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Bring on the Reds.

Music Credits: Z-Trip feat. Clutch – “Doin’ It Like This”

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It’s the feel good hit of the Fall! If you haven’t already, get your FUNNER tee over at the Birdland x Fightins Store.

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If you’re anything like me, you didn’t actually read Matt Gelb’s recap of last night’s game, you just stared at the picture of Roy Halladay celebrating his first post-season berth in his storied career all day. Well, If you didn’t read it, you missed the greatest goddamned piece of sports journalism ever:

Sweeney took off his pants and scurried around the room. He was caught from behind by closer Brad Lidge, who dumped champagne on his head.

“It burns!” he said

“Oh yeah,” Lidge said, “it burns.”

That isn’t a piece of Chris’ erotic Mike Sweeney fan-fiction, that actually appeared in print. God, I love this team.

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Click here for the full-size version of the image. Big ups to our boy Beelove from Maule of America for the screengrab.

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It’s been almost a whole day since The Phillies have taken over the lead in the NL East, and your heart-rate has probably just about returned to normal.

This video should fix that:

Posted by Ryan at 10:00 am ET 46 Comments reports that MLB’s Fun Police have struck again, sending a last-minute cease and desist letter to a team competing in tomorrow’s Red Bull Flugtag. The team had planned on crashing flying their sweet Phanatic craft into the Delaware River, but since the team will end up making money on the endeavor, MLB has stepped in to prevent Red Bull from letting the team compete with the craft. The product of months of work, and about $3000 in materials, will now be piloted head-less to avoid any legal action.

Understandably, pilot Adam Denard  is pissed, and has a choice quote to boot: “This is my city, Major League Baseball! My Phillies! My Phillie Phanatic! You are a bunch of freaking nerds!” Clearly, their mistake was putting the “P” on the cap.

By the way, if you’re at the Flugtag tomorrow, give me a shout and say hey. I’ll most likely be black-out drunk!

UPDATE: Julie Jones, leader of squad Phlyin’ Phanatics, chimed in down there in the comments to let us know how to help:

Thank you for the overwhelming support. WE are truly touched. The prize is a trip to the red bull race in the US next year, hang gliding or skydiving. No cash. We are allowed to fly with major modifications. Text ‘Team2″ after 2pm today to RBULL (72855) for us to win the People’s Choice.

DO IT. Early and often, people.

Even if you don’t care about flugtags and/or Red Bull, this is about JUSTICE!


If you aren’t already completely gay for Mike Sweeney, this post-game interview he did with LA and Franzke after Sunday’s win will totally win you over. Embedded for your enjoyment post-jump:

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I just got a text during a family cookout from Chris. It turns out he’s still drunk after an open-bar wedding last night and he’s too fucked up to turn on his computer, let alone create a post. So… here’s your game thread.

Nationals/Phillies. Oswalt/Olsen. Let’s win this series.

      Read More: ,’s David Murphy tweets that Phillies prospect Tyson Gillies has been arrested for cocaine possession in Florida. has slightly more than 140 characters on the matter here.

Somewhere, somebody has just registered

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