did hit any of these games. This is Satan’s Series.

  87. WhoGivesAFuck says:

    Well. one thing New York has on all you Philly fans is…well New York.

    Philly is a shithole and home to the least attractive people in the United States.

    A fugly fanbase and fugly people.

    You assholes stop trying to drive to New York to hang out, stay in your shithole and mix in your cesspool.

    Lucky the Giants are facing the Eagles this weekend, we needed a break.

    Go Yanks, Go Mets, Go Giants.

    Fuck the fugly philly fans.

  88. LOSMETS#9 says:

    Even with the honor of playing in a World Series two years in a row, I STILL hear the jealousy and resentment of Phans. WFC, WFC, F***METS, F***YANKEES, F*** NY… What is WRONG with you people?

    Your team (not YOU because all fans do is show up – they don’t play) beat the Mets for division titles – three years in a row. Respect.

    Your team won the World Series last year. Great – 126 years is a looooong time to have two World Championships (after six tries). Still…respect.

    Your team is defending their title against the other NY team with the best record in baseball. Now you’ll show us over-educated, rich, cosmopolitan, successful, world class, #1 media marketed, obnoxious, famous, multi-cultured, dangerous, beautiful…New York assholes what they need to know. If you win.

    Chamomiles Davis, you’re like House. Can’t be happy unless everyone’s miserable with you.
    I’ll look for you on “PARKING WARS”, watching your car getting booted because you were too busy writing ANOTHER posting about why you want to blame your stupidity on NY. Don’t you have weather balloon hoax to instigate or a post office to shoot up?

    Somehow I think you wish you could shit that meteor – and as you slowly hemorrhage to death – you’ll have the satisfaction of “…I got them…(weaker) I…got….th-”. Because no matter how many championships your teams can win – you’ll still live in a Second City. And that’s the biggest letdown of all.

  89. Chris says:

    Enjoy this World Series, representing two of the greatest cities of our great Nation, and root for whoever the hell you want to. America, baseball, and Cliff Lee are all incredible. Go Phillies, and stop writing stupid crap.

  90. LOSMETS#9 says:

    I agree, Chris…except I would have said this…

    “Enjoy this World Series, representing two of the greatest cities of our great Nation, and root for whoever the hell you want to. America, baseball, and Cliff Lee are all incredible. (No one wins), and stop writing stupid crap.

  91. Philly sucks and always will says:

    I can’t wait to shit on all your graves. I wouldn’t fuck your whores with Rollins dick. All of you act like you’ve always won, and that obnoxiousness deserves to catch the ebola virus.

    Nothing personal, though.

  92. Cizmad says:

    You sure got to a computer fast, A-rod.

  93. JB says:

    “Now you’ll show us over-educated, rich, cosmopolitan, successful, world class, #1 media marketed, obnoxious, famous, multi-cultured, dangerous, beautiful…New York assholes what they need to know.”

    This, in a nutshell, is why I can’t stand NY fans.

  94. #29 Juan "Unohuevo" Cruq says:

    While I agree with the sentiments in theory, in practice I have no problems with division rivals rooting for the Phillies exactly because it is so morally bankrupt of them to do so. Not only do I get to watch the Phillies in the World Series I get to watch Mets fans debase themselves? SIGN ME UP!

    It’s like watching your Fiancee’s ex-boyfriend who still loves her suck dick for cash to pay for your honeymoon. It’s so pathetic is priceless.

  95. Ben Sokolowsky says:

    you are fucking retarded, you just said you hate people who root for the phillies because they hate the yankees but you just rooted for the yankees because you hate the mets. learn to think you fucking hypocrite!

  96. Sigmund says:

    Does this mean that by cheering for the Phillies, I — someone who hates baseball — can see Yankees fans sad and angry, and Phillies fans indignant and angry? Awesome!

  97. Mark J. Solley says:

    “Fuck that, I’m a Mets fan and if Alex Rodriguez wasn’t on the Yankees I’d be rooting for them.
    Unless of course Howard is on the Juice.

    Another thing, this asshole who wrote the letter doesn’t have a crosstown rival, Philly isn’t a big enough market so it’s easy for you to root for anybody but the Mets.

    For this Mets fan, the Phils are the lesser of two evils. Although it would be even better if a meteor did hit any of these games. This is Satan’s Series.”

    The dickwad who wrote that…I have the most fucking respect for here! I say fuck you…you say fuck me rite back! Fuckin rite! I’d buy this guy a beer….then smash my mug over his fucking coconut! Like its supposed to be!

    And to everyone whos saying Philly is a second city. No fucking shit assholes! NY is the world capitol. Thats not lost on anyone here! ANd here we are today…a “second city” one game up in th WS! We tokk it to your ass in your fucking house! You fucking pussy mother fuckers! And tonite….Pedro is gonna put the nail in the coffin! We’re gonna get to see the Phils win the WS in our house! In 5! Eat that you dirtneck fjitbag punk mother fuckers!

    World Fuckin Champions!!!

  98. Hank in Colorado says:

    Wow,… this guy chamomiles has a serious hate issue. Really, is your life so small that you have to vent so much hate? Do you really need to take this fandom stuff some seriously that you need to spew like this. Really? Here’s a suggestion Chammy, have a beer and chill dude. and, here’s a reality check, most of these ahtletes really don’t give a damn about any of us fans.

  99. 10,000 losses and counting says:

    ur blog here makes me actually want to root for the phils just so i can MUSH them and they lose horribly in the next 3 games.

    FUCK THE SIXERS (althought i could care less about basketball)

  100. I'd Shit on Your Trophie and Let it Bake in the Sun if I could... says:

    It’s typical that a Philly fan would have this vile sort of anger, no doubt you’ve visited the cell inside old veteran’s stadium enough times that your shit stains are permanently embedded in there.

    You don’t want us to root for your team? Fuck, I DON”T WANT TO, but if they win then I don’t need to hear, see or think about you guys for a long fucking while. You’d be in the papers here for 1 freeking day, before you’re mentioned next to the advertisement for the free meth clinic in the corner of a page in the whore and escort section.

    You can celebrate your 2nd championship of the NUMBER 2 team in your town – and that’s fucking right because everyone knows ITS THE EAGLES FIRST ahead of the Phils – in that second rate city of yours.

    So enjoy it if you win, I hope you win, even though it feels like I have a layer of scum on my body which I can only remove with sulphuric acid every time I sit on my couch and root for that team of yours.

    But Good Luck! Hope Y’all win! You got my support! And when yo do win…. again… Celebrate, bitch and Moan that the Eagles should have one a Superbowl by now, and then Shut the Fuck Up. Cuz the entire country has heard enough of diahrea of the mouth from the Phillie fans.

  101. ed kranepool says:

    As a Mets fan (grudgingly) rooting for the Phils to win I have to say it makes me happy to know that some Phillies fans are angered by my rooting for their team. Makes me want to root all the harder. You guys will just never be happy no matter what happens, so go back to booing Santa Claus and shut the fuck up!

  102. dan says:

    fuck you sillies fans. yankees are going to kick your ass, we are going to boot omar and get back to what we are good at- beating the shit out of you punk ass philly bitches. fuck your pussy ass eagles too!

  103. manchestermet says:

    Had a good laugh at this one. Cheer on the Phillies? Are you serious? Get a life… I cheer the Mets, and I don’t give a shit about anyone else. Enjoy your hate, I hope it makes you very happy…
    Let’s Go Mets!

  104. Richard Sinotte says:

    Phuck the Phillies! Just beat the fuckin’ yanks, then go back to hell.

  105. How dare you turn down our charity! Not surprising. But know this, WE ARE NOT ROOTING FOR THE PHILLIES, we are ROOTING AGAINST THE YANKEES!

  106. LOSMETS#9 says:

    Hey #29 Juan “Unohuevo” Cruq,

    Who’s sucking dick now?

  107. Phillyeatsshit says:

    I’m so glad you fuckers lost, you snivelling asshole. Now do the right thing and kill yourself.

  108. Ray says:

    #89. WhoGivesAFuck

    “Lucky the Giants are facing the Eagles this weekend, we needed a break”

    They looked like they took a break too. 40-17.

    I love how a lot of “New Yorkers” are coming here calling Philly a second-rate city. I’d much rather live in a second-rate city, then a city where you can smell the piss in the subway from everyone homeless person in New York.

    Again, congratulations on your 27th Championship. Most of you probably weren’t alive or old enough to remember when the Yankees won in the late ’90′s. It must be nice bragging about history that you weren’t around for or old enough to remember.

  109. ATruePhilsPhan says:

    Would be nice if some of you dumbasses defending the Phils Phans could actually spell. Mark J – the correct spelling is REPEAT. It’s Phans like you that give us TRUE, down to earth, good hearted Phils Phans a bad name. So much hate and anger & curse words! The Yanks kicked our asses, plain and simple, but they also did it with mucho deniro!!! Pedro lost the 2 games he started and Howard has a new record (thanks buddy!). Maybe they needed to lose like this to get their shit together for 2010!

  110. ATruePhilsPhan says:

    Ed – just another bandwagon jumper. I know I am a true Phan. You’re just gonna have to live with the fact that your team sux.

  111. will.H says:

    atruephilsfan, i like these two consecutive senteces:

    “So much hate and anger & curse words! The Yanks kicked our asses,”

    good work.

  112. redsoxfandave says:

    People who equate the Red Sox with the Yankees are abysmally uninformed about the salary differences between the Yankees and every other team. Please educate yourselves and read this article by Posnanski:

    I cheered for the Phillies the whole series. So there. =P

  113. Your mom says:

    what would jesus do?

  114. people equate red sox fans with yankees fans because they’re both stuck-up assholes. doesn’t take a dollar to notice that.

  115. Zaposlitev says:

    bucohmnewdavsybprinb, delo, VdbHwgw.

  116. been following ur site for several days. really like your posts. by the way i will be conducting a study about this area. do you know any good blogs or maybe forums where I can learn more? many thanks.

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