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A Depiction of My Physical State Watching Brad Lidge Last Night
Posted by Chamomiles Davis at 10:04 am ET

The Phillies were in danger of squandering a 5-2 lead they’d built in the eight inning, thanks to 4 runs scored off the Cardinals’ bullpen. Pujols was on deck. The bases were loaded, after a Brad Lidge inside pitch plunked Cesar Izturis on the arm.

Lidge had already surrendered three hits, including a shot off the foul pole courtesy of Troy Glaus to bring St. Louis within one run of tying the game. And I had just finished consuming a Wawa Italian hoagie with questionable lettuce content.

Add up all the factors, and you get this happening in Chamomiles Davis’ lower abdomen:


Then Lidge strikes out Stavrinoha and Mather (neither of whom had ever faced him) to end the game, so no need for panic. B-Lid remains perfect in save opportunities and the Phillies took 2 of 3 from the Cardinals in St. Louis. But still I had a brief flashback to that 2005 NLCS game, when this happened:


You know it better, thanks to the national media, as The Home Run That Is Supposed To Have Shattered Brad Lidge’s Confidence Forever And Ever And Ever Amen. By the way, Pujols went 0-10 in this series. Whose confidence is shattered now, I wonder?

Busy Lidge Hangs On For Save Against Cardinals [Paul Hagen, Philadelphia Daily News]

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8 Comments on “A Depiction of My Physical State Watching Brad Lidge Last Night”

  1. Says:

    When you’re sliding into first,
    and you feel something burst,
    Diarrhea, diarrhea

  2. Joe B Says:

    I know that homer as the most impressive home run ever hit. Other than Shane’s last night. That guy’s becoming all sorts of clutch.

  3. Chamomiles Davis Says:

    Joe B,

    Impressive no doubt, but Kirk Gibson’s has to be higher up on that list. And of course, as if we could forget, a certain home run by a certain player from a certain Canadian city.

    /…and then, depression set in.

  4. Gonzo Says:

    Canseco’s shot into the 12th deck of the Skydome was the most jaw dropping I’ve ever seen.

  5. Joe B Says:

    I meant impressive for sheer “Wow that fucking ball went real, real far” impressive.

  6. The Phunyun Says:

    Somewhere in the Philadelphia area Mitch Williams watched the 9th inning and said, “Now that’s how you save a game!”

  7. How do you spell retard? Says:


    They gotta stop this ‘first letter of first name, part of last name’ nickname-thing.


  8. Gigi Says:

    Considering how close each game was, Poo-holes going 0-10 is pretty damn huge…

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